The Video Game March Madness Bracket

  • Holy crap, if any of these games win I'll be happy. ME2 is my favorite of all of them, but each game is phenomenal in their own right.

  • Wow! 3 out of the 4 finalists are sequels!

  • Welp, my favorites are out, had a good run though. I would love it if ME2 wins, or Arkham City. What an upset.

  • @brannox oh whoops! I did the polls in the OP, i didn't know it was updated until i just saw this post! Haha sorry!

  • @jifw52 That's alright. You can (if you haven't yet) still vote in the semifinals and upcoming finals if you like. Once I collect results, I straight forget about the previous matches. No harm, no foul.

  • Ladies and gentlemen. We've reached the GRAND FINALS!

    On one side, 6.) Mass Effect 2 has been surviving and advancing, proving all you need is that one extra vote time and again to make it to the end. By a score of 9-8, it surpasses 2.) Super Mario Galaxy to earn its place.

    On the other side, 11.) Portal 2 has consistently shown it is a VERY beloved game, practically DOMINATING every match it's had. 6.) Batman: Arkham City, which pulled out some decisive victories on its journey, was no match and got TROUNCED 13-4.

    It all comes down to this: Which game will be the winner of our little tournament? The perennial entry of the industry's defining sci-fi epic Mass Effect 2? Or will it be the most beloved puzzle platformer over the last decade Portal 2?

    Cast your vote for which game you think should be the last one left and be crowned CHAMPION over everyone else!

    6. Mass Effect 2 vs. 11 Portal 2

    Final post will be in two days!

  • I just want to remind everybody: Mass Effect 2 was a pretty good game, Portal 2 was amazing. The facts speak for themselves.

  • I was out for the last few rounds, but I'm glad I made it back in time to vote for my baby.

    I love you Portal 2, but I haven't played you to completion 6 times....

  • Portal 2 is pretty great, Mass Effect 2 was a snoozefest for me (along with every single Bioware game).

  • Mass Effect 2 is great. Ya'll trippin.

  • Never played ME2 and don't care about ME2, all I know is two things:

    1. It killed my precious THPS3 so it must die
    2. I did play Portal 2 and it's pretty good so even if I wasn't fueled by spite I'd still be voting against it

  • Even though it's not my favorite Bioware game, ME2 is an amazing piece of entertainment through and through. Definitely rooting for it. My days of spite in this bracket are over a long time ago, so I'm walking outta here with a big smile no matter what, Portal 2 ain't half bad at all.

  • ME2 is like playing a season of a really bad sci-fi TV show. Portal 2 is good, which is the difference for me.

  • How ya'll gonna let Mass Effect 2 win?! sigh

    No joke, it's like B-tier TV caliber acting (a lot of these actors are on TV), it has a gather-the-gang plot that is absolutely no different than 50 other movie plots. I basically feel like this game may as well have Paul Walker and Vin Diesel tracking down Ludacris and Tyrese to save humanity in muscle cars. They just replaced Geth with Reapers. Same thing different game. And I'd put the combat on par with The Order 1888 where you just take cover and shoot endlessly in a blocky room.

    If it was Mass Effect 1 vs Portal 2, I'd be less butt hurt but ME2 is sooooooo overrated!

  • And now we have OUR CHAMPION!!!

    After a 13-10 vote, 6.) Mass Effect 2 emerges victorious! Let's take a look at all the games it beat to get here:

    11.) Madden 2003
    3.) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
    10.) The Last of Us
    1.) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    2.) Super Mario Galaxy
    11.) Portal 2

    Quite an impressive list of games! And let's not forgot its last opponent, Portal 2, as it had an excellent run as well, but fell 3 votes short.



    Wanna do another one?

  • ME2 is a masterpiece. The End.

  • I can't totally approve as TLoU's in there slaughtered. But sure, ME2 is a cool game.

  • This was fun, thanks for running this! I like the fact that this voting game/community participation game doesn't encourage people to make spite moves, and just play sincerely. About halfway through I was predicting the final round would be Portal 2 vs Mario Galaxy, and I felt really smart until I wasn't :P

  • Great job everyone. ME2 is one of my personal top 10 games of all-time. The match-up vs Ocarina of Time was a close one but I ended up giving ME2 all my possible votes by the end. Thanks to @Brannox for putting this all together.

  • @Chocobop @Shoulderguy Thanks for the kind words! I like doing these kinds of things as I think they're fun and help, in a very small way, stimulate more interaction.