Control (PC/PS4/Xbox One)

  • My brain wants this game to have some sort of Get Smart Easter egg. It's the first thing that comes to my mind when I see the title.


    Releases this Summer. No specific release date yet.

  • The Service Weapon, your all-in-one "object of power" companion. Reminds me of the morph gun from the Jak games, only way more menacing. I'm at the very least gonna turn the thing into a revolver and a shotgun. The default form is already revolver-like, so I know that me and this thing will get along very well. It's also really cool how "deep" they make this thing seem out to be, in terms of the lore.

    Youtube Video

  • im not really impressed at all. it doesnot looking very good. i was a huge fan of remedy games. consider Max Payne 1 a masterpiece and Alan wake was pretty good as well. they used to make poetic and atmospheric games. this looks and feel too generic.

  • @b-cell Yea the cosmic horror action telekenetic shooter with shifting abstract environments and Metroidvania elements is just a really played out genre at this point.

  • Fingers crossed.

  • New gameplay trailer! Looks hype as heck.

    Youtube Video

    Also, the release date is October 27, confirmed.

  • Was the timed Epic Games Store exclusivity just a rumor? I'm not buying it for a client whose future is so much less certain than Steam's.

  • TWELVE MONTHS?! Jesus Christ. Guess I know what I have to do this time.

  • @ezekiel
    Time to go on steam and purchase Remedy's past games, and then leave negative and scathing reviews on them with little to no sentence comprehension?

  • I've pretty much enjoyed every game they've put out (yes, including QB) so I'm excited about Control.

    About being an Epic Store exclusive, I guess it's a good thing that our societies are in such a good state that we can focus on (un)important stuff like this.

  • @ezekiel
    Also what do you mean by less certain?

  • @phbz You should get a thumbs up just for your thumbnail - awesome episode.

    But yeah, I think the Epic Games Store exclusive is a non-issue. As long as you have a PC, you have access. It's not console exclusive. And Epic Games Store will be around long after you've grown tired of this game considering Fortnite and also TenCent holding a 48% stake.

  • @ezekiel I think at this point Steam's future is less certain than the Epic Games Store. Epic is currently worth over three times what Valve is, and new games are selling much more on their store than previous entries on Steam.



  • @el-shmiablo said:

    Epic is currently worth over three times what Valve is

    But that's almost entirely because of Fortnite isn't it?

    new games are selling much more on their store than previous entries on Steam

    This is the worst spin headline I've seen lots of places. That's only because Metro's last entries weren't as high budget and were advertised much less than the newest entry. It would've sold just as well or better had it been on Steam. Being on the Epic Game Store hurt sales if anything, from all the people who wanted it on Steam but didn't preorder in time and then felt too burned by the move and skipped it out of spite. It'd be like if Witcher 3 had come out exclusive to Epic Games Store after the first two released on Steam. Just Epic taking credit for a good game they bought exclusive rights to.

  • @el-shmiablo Valve has far more licensed product. Most of the big PC games are being released on Steam. Only some are being released on Epic. Buying exclusives is sleazy. I'll never defend it. They could be MAKING exclusives instead of TAKING them. In regards to that stupid image, I would prefer Blu-ray discs or read-only SD cards without product keys for the bigger PC games. I don't like DRM and I don't like having all my stuff attached to an online account. Just let me download the updates I want to download from websites. Games could come with self-checkers, shortcuts that open the sites.

  • @mbun I don't see how Epic paying big bux for exclusivity is "taking credit" for previous games success. How does that work, exactly?
    Is Activision taking Namco Bandai's credit for Dark Souls because they published Sekiro? Think for a minute my dude.

    @Ezekiel If you don't like DRM, why are you PC gaming at all? Going back to the highly exploitable methods of the early 2000s is a bad idea and isn't going to happen.

  • @el-shmiablo Because there is no alternative except not playing the games on my preferred platform at all. Exploitable? Pirating a PC game is still very easy, so I don't know what you're talking about. I'm wondering if I should have just ignored you. It's always sarcasm and snide with you.

  • @ezekiel Exactly. There is no alternative. So complaining about one form of DRM over your preferred form of DRM is kind of pointless, don't you think?
    I mean, are we going to start complaining about WalMart because we prefer Gamestop? Where does it stop?

    Also, if you can't handle the bantz, that's fine with me. At least you aren't trying to discredit me by talking about how I enjoyed God of War 2018 or some dumb shit like that.

    But hey, we should probably bring this thread back on topic.

    I really hope Remedy goes full existential dread with this game. They touch on metaphysics and that type of stuff in Alan Wake and Quantum Break, but I love the whole SCP vibe of this game and hope they get really fucked up and surreal with the story and environments. I get a real Dead Space vibe from some of the stuff I've watched, which is a great thing.