Lowest Rated Game This Gen That You Enjoyed

  • What is the lowest critically reviewed game this gen that you enjoyed?

    For me it is definitely "Rain World", which has a Metacritic score of 59/100 for the PS4 version (which is what I played on). The Metacritic score for the PC version was a 66/100, though curious enough, the total reception on Steam is "very positive".

    I thought the game had amazing environments, a beautifully somber tone, and a really cool survival concept. If you are looking for a game that utilizes interesting, tough survival mechanics, definitely give "Rain World" a chance. It is one of the best games I have played this gen, no doubt. I hope the developers go on to make another project very soon.

  • I didn't do much digging to the low rated games hole this gen, unlike the last. It has to be Contrast though (60 on Opencritic). I remember watching a trailer of the game on Youtube before the game came out (around 2012?), and I thought it looks cool so I commented there to say that. Some time later one of the guys from the dev team replied saying thank you and reminding me to check out the game when it released. I replied back, saying that I will do just that. I skipped it when it released because of the reviews, but I feel bad about it so I keep reminding myself to buy it. I only got around playing this game late 2017.

    It's fun, and the art style looks gorgeous, but the controls can be pretty dodgy sometimes. There's a good amount of framerate dips, but nothing too serious. The story is kinda cool, and puzzles are never too hard but still quite engaging. It never feels lifeless too, there's lots of cool sections in the game and i really felt they put their heart into each one. I think 60 is too harsh.

  • I don't really keep up with these things, so I don't have any answer that springs to my mind, so instead I'll just use this space to point out this injustice that will never be forgotten and say that things like this are why I'll never take full stock in critic reviews when there's clearly people who don't belong in this industry simply forcing their way through assignments instead of covering what they're passionate and informed about. If a game looks interesting to me when I'm researching it before launch, then I kind of don't care if critics all give the game a low score, I'm going to still get it regardless. Likewise, it is becoming increasingly common that "cinematic" low difficulty games or games with some kind of "artistic" or "cultural" appeal get rated much, much higher than I personally agree with, so I've become increasingly distrusting with critic reviews as time has gone on. Of course there's rare critics like Ben Moore I trust completely, but I can't even honestly say I trust I'll agree with everyone at EZA's critical game impressions on everything.

    Luckily we live in an age where there's many alternatives to critic reviews. User reviews on Steam are probably my favorite way to quickly gain an impression of a game, because people will straight list off points that they liked or disliked and by glancing through a couple comments and at the overall user rating you can usually form a mostly accurate impression of the game's strengths, weaknesses, and overall reception to inform whether the game reflects your interests / expectations or not. Of course there's no substitute for good old fashioned research either, and we're spoiled today with trailers, convention game previews, early articles or videos on them, dev interviews, Twitch and Youtube streams, etc. We're so spoiled that the problem has shifted from not knowing if you'll like the game before getting it to worrying about knowing too much about a game before playing it yourself.

  • @mbun

    I find the disjunct thoughts on paper (sometimes) come from the users and not the critics. Its pretty easy to spot a "critic" who is meeting their quota. I say they are the exception and not the rule. I read a user review of Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines recently that complained that there were cutscenes and games shouldn't have cinematics or story because that's what movies are for. There is usually a solid hint of sarcasm or malice I find in user stuff. At least a workplace sort of forces you to write with a certain standard of care. IGN has actually been improving over the past 3-4 years in that regard (i.e. not hiring freelancers for critique).

    As per lowest rated game that I enjoyed... hmmmm... probably Alien Isolation or The Evil Within. Not that those games were received poorly, but they are masterpieces as far as I'm concerned and it blows my mind that critics didn't see it that way. Ironic I was just defending IGN but their review of Alien was essentially "ughh this game is haaaaaard..." then they slapped it with a bad score.

    TEW probably would have scored better if they didn't have the letter box and low frame rate which ended up getting patched. I can't guarantee that though cause Bloodborne has a 90+ Metascore and that launched with frame issues.

  • Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise. Most reviewers didn't bother review this but I highly enjoyed this game.

  • @mbun since you mentioned that Pokemon game, how did you like it?

    I played Red Rescue team a long time ago and really liked it, and was surprised to see it was critically panned, I like the concept but seeing the general reception of the games since then I've been wary of looking back into them.

    Anyhow from the quick search I did, whcih wasn't very thorough, it looks like it would be Dragon Quest Heroes, which I thought was a lot of fun, and my main complain about it was the pathetic world building that is just par for the course for the series.

  • Banned

    Ghost Recon Wildlands is sitting at 70 and that game is a bop.
    Gran Turismo is a 75. I think if it was reviewed in it's current state it would receive 90s across the board.

  • Probably either Goat Simulator of Driveclub

  • Mass Effect 3. I think it was reviewed rather highly, but boy did people shit on it. I get that the ending wasn't great originally, but they fixed it and now I like it immensely.

