With Screaming Villains re-releasing HD versions of Night Trap and Double Switch; what other FMV video games do you want re-released for the modern generation?

  • Despite a lot of hate people seem to give the FMV games over on the youtubes, I personally feel these were a very important time in gaming. It was such a strange transition that existed between cartridge and CD-based games and it produced a lot of silly games and a lot of classic games.

    I am really hoping they re-release my favorite FMV games: Sewer Shark and Corpse Killer. Having updated, cleaned up versions of those games would make me one happy Mazer :D.

    What about you?

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    Sewer Shark would be awesome. I have fond memories of playing that with my older brother on Sega CD.

    Harvester would be neat to see in HD.