The Game I'm Working On

  • Here's a new character:

  • Here's a pixelized version of Gon:

    It's just a prototype and served as more practice than anything. It was mostly to figure the colors out, which is apparently quite difficult due to my being colorblind. Also I accidentally used an outline color as a body color for the neck but didn't catch it until I already exported.

    The head I am really proud of, but I definitely need to work on the body more. It's hard for me to do arms, so I really need more practice. I forgot to add the buttons and stars to the shirt, but oh well.

  • Recently, I've spent much of my time trying to figure out sprite-work, and I think I've made some progress. Here's a palm tree I just made that I would like your thoughts on:

    I know there is a lot wrong with the trunk. It's too big, there isn't enough detail, and it is far too straight. What I would really like your opinion on is the color of the branches. As I mentioned before, I am colorblind, so finding the right colors for things is difficult. I think I did pretty good, but I don't know.

  • It's been a little while since I posted here, so I figured I would give a quick update.

    Here are a couple quick sketches of side-views for Gon and Capria, the latter of which is a new character.



  • It's been a while since I posted here, which is mainly due to the fact that I've spent most of my time writing. I do have some new sketches and such, but that has been sort of a side thing for a while. Hard to know what to draw when you don't have things written. I have also been trying to establish an art-style, which is proving rather difficult. I don't want to go hyper-realistic, but I also don't want to go full anime. It's hard establishing the basic drawing ground-rules that are necessary for consistency.

    With all that said, I feel like I have to post something, so here is a VERY basic map. I still need to push everything together and get rid of white space.


  • It's been a real long while since I gave any updates, and while I don't have any conceptual stuff to show, I do have some news. I have finally purchased Game Maker Studio 2, so I can actually begin work on the game itself. I'm sure it'll take me a while to figure out the program, but I'm looking forward to testing a bunch of concepts that I have.

  • Well I made a few test sprites in a few different styles. This first one is heavily inspired by Cadence of Hyrule:


    It should probably be stated that he is wearing sunglasses. This next one is heavily inspired by Hyper Light Drifter:


    This next one I made with no style in mind other than the fact that the game would be in the perspective of a Zelda game:


    I don't plan on using any of these, but I am really trying to figure out how to make sprites. I'm actually pretty proud of how the final one turned out, as that is the only one that is truly my own.

  • Just a guy having a normal one.


  • My first attempt at a tile-set for sand.


  • Well folks, I hate to give updates too close together, but there are some key developments that I have to talk about. To put it plainly, there has been a change of plans. After hard consideration, I have decided to shelve the game I have been working on. I plan on returning to it in the near future, but for now my sights are elsewhere.

    Making it has been a struggle to say the least. I never feel like I know what I'm doing, and though I have all of these ideas, it is incredibly difficult to bring theme to fruition. The main reason for this is that I am simply making something too big. So, with all that said, I am now developing a smaller game! I think the whole process on my other game will be much easier if I get something more manageable under my belt first, so now instead of stumbling in the dark, I have something very clear to work towards.

    So without further ado, introducing:

    Mr. Bolognese's Laughter Spectacular!

    Play as Cheese-Man (left), a struggling stand-up comedian, as you try to rise in the world of comedy. Encounter a cast of odd characters in your struggle to be #1, such as Donny Gustaphalo (right). The game will consist of levels, with each level being a new comedy club.


    You will be presented with a number of options when on stage, all pertaining to the kind of joke you tell. You will have to play to the type of audience you have, with different types of people liking different types of jokes. Your score will also be affected by the things you purchase, such as outfits and equipment. The game has multiple endings, and is centered around a key moral choice that you will have to struggle with for the duration of the game. Right now, I'm looking at each playthrough being around 20 minutes.

    My goal is to be done with it by December 17 of this year. Honestly, it's nice having a deadline, and 18 weeks seems reasonable I guess.

  • Don't want to show a lot, but it's been a while since an update so here ya go:


    His name is Vincenzo Cardinale, and he's a club owner.