Beasty topic! What is your favorite fictional monster/beast/urban legend creature?

  • Mine will always be tied between the Mothman and the Jersey Devil. Both have such a rich and fascinating history within the towns from which both have originated. It doesn't help that Mothman Prophecies was such a damn good movie which helped spark my fascination.

    In terms of mythical creatures: Gorgans were also pretty damn cool. Medusa's story was both horrific and tragic. Makes you feel bad for her.

  • The nightcrawlers are pretty creepy. Those are the white, ghost-like creatures that look like a pair of legs.

    If you watch TV at all, "Paranormal Caught on Camera" is an interesting show that just started airing on the Travel Channel. They have some footage of cryptids from time to time.

  • I'm very fond of all things Kobold and how their designs have evolved and twisted over time from the Germanic Folklore Kobolds to early DnD hyena Kobolds to later more lizard-like DnD Kobolds to WoW candle Kobolds to Eastern dog-faced takes on the old hyena Kobolds finally to less than a decade old Cutebolds that exaggerate those domestic dog features even further and lean into how traditionally vulnerable and unintelligent Kobolds have become stereotyped as a species in games and other media to make you actually feel bad for them and their struggle for survival in a world where they're mostly just a puppet race either controlled directly by more powerful creatures or doing their best to find an unclaimed place they can live without the more powerful races coming in and slaying them indiscriminately because they're seen as pests or "easy exp".