Control (PC/PS4/Xbox One)

  • Remedy's stream discussing the story and gameplay of Control (while playing a free-roam version of the demo they have been showing behind closed doors) has been archived on Youtube, for your viewing pleasure. I might post a "neat new informations list" from that stream if I do get to watch it soon, no promises though.

    Youtube Video

    Update: I did watch it (very fun watch, lovely people playing a cool game) and here's the list. Most of things here are probably already talked about on Game Informer but oh well.

    -Southern Reach trilogy = main inspiration for the game (I'm going to start reading it soon).
    -The game wont focus on explaining how things work or why things are what they are. "It's about the journey, not the destination" kind of thing.
    -There's a document in-game talking about a fridge that somehow kills organic entities near it if it's unwatched for 20-35 seconds (SCP vibes). It's involved in a side mission in the game.
    -Environmental puzzles? "Absolutely."
    -Accessibility options incoming.
    -Jesse (main character) can get different outfits.
    -Certain enemies will drop materials that you can use to craft items and upgrades, which encourages exploration to different sectors (because some enemies are only on some sectors).
    -Thresholds = places in The Oldest House that "bleeds into other Dimensions", and their properties blend with our dimension.
    -Environmental storytelling galore (maybe), one example shown is a visible burn mark around a molded area, showing that the Bureau tried to contain a otherworldly mold from spreading.
    -There's characters to interact with. Bizzare characters.
    -It's open ended, not open world. It's not God of War, it's not Farcry.
    -The entire game is in The Oldest House.

  • Remedy's newest stream, featuring their visual FX artists talking about the stuff they make.

    Youtube Video

    My "too long, didn't watch" notes might be added below:

  • New dev diary!
    Youtube Video

  • Banned

    Starting to look soulless. I feel like that world is gonna become boring.

    The transformations of the guns just don't have the same visual impact of a shotgun, sub-machine gun, pistol or rocket launcher. They all kind of look the same.

  • A playthrough of a main mission in the game by the devs. In case you don't mind getting spoiled a bit...

    Youtube Video

  • @bam541I think this looks ace. Nice to see Remedy able to go multi platform. Here's hoping for an Alan Wake 2 one day!

  • @klinjon
    Probably wont happen as Microsoft owns the Alan Wake IP

  • @dmcmaster Ugh. Please don't remind me.

  • @dmcmaster Ah the ol' rights issue scenario. So frustrating. If they're just sitting on the IP, give it back to Remedy, or hand it off to one of their new studios! I love that first game so much. It would be such a shame to see the IP go to waste.

  • @klinjon I honestly feel that sitting on IPs or running them into the ground is Microsoft's business plan at this point.

  • @klinjon As far as I understand, Remedy owns the IP rights, while Microsoft has the publishing rights. Basically, Remedy can't make it without Microsoft, and Microsoft can't make it without Remedy.

    Sadly, I think the two had a pretty poor relationship when developing Quantum Break, so I don't see them coming together for Alan Wake anytime soon.

  • @el-shmiablo With any luck, the various studio acquisitions will address this imbalance. They can't sit on Conker forever!

  • @capnbobamous I wonder if things got sour because they moved away from their "TV TV TV" stance? Quantum Break was supposed to be a central part of that vision.

    In any case, I'd want Remedy to get the publishing rights back and produce something for themselves. I wonder how it would work as a multi platform title? Perhaps the Xbox exclusivity for the first one is throwing up further complications?

  • Brad got to play this game early.

    Youtube Video

  • Hahaa, there's Martti Suosalo in there! :] A well-known Finnish actor. As the janitor.

  • great preview! actually got me interested in the game.

  • Good tease.
    Youtube Video

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  • Quick update, there's a couple new dev diaries to check out if you're interested, and also a livestream playthrough of another main mission (dunno if it's archived yet). Check out the game's youtube channel if you're interested.