Yoshi's Crafted World (Switch)

  • Obviously GOTY

  • I'm going against what I've been told so far and 100%ing as I go. Taking it real, real slow. Only got the game a couple hours ago, because snail mail today, and I can definitely see how playing this way could ruin the pacing of the game for people. Probably better left to postgame for most. Naturally I haven't made it very far.

    This game does have some challenging stuff from what I've seen so far. Some of the time trials are tight but pretty manageable if you've played a Yoshi game before. There's this mini-game stage thing though that kicked my teeth in until I played it a bunch of times to git gud at it though. For some reason, it is just way harder than the rest of the game so far.

    Any other semblance of difficulty so far has been completely obliterated by the armor system. I'd say don't even use it, but they're really cute and might prevent frustratingly losing health and having to replay a stage to win it with the full health condition. I really think they should've made the levels of the armor 1-3 hit absorb and invincible when turtleing, but instead it is 3-5 hits before breaking from what I've seen, and to make it even more forgiving every checkpoint in a level completely restores your armor. Kids will have no problem if they use it I think. I also jumped into a pit after a coin like an idiot early on and my only penalty was a hit to my armor and being placed back on solid ground. To backpedal and defend the armor somewhat for a second though, the game has quests and sometimes wants you staring at the background or foreground for specific things, so it is easy to lose track of Yoshi and run into stuff while doing that, so it makes some sense to have it.

    Haven't played Mellow Mode in the full game yet, but it is basically the same as it was before and another way to make the game even easier if you care to, but I think is completely extra with how easy the timing for infinite flutters is now. I've also noticed on rare occasion certain enemies have AI programmed to "let you by". In other games where an enemy on a cycle would pop out of a hidey hole and hurt your character just as they're passing if you don't time it right, some of the ones in this will wait for you to pass before popping back out. Not sure how to feel about that. I've also run into some dreaded invisible walls, but thankfully not many. There was a stage where they want you to unroll these paths before progressing, but if you unroll them they take out enemies, but I was trying not to kill them so I tried fluttering over it and got stopped dead by an invisible wall. And well, not gonna sugar coat it, that plain sucks. Only happened in that one level so far thankfully though. At first I thought it was to prevent kids from jumping into pits, but now I think not being able to just flutter past that stuff was integral to not breaking the level's design.

    So yeah, Yoshi are apparently violent by nature. Can without a doubt confirm, this is not the mythical Yoshi game that finally would allow a full pacifist run. While I haven't seen any of the collectibles for the stage gated behind killing the enemies to spawn thankfully (although sometimes minor coins are and sometimes enemies are just in the way to where you couldn't get the collectible without dispatching them) there's so many ways to accidentally kill enemies and situations where I don't think it is possible not to that I just can't see it being possible throughout an actual run. You could maybe finish the game without killing any NPCs yourself, besides bosses of course. Maybe, but not with all collectibles. I'm probably the less than 1% even asking for that though, and thankfully the game does allow for you to shoot a coin a Shyguy is holding above their head to collect it instead of murdering them for it in most instances. Sometimes you gotta be real skilled and creative to pull off the stunts required to play that way off though. Again though, nobody actually cares about this, so let me move on already.

    The music so far is more varied and holding up better than people prepared me for prelaunch, but I have heard one song repeat so far and am still pretty early in, so I imagine there's going to be more of that as I go. It definitely isn't as New Island style as I was expecting to find though, and that's a relief. Loving the sound effects of everything in the game too, and I imagine that'll fill in lots for the weaknesses of the overall soundtrack when compared to games like Wooly World or the original Yoshi's Island.

    I think that's most of my impressions so far. Going to get back to play now, but if you have a question for something I didn't cover or want me to go into more detail about, ask away, and I'll get to it next time I take a break.

    Edit: Played Mellow Mode a bit more. Apparently you gain height from flutters in it whereas perfect flutters only maintain height in Classic Mode. That's the difference.

  • Finally got to credits with my slow 100%ing as I go. There's indeed a multiactivity postgame beyond what I already did. That's all I'll say for now about that. As for impressions now that I've hit credits, I'm definitely happy with the game in every department except the music and lack of a Castle themed world. Yoshi without Fort / Castle stages feels a bit weird to me. The odd, little unique stages did a good job breaking up all the more traditional ones, and most the regular stages don't repeat concepts either, so it feels fresh the whole way through. There were definitely some very surprising things they did that I didn't expect whatsoever, there were more levels than I thought there would be, and I was personally happy with the final boss.

