The Video Game March Madness Bracket

  • Cool idea, but I just want to say.

    Bioshock Infinite has absolutely no business being on that list.

  • @bard91 As I said in the initial post: There is plenty on that list a lot of us wouldn't have on it. But I simply went down the chart in order.

  • @bard91 Bioshock Infinite has no right being that low on the list.* There, I fixed it.

  • @brannox oh I know, nothing against you, I'm aware the list is just based on averages, but still I saw it and had to express my discontent

  • @bam541 Could we have a Patron submit "dying when you fall in water in a game set in the real world" to Ginny's Cauldron? I feel like San Andreas does not get enough love for eliminating the most infuriating part of its 2 predecessors.

  • @bam541 Yeah it really sucks LBP is going against something as universally loved as San Andreas. Hell, I would vote for San Andreas if it was going against almost anything else.

  • Come on, QUAKE! Older brother Doom isn't on the list, this is your chance. Gogogo!

    OoT vs SMB3 counterpoint:

    Ocarina of Time is all around still a rad game to play today, both gameplay and story. The call to adventure and forced loss of innocence. Great temples, fun combat, and more spells/tools/consumables than most Zeldas.

    SMB3 has that underground level where you need to find a leaf and fly a stunned Koopa Shell to the top.


    Unrelated general thought about this thread:

    I'm not sure how hard it would be, but it would be neat to have the bracket tree with all future matchups listed (i.e. where in the tournament each winner advances to) so we can let our imagination speculate on which match will take down which game. If you post the 'adjusted' seed order, maybe another individual knows a website or some other automated method to create such an image for us.

  • @chocobop I thought about posting the full first round but keeping track of every straw poll was a little daunting (and if you see my first couple of posts after the OP, you'll see I was right as I flubbed one of the links. <=-J)

    Also, as I pointed out towards the end of the OP, the matchups are grouped together where you'll see what the potential is (and likely outcome if you remember the leaders after you vote). Meaning: Of the above quadrant, you know the 1/16 winner is going up against the 8/9 winner and so on.

    As for the rest of the matchups, it's a little fun for me to give the entire seed list and allow everyone's imaginations try to guess what the future matchups are about to be. I will say the entire bracket is already set, and the next quadrant will post tomorrow when I call off the vote for the first quadrant.

  • This will be MADNESS!!

    Can you make the results secret until your reveal? Also... Madden 2003 IS better than Mass Effect 2 fyi. Madden 2005 is the GOAT though.

  • @dipset With how the bracket process works, I MUST reveal the winners.

    HOWEVER, it is, technically impossible to hide the results at any time because the polls are public and you can see them when you vote, OR click results. So even if I WANTED to, I'm not able to.

  • @brannox Ah yeah that was a close one.. see you in the ACC tournament haha

  • @faaip Possibly, depending on how the seeding shapes up.

  • Little Big Planet vs San Andreas is my Sophies Choice.

  • I'm ending the voting a little earlier than I want because I'm going to have a busy afternoon, so let's go ahead and move to the next bracket.

    BUT FIRST! The results of Quadrant 1. I have to say, the Ocarina of Time vs SMB 3, Half-Life 2 vs. GoW, and Skyrim vs. TLoU appeared the most interesting matchups. And the reality:

    • 1.) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time advances over 16.) Super Mario Bros. 3 (GBA version) 11-6
    • 8.) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas won easily over 9.) LittleBigPlanet 12-6
    • 12.) God of War (2018) is the first "upset" with a win over 5.) Half-Life 2 by a close 9-7 margin.
    • 13.) Devil May Cry gets the next "upset," beating 4.) NFL 2K1 7-4. This means a double digit seed is now guaranteed to make it to the Sweet 16!
    • 6.) Mass Effect 2 had the largest margin of victory, taking its match against 11.) Madden 2003 11-4.
    • 3.) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 beat out 14.) Civilization V is a surprisingly close match 10-7.
    • 10.) The Last of Us is the final double digit seed of the bracket to win, winning over 7.) Skyrim 10-6.
    • 2.) Grand Theft Auto V had a fight with 15.) Quake with the latter actually leading initially, but GTA pulls out a 10-8 win.

    Now, we move to Quadrant 2! And personally speaking, this is the most interesting of the first round set:

    1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 vs. 16. Halo 3
    8. Baulder's Gate II: Shadows of Amn vs. 9. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    5. Bioshock vs. 12. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    4. Super Mario Odyssey vs. 13. Madden 2002

    6. Tekken 3 vs. 11. Portal 2
    3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild vs. 14. Gears of War

    7. Half-Life vs. 10. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    2. Red Dead Redemption 2 vs. 15. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Remember, I'll give it about two days before going to the next group!

  • People, I know Red Dead 2 is a great game, but don't forget about the masterpiece that is Oblivion. Masterpiece!

  • Oblivion was a masterpiece?

  • Oblivion IS a masterpiece, yes. I think Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood are two of the greatest questlines all time. Imperial City music is too good as well.

  • Bioshock and MW2 is a weird one for me, I don't have much love for both of those games. Tekken 3 and Portal 2 is a real hard one. I think I got everything else locked though.

    Also, I want to say that not voting for Half-Life 2 hurts me big time, but I had to do it, GoW is just so good.

  • @capnbobamous LBP is an amazingly fun game, even with its flaws. There was no question about me voting for it since GTA isn't for me, but I like to see more people seeing the joys of Sackboy.

  • @inustar Yeah I knew it wasn't going to win, but LBP is a game worthy of praise, so praise it I shall. To me it's honestly one of the best games from last generation.