The Video Game March Madness Bracket

  • Some crazy results to me. Half Life is one of the greats. An original in all regards. Majora's Mask is great but not on the level of Half Life in terms of legacy and impact.

    I think Madden 2004 is better than Mass Effect 2 but Madden 2003 didn't get my vote but shouts out to that one guy!

    Looking at this new list, I think some of my votes might offend people but I basically love all of these games. I'll be torn no matter what direction most of these go. I'll stick my neck out and say GTA IV is better than Jet Grind Radio, THPS4 is better than Halo CE.

    It might be hard for us gaming nerds to comprehend, but Gran Turismo 3 is an incredible game that supersedes gaming itself. This was a game that non-gamers and gamers alike all agreed was incredible and boundary pushing.

  • @dipset Yeah this list looks to me like it might be the closest group so far. Shout outs to the other SFIV voters, I was sure I was gonna be the only one. That game was massive for the fighting game genre and community while Galaxy 2 stayed the course - for better or worse - and, in my (and presumably Kyle's) opinion, even took a step back by eliminating the hub. PLUS, vanilla SFIV, while my least favourite of the SFIV series, was the only time we would get Street Fighter 4 without Soul Satellite, Genei jin, and Elena.

  • I have no faith that Jet Grind Radio stands a chance but I'm hoping that since IV probably the most divisive mainline GTA it might eke out a chance to hit the second round at least. I know personally I wasn't huge into IV anyway.

    Man I aughta play THPS4 one of these days. And Halo, never had an Xbox growing up but I bought one years ago just for Shenmue II and JSRF.

    The only really hard decision so far for me has been RDR vs MGS2. I love me some RDR but I think MGS2 is a 10 even outside of the story.

    Also gotta vote for Street Fighter IV solely because of how hype its intro was back in the day.
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  • These brackets are soooo painful. I love it! I hate it! It's madness!

  • Vice City, Tekken 3, Half-Life, AND RDR2 losing? Oh, the pain is unbearable already. I can feel the pain's gonna get worse because Uncharted 2 is paired up against FFIX, if that goes the way i think it's going to then my HP goes minus for sure. We already got what we came for, pure madness.

    Honestly, i would feel a bit... loose if Jet Grind Radio wins it, the vibes of that game is top notch but trying it out last year revealed how dated it is gameplay-wise. It just sucks out all the fun from everything else that the game still does well. Also, GTA IV is a stellar videogame.

    MGS2 vs RDR is another interesting one to watch. I hope RDR wins it just because RDR2 lost earlier.

  • @brannox said in The Video Game March Madness Bracket:

    Quadrant 2 is now over and here are the results!

    Three matchups were absolute run-aways:

    • 1.) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 wasn't challenged by 16.) Halo 3 14-2. Surprising when Halo 3 is the Forums' number 66 game of all time and there isn't a THPS at all.
    • 4.) Super Mario Odyssey predictably smashed Madden 2002 17-1. To the person who voted for Madden: Respect.
    • 3.) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild beating 14.) Gears of War also came out to a 14-2 difference.

    Two matchups were the closest so far, with the difference of only ONE vote:

    • 8.) Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn outlasts 9.) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 9-8
    • 10.) The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask took out 7.) Half-Life 11-10, earning the first double digit seed upset

    The other three matchups were pretty decent in terms of margin of victory, but two of the three were double digit upsets:

    • 5.) Bioshock wins out over 12.) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 10-6
    • 11.) Portal 2 defeats 6.) Tekken 3 11-7
    • 15.) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion moves on from 2.) Red Dead Redemption 2 10-7 in personally the most surprising result to date. On top of that, another double digit is guaranteed for the Sweet 16

    Wow, that was unexpected! Baldur's Gate II won?? I thought I'd be the only one voting for it, just like for the GOTY 2000... Where were you back then people?? I'm still salty!

    I'm always amazed by how many people love Tony Hawk, I've never been into it so I expected Halo 3 to be an easy winner, maybe it's an American thing?

    Majora's Mask, I respect it a lot but it didn't click with me at all, so I also feel like Half-Life should have gone through but kudos!

    Oblivion winning doesn't surprise me that much since RDR 2 is very much a love it or hate it affair, whereas Oblivion was huge back then, I remember it was my first 360 game and boy was I blown away by the graphics and the scale of the open-world!

  • @axel

    Tony Hawk is by far my favourite video game series. Like BY FAR. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 to American Wasteland are all amazing games.

    Also, I have Baldur's Gate II downloaded and ready to go. I just have a few more cRPGs in my backlog then maybe I'll back you up in these votes by putting some respek on Baldur's Gate II. If it makes you feel better, I LOVE Dark Alliance and Dark Alliance 2 but those are Diablo clones or something if I recall. It was so long ago.

  • Another Tony Hawk vs. Halo pair, huh.

  • @sentinel-beach That's just how the bracket fell when putting the matchups together shrugs shoulders

  • @faaip Nice to see a fellow Wolfpacker otb - hope you are in good health as, much like every basketball/football/baseball season, they are on the verge of making me suffer a fatal heart attack with their antics. Assuming we survive BC on Saturday, looking forward to our pivotal 8/9 matchup with fellow bubble dweller, Clemson.

    Nice thread btw, Brannox!

  • @miserableperson Thank you very much!

