Is there a way to beat GTA V by downloading a completed save?

  • Hello everyone,,
    So i beat GTA V on ps4, then switch over to Xbox One. I really just want to play the game and goof around but i really dont want to have to do the entire story again. Is there any way to possibly download save game data for the game that someonelse uploaded so i can have everything unlocked and a decent amount of money to toy with or am i stuck going through everything all over again?

  • Not easily. Save games are linked to the account that made them, so you’d have to find a way to edit the save you got from the other person, put your ID that is unique to you (this is not your Gamertag) where the other persons was, and then transfer that save to your Xbox One.

    Honestly, GTAVs singleplayer story is incredible, I cherished the opportunity to play it again, so just play it! It’s a lot less effort!

  • Impossible on an xbox to transfer a save on usb

  • I can't confirm but back in the day, I'd find a save file on Game FAQs, put it on a USB then have all the islands unlocked and cars in my parking spot in GTA IV. That was on PS3 though. I think for GTA V the whole map is unlocked from the get-go and it only takes an hour or so to unlock all characters. Might not have to beat everything to goof around.