How active are these forums?

  • It's true that new active members here would be greatly appreciated. Preferably dozens of them.

  • There's allies on Reddit, Resetera, Discord (the unofficial group). Although i love how "small" this forum feels (so cozy), new active members are definitely a good thing. We need forum shoutouts on the streams and shows or something like that.

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    There are some people here, but would always be nice with more of them! That said though, we do have our cosy little corner over here and discussion are going on.

  • @bam541 said in How active are these forums?:

    We need forum shoutouts on the streams and shows or something like that.

    That's true, this forum is never mentioned by the Allies, and apart from Blood, it doesn't look like any of them reads it. I guess chat and Discord is where it's at, but I'm too old for this shit!

  • @axel This forum has been mentioned a few times but people just go to resetera like sheep

  • Isn't the forum really the only one sanctioned by the Allies? I remember when they de-officialized the discord, the forum was specifically mentioned.

  • I don't use twitch very often and I hate discord and resetera so outside of occasionally posting a youtube comment this is my only EZA outlet. I'd be down for more people joining though I do agree with bam541 that it's pretty cozy as-is.

  • I tried to plug this place during the Community Showcase a few months back, but either way, I'm fine as is: Love the familiarity of a small(ish) group, but all are welcome.

  • This forum is active enough, and definitely the best place to interact with the community outside of Twitch chat.

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    You can find allies and threads on a lot of the places already mentioned but the forums is the only really official place. A lot of people also hang out in twitch chat even without streams going on. Some people even post to the community tab on Patreon, but that's mostly used for comments or questions. There's actually a really active Facebook group as well called the Easy Allies Fan Group if anyone hangs out on FB a lot.

    I mentioned to Brad that the forums should be acknowledged more, right now the only place to even get a link to here is on the main website and the links to it that I added myself on twitch, and who knows how many people notice those. Hopefully they can just start shouting it out when they're doing their usual "We're Easy Allies" and Patreon wrap up. Maybe @Bloodworth could schedule some tweets about the forums from time to time as well.

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    It's next to dead. Has a tiny fraction of the GT community.

  • My fraction ain't tiny... small but not tiny.

  • I gotta add, I do love the coziness of this forum and the fact that we end up "knowing" each other, but indeed some fresh blood wouldn't hurt once in a while!

  • I like how small we are. Feel like I know people more that way. I'm also like 50% lurker though, depending on the month.

  • Like Axel said, I feel like I've gotten to know a lot of you, and I don't think that would happen if we were massive. That's not to say I don't welcome new people, just that I really appreciate the coziness.

  • We're basically the forum equivalent of Jones' garage.

  • @kristen-rogers Wow, an official response, neat.

    Loving the cozy vibes everyone is ensuring this place brings. Hopefully another member doesn't take away from that. It's been a while since I've spent a solid amount of time on a forum of some kind. I don't use reddit myself, but am open to the Discord. Although I imagine the pace of the conversation is a bit different there.

  • I'm of the mind that these types of traditional message boards/forums are mostly dead anyways now that reddit, twitch, discord, etc exist. That said, I'm still just used to it and enjoy this type of forum more than the new stuff.. I'm sure we'd see a few more new users if it got more shout outs on streams or whatever though. I'm guessing most people don't know this place is here haha

  • @faaip When neogaf was deemed unworthy for people to post on people came and flooded these places, people know of this place but hate the layout of the forums because it's different.

  • @iboshow Ah yeah I forgot about that haha