    ME3 is just a damn good game. Interacting with your crew feels more in-depth in this one than 2, the combat is quite good, and the story is great. There is a lot of emotional payoff for fans of the trilogy, and it feels like a proper sendoff to Shepard and their crew.

  • Fragile Dreams -Wii
    alt text

    A rpg/survival horror game that's very atmospheric . Many of the complaints were the controls but if you can get used to them its a fantastic and sorrowing romp through post apocalyptic Tokyo. I enjoyed it immensely.

    Youtube Video

  • @bigdude1 Really want to play Fragile, I think it is easily one of the top games that should have a rerelease.

  • Drawn to Death...don't @ me

  • WOW!

    I didn’t realize GT Sport has such a low Metascore. That’s a travesty. The general consensus among critics at the time was that they were disappointed by the lack of cars (there were still hundreds) and lack of tracks.

    They completely missed the point of SPORT in Motorsport and GT SPORT. The sport mode is the greatest mode in any sports game I’ve played. It simulates real life. You set your best time in a qualifying lap, then that determines your position on the grid. Then there are races against real people every 15-30min only so the stakes are high. There is a mixture of Driver Rating (skill) and Sportsmanship Rating (clean racing) to determine who you play with and incentivize you to try while being clean. There are penalties for infractions so it’s always pushing you to become better. There is circuit training AND a driving school which can make a driving game noob feel comfortable within 3 hours.

    There isn’t anything like this game. It’s almost perfect. Sure, it could use a few more tracks but streamlining the cars plus the sport mode is the biggest advancement a sports/racing game has had in years.

    This is without mentioning the fun single player stuff and the powerful virtual camera and Scapes mode which is a photographers dream.

    My vote goes to GT Sport. Probably one of my all time favourite games let alone this generation.

  • Banned

    @dipset Launch GT Sport was rough. It didn't have a campaign mode, and no cars released before the year 2009.

    Now it is probably one of the best circuit based racing games of the entire gen, but man that launch.

  • @dipset said:

    I read a user review of Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines recently that complained that there were cutscenes and games shouldn't have cinematics or story because that's what movies are for. There is usually a solid hint of sarcasm or malice I find in user stuff.

    How blunt they often are makes it super easy to catch the vibe of the people writing them, and when you can't do that you have so many others to cross reference it against quickly and easily to see if it is an outlier complaint or a real issue with the game.

    At least a workplace sort of forces you to write with a certain standard of care.

    Strangely, the fluff around their raw impressions sometimes gets in the way.

    @bard91 Without turning this topic completely about this, because I totally could, I think most who have played through the series would agree Explorers of Sky is the best story any Pokemon game has ever had by a longshot. By comparison, Rescue Team is a little rough around the edges from a mechanics standpoint as the first entry, but Explorers is when they really mastered the formula. Easy recommendation if you enjoyed Rescue Team. After Explorers they later made some Wiiware titles that never got translated which are apparently really bad, then for 3DS they made an awful game called Gates to Infinity which I do not recommend, but then after that they redeemed themselves with Super Mystery Dungeon which is very good and I would recommend. You probably still want to check out Explorers of Sky first though. Also the soundtracks for all the above mentioned games (except the Wiiware ones) are tens, even Gates to Infinity. Don't let critic reviews scare you off.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I didn't realize it launched without the single player "GT League" or whatever its called. My step dad got it at launch and I don't even think he had PS+ so I have no idea what he was doing on there.

    I'll still argue that its the best driving in a game to date, and the overall game is better than GT5 or GT6 for trimming down the car selection. Maybe it was too slim at launch, but the focus on true Gran Turismo cars/race cars has made the better game. I rarely drive anything other than Gr. 3 or Gr. 4 racecars. I might drive a 1997 Toyota Supra for fun here and there or do a one-make Beetle race, but the bread and butter of this game is online racing with racecars.

    I THINK (despite not playing it at launch) the score should be a little higher than 75/100 based on quality online racing and gameplay alone.

  • @dipset I hope this is the model of future GT games. Focusing on quality instead of quantity and updating the game regularly with new content. I think it really fits the work ethic of Polyphony Digital, I feel like they would benefit so much from making just one game per console then continuing to updating it like this.

  • @bam541

    Completely agree.

    GT6 was good but it felt like a hangover from GT5 which was basically New Years 1999. Their dev cycle for that game was so long and they released two GT5-lite games before finally releasing GT5 proper. Then a few years later we got prettier graphics in GT6 when they could have just been making Sport the whole time.

    I don't know what their studio functions like but things take Polyphony a loooooong time so I agree that small updates and a healthy but streamlined dose of circuits and cars at launch can carry a whole 5-7 year generation.

  • I'm the one person that loves Fallout 76. It just makes the Wasteland feel all the more lonely, which is appropriate.

  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow, don't @ me.
    Killer soundtrack, GoW-style hack-n-slash gameplay, and massive boss fights. It was the perfect game for me at that point in my life.