  • Quad 3 had some intriguing outcomes, so let's get into 'em!

    • All but TWO matchups were very close! The "runaways?": 6.) Batman: Arkham City took care of 11.) World of Goo 13-4, and 3.) Perfect Dark wasn't challenged by 14.) Madden 2004 12-3.
    • Two matchups were decided by only three votes: 4.) Halo: Combat Evolved avenged Halo 3's beatdown by sending 13.) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 home 9-6. The other match was 10-7 win for 2.) Super Mario Galaxy 2 over 15.) Street Fighter IV
    • There was only one matchup with only two votes difference. And 5.) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was the benefactor, beating 12.) Final Fantasy IX 10-8.
    • However, the REAL main event were the not one, not two, but THREE matches decided by only a SINGLE VOTE: 1.) Grand Theft Auto IV BARELY survived 16.) Jet Grind Radio in what could've been the biggest upset of the tournament, but carries the 10-9 win. 7.) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess did get a good match from 10.) Gran Turismo 3: A-spec, with the latter actually leading at one point, but TP carries the day, 9-8. All that said, nothing could match the excitement between 8.) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and 9.) Red Dead Redemption. Every time I checked on the results, there was a different leader. EVERY. TIME. The last time I checked it? RDR was leading 10-9. At vote close, MGS 2 is the winner, 11-10.
    • Also, fun fact, this is the ONLY bracket to have EVERY higher seed win their first round match.

    And now, we're in the final quadrant of the 1st round and with it, the promised Zelda vs. Zelda!

    1. SoulCalibur vs. 16. Celeste
    8. Gran Turismo vs. 9. Halo 2

    5. GoldenEye 007 vs. 12. Bioshock: Infinite
    4. Grand Theft Auto III vs. 13. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    6. Resident Evil 4 vs. 11. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
    3. Metroid Prime vs. 14. Chrono Cross

    7. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker vs. 10. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    2. Super Mario Galaxy vs. 15. Ninja Gaiden Black

    See ya in two days!

  • While the term ludonarrative dissonance got insanely popular in hindsight after the release of Bioshock Infinite, I've always thought it was funny that people threw that term around to dismiss the game, yet fail to acknowledge the medium as a whole is a breeding ground for the concept. When Infinite released, I remember the world being on fire for it but now it's popular to hate so I don't expect it to beat Goldeneye, even if Goldeneye is a nightmare to play these days, looks and controls combined. Goldeneye did help make shooters popular on console so it has that going for it but as far as which is more fun to play right now? There's no contest there.

    The speed of movement thanks to the skyrails in Infinite leads to some really thrilling battles, a feeling few shooters reach for. Columbia is absolutely gorgeous. Mixing various vigors and weapons leads to interesting combinations and experimentation. The way it ties in with the Bioshock franchise (even moreso thanks to the DLC) is brilliant and while it doesn't always tackle important issues with grace, it at least brings them up.

    I know the chances of Infinite winning are about the size of Oddjob, but I'm still pulling for it.

  • The only game here that I truly love is Mario Galaxy, but I doubt I really have to promote it. MGSV I really enjoy, but the final act is garbage.

  • Goldeneye has turned into the king of getting conditional/backhanded respect. Screw that. I'm on team Goldeneye all the way, god dang it! It's as great as it ever was. Or almost as great. Whatever. Where's Brandon? He'll back me up.

  • @miserableperson Hey small internet! Yeah you'd think those games would be locks but at this point who knows haha

  • I honestly never noticed the moment when it became popular to joke about BioShock Infinite and simply dismiss the game entirely. That had just happened one day, and I don't get it. I really enjoyed the game and loved the story to death, mind-bending stuff that pushed the right buttons for me. Elizabeth and the whole world, Columbia. Just wow. The ending is great and the DLC story ties everything into one cluster in a way I couldn't even dare to imagine.

    In other news, now is the time for Resident Evil 4 to take its rightful place. One of the Greats, and deservingly so. I still can't believe it you people didn't vote it into the Top100 list here we made some time back. I kept hoping till the end, but no. A masterpiece.

  • @chocobop I'm right here! Oh..... Oh, you meant Jones.... Sorry. Nevermind. X-D

  • I enjoyed BioShock Inifinite well enough (I still have my Songbird statue!), but I think it suffered the same fate as Rage: post release hate because of poorly planned pre-release marketing. Both games promised these amazing concepts being put into place, but the actual release, good or not, didn't live up to the hype.

  • Uncharted 2 wins? Holy shit, i was sweating bullets for that one. GTA IV too. Phew. On the flip side, both RDR games are out so that's a bit of a bummer.

    I loved Bioshock Infinite, personally. Played it when it came out and was absolutely stunned by the breathtaking setting and environments, and also really enjoyed the combat and story. I wasn't really paying attention to the gaming community discussions on the Internet back then, so it's not only much later that I found out that many people didn't like it, which took me by surprise. I won't be surprised if it goes out now, especially considering it's opponent, but I'll certainly feel something when it happens.

    Also, GTA III is such a groundbreaking title, but man I love Modern Warfare so much. I played (and platinumed) the remaster recently, and it's still my personal favorite campaign of the CoD games, despite later games having way cooler set pieces and such. Masterpiece.

    I immediately quit playing MGS V after they start making me replay old missions again. So yeah, that's one for RE4 from me.