    If I had to score it right now, I'd probably give it like an 8.5. One whole point off for music (great sound effects though!), and half a point for little nitpicks like no forts (even though some stages act as them), rare wonky hints on the item hunting that make it harder, aimsnap occasionally derping, and having to do quests 1 by 1 instead of being able to accept them beforehand or stack them to prevent lots of backtracking. I let my expectations get sorta out of whack like a month before launch for this one, and it still met them, so I really couldn't ask for more. I'd be perfectly happy if the next Yoshi game was Crafted World 2, long as the ideas were as fresh as this one and they came back with a better soundtrack, better system for the quests, and something closer to the original concept of this game, in the same way that Crafted World is actually closer to Wooly World's original concept than what Wooly World ended up becoming. Whether or not they do that specifically, I'm just happy if whatever comes next stays creative and fresh. That's the most important thing to me for a Yoshi game, and this one nailed it.

  • Still haven't started it, I'm waiting for my co-op partner to be available! I've read a few worrying things about co-op, sounds like you keep getting in each other's way more often than not, but I have a feeling (hope) it's been overblown.

    We should get to it this weekend, so I'll be giving my impressions soon, I'm hyped!

  • @axel said:

    sounds like you keep getting in each other's way more often than not, but I have a feeling (hope) it's been overblown

    That was a big problem in Wooly World. I could see it coming into conflict in afew places in this game, but I think the levels are more wide open with the platforming that it shouldn't be nearly as bad. Also, for Crafted World they added Yoshi riding Yoshi so anytime it ends up a problem, just have one player hop on the other for the section that's being a problem.

  • Been working away at postgame. Still won't detail exactly what that is for those who would rather not know, but let me just say don't look forward to feel good extra levels, and this is extremely hard stuff. I am struggling to beat these things. Seems like you don't need all the flowers to see most of the game, postgame included, but there is some all-flower goal I'm working towards right now, which probably won't be worth how frustratingly tough and unfun some of these challenges are. Like we're talking secret Octo Expansion boss tier hard. They might have actually gone too far on some of these, and that's coming from someone who enjoys postgame difficulty. Still not Hollow Knight final expansion hard thankfully, but I can't imagine younger kids beating any of this, much less getting all the flowers from it.

    So I'm kind of disappointed I didn't get a Good-Feel feel good postgame celebration stage, least not yet and it seems unlikely at this point, but overall it doesn't hurt my views towards the game. Just not something I'd recommend doing postgame stuff for, unless a big challenge is what you're seeking from Yoshi, and I don't recommend anyone going for 100% at this point. Maybe that'll change when I see what the reward for it is, but I doubt it.

  • @mbun Damn, I didn't expect that but I'm excited/terrified to see what this is!

  • Still plugging away at the postgame. In the meantime, have a second technical analysis.
    Youtube Video

  • Finally finished 100%. Isn't worth it for the rewards, but good if you just want to play the game longer.

    I'll spoiler the rewards for anyone curious:

    2 costumes: 1 for 100% flowers and 1 for finding a dude in every stage, neither are that great aesthetically

    As I said above though, postgame is challenging, so if that's what you're after, go play Sekiro instead. I kid, but yeah it wasn't really the kind of postgame I was hoping for. Maybe the game will get free DLC and add some of the stuff I wanted, but for now I think the majority of people are better off just calling it after beating all the stages in the game. Thinking about it as I went through the postgame tasks the past few days though, I'm not disappointed in the state of the postgame because the main campaign was so beefy it makes up for it, but I do of course wish the rewards you got were better given how tedious to downright hard collecting everything is. It is no Breath of the Wild All Korok Seed Golden Poop tier, but it doesn't feel equal to the amount of time and effort you invest to do it. Kirby Star Allies got better postgame stuff, but lots of that was added some time after launch, so maybe if I'm just patient I won't have this complaint in a year.

    Love this game though. Talking with my friend he said this was the second best Yoshi game now, and when I went instinctively defensive to disagree I found myself having a hard time. Even with the weak soundtrack and unfulfilling postgame, this is at least my third favorite Yoshi game now, possibly second. There's still a ton I love about the divisive Yoshi's Story, but Crafted World's pursuit of new gameplay