Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (PS4/XBO/PC)

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    Put a couple hours into it yesterday, my first impressions are excellent!

    I never played the first one so I can't compare but it feels very good to play if you're into "cover shooters". The game looks amazing, there's soooo much detail in the environments. I feel like most of this stuff is often wasted on games like that though, since players will mostly run around and focus on getting from A to B as fast as possible, but I appreciate the effort. There's even hidden collectibles and extra loot to encourage exploration.

    The first proper mission I played was surprisingly long and engaging too. If this level of quality is representative of the entire main story, it feels like a game worth picking up even if you have no intention of staying for the endgame. Haven't tried playing co-op yet, maybe later today!

    Anyone else planning to pick it up?

  • After trying out the first game for a bit recently, I'm now interested in picking this game up. Still waiting for the reviews though, I need to find out how fun it is for solo players. I'll probably get DMC V first too so it might be a while until I get this game.

  • Another agent reporting in!

    I have played 350 hours of TD1 on PS4 (starting with patch 1.8, actually, and it was my most played game in 2018) and from what I have seen and played so far (~7 hours) TD2 seems to be really, really good. Playing on a PS4 Pro with an external USB3 SSD and in contrast to the betas it has been running very smooth for me and without any problems or hitches.

    I have only done the first main mission yet, though. I will take my sweet time exploring the environment and the city, which seems awesome so far. No need to rush, taking a knee. :-)

  • I am level 24 at the moment and kudos to Massive and Ubisoft, the game is amazing!

  • Going back and forth trying to decide if I want to get this or not

  • @dmcmaster Watch the latest Frame Trap, Huber will sell you on it!

  • Still not my cup of tea because I rarely play games online with friends but I have to say, Division 2 does sound like an honestly solid co-op game. The art direction is pretty solid and they gameplay systems look to make for some fun challenging scenarios.

    I think of all the loot shooters, this one is the most appealing to me. I think I would have liked this back in grade 10 when I had time.

  • @dipset You can easily play it solo if you want to. In fact, that is what I did 95% of the time so far in TD2. In the first game I played more with random groups for grinding and loot drops in the endgame (which was fine and without problems) but so far I stick to running solo because at the moment I just want to explore the amazing city and missions on my own pace.

  • Is there an Easy Allies clan or Discord for Division 2? I caved and bought it :-)

  • @wrynnax The one with Huber in it is full, totally don't know about any other EZA clans if there's any. Maybe this forum should make one specifically.

    After watching the Huber Syndrome and the latest Frame Trap, I think I'm sold. Hopefully I can get this soon.