The Video Game March Madness Bracket

  • I'm just glad THPS2 is still fighting at this point. Only horse I really have left in this race.

  • Mario Odyssey and BOTW lost? Oh boy, i can feel the fires of rage rising in this very thread.
    Also, congrats to Oblivion, Western RPGs win big this round!

    Now this is a very good set of games for the semis, oh man. It's time to get a bit more cruel. I prefer ME1 anyway, so that one's easier for me.

  • Damn that was a tough round haha

  • Oblivion and THPS2 are my horses in this race.

    All I can ask for in the end is that Mass Effect 2 doesn't win.

  • My trio is TLoU, RE4 and UC2. All-time faves.

  • I can't believe mgs 2 isn't winning

  • @iboshow I'm not gonna make an argument like I will for THPS but I do like it a lot more than just about everything else in the running at this point (besides, again, THPS2. I'm still on tilt that THPS3 got booted) Also dig Arkham City, I wouldn't call it a best of all time but damn if it ain't fun.

  • Where are my Oblivion bros at?

  • The Nintendo Switch is only 2 years old, so I'm not that surprised those two games didn't make it to this round.

  • I still don't understand the love of OoT.

  • Seeing Zelda games die off fills me with a strange satisfaction. Real shocked to see Bioshock still a contender, but it makes me happy.

  • As I expected, with the exception of ONE match, every head to head was not decided by no more than three votes. Let's see who'll face off in the Elite Eight (a.k.a. the Quadrant Championships!).

    Quad 1:
    I found these two matchups to be the most fascinating, and it didn't disappoint (well, from a certain point of view), as three of the Forums' top five games of all time were in these Semifinals. The top such game, 1.) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time beat 12.) God of War (2018) 11-9. A personal bummer as the latter was my GOTY last year, but oh well. Almost as personally painful was seeing the number 2 game from that Top 100 list (and a personal top 5 game) 10.) The Last of Us get beat by 6.) Mass Effect 2 by the slimmest of margins 10-9. Granted, we have Mass Effect 2 listed as the number 4 overall game, so this one was going to be a coin flip, regardless of winner.

    Quad 4:
    When a three vote difference is the "comfortable" victory, the 9-6 win 1.) SoulCalibur took against 4.) Grand Theft Auto III seems like nothing. Personally, I'm actually surprised SoulCalibur has lasted this long, because I don't hear much talk about it. In the other match, 2.) Super Mario Galaxy sends 6.) Resident Evil 4 out with a narrow 10-9 decision.

    Quad 2:
    We have yet another 1 seed get bounced, as 5.) Bioshock took down 1.) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 10-8. A tiny bit surprising as THPS 2 appears to have been the game to have gotten the most love comment wise over the course of this thread AND it took down some interesting challengers. But on the other side, a double digit STILL is in the running (as of this split second), as 11.) Portal 2 got past 15.) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 10-7.

    Quad 3:
    In the most parity filled quadrant, 5.) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves won it's match against 8.) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 11-8, while 6.) Batman: Arkham City had the most personally surprising outcome, not only in beating 2.) Super Mario Galaxy 2, but doing so by a dominating 12-6 margin.

    So here we are: The final four matchups before the Final Four. I also love how we'll be finishing up right as the actual tournament will be getting underway. BUT ENOUGH OF THAT! On to the voting:

    1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time vs. 6. Mass Effect 2

    1. SoulCalibur vs. 2. Super Mario Galaxy

    5. Bioshock vs. 11. Portal 2

    5. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves vs. 6. Batman: Arkham City

  • @brannox said in The Video Game March Madness Bracket:

    We have yet another 1 seed get bounced, as 5.) Bioshock took down 1.) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 10-8.

    alt text

  • This turned out better than I expected! The only thing that bums me out is that Oblivion lost, but I'm not surprised by it. I'm glad Tony Hawk lost, if only to rub salt in the wound of that Mass Effect hater (lookin at you, @DIPSET )

    Uncharted vs Arkham is incredibly difficult for me, as I've probably beat each upwards of 30 times over the years. It's a long shot that ME will beat OoT, but anything is possible.

  • If Oblivion was going to lose to anything, I'm glad it was to Portal 2!

  • The TLOU loss gonna hurt me no matter what. ME2 is one hell of a game though. It's definitely my second horse now, apart from Uncharted 2. I'm already very happy that both TLOU and U2 got this far, but I will still be salty if if U2 lost, lol.

    I know i shouldn't be surprised that Bioshock got this far, but man. Huge disconnect here between me and the rest. Arkham City too, although I loved it despite not being a big fan of the Bat.

  • Our overall Quarterfinals are done and the Semifinals set! Let's not waist time:

    The overall #1, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, is OUT. 6.) Mass Effect 2 pulls out the 9-8 shocking win and earns its spot in the Final Four and is the Quadrant 1 CHAMPION!

    The last remaining 1 seed, Surprising SoulCalibur, also gets bounced, as it falls to the Quadrant 2 Champion, 2.) Super Mario Galaxy 8-5.

    Quadrant 3 became known to me as the parity bracket. It also is home to the most lopsided title match as 11.) Portal 2 is continuing its Cinderella run with an impressive 12-4 win over 5.) Bioshock.

    Finally, Quadrant 4 was another one vote decision. 6.) Batman: Arkham City barely edged out 5.) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 9-8.

    So now we have the penultimate polls. Four more days before the last game will stand in this old school style battle royale. But first, we must determine that championship match.

    6. Mass Effect 2 vs. 2. Super Mario Galaxy
    11. Portal 2 vs. 6. Batman: Arkham City

  • Holy crap, if any of these games win I'll be happy. ME2 is my favorite of all of them, but each game is phenomenal in their own right.

  • Wow! 3 out of the 4 finalists are sequels!

  • Welp, my favorites are out, had a good run though. I would love it if ME2 wins, or Arkham City. What an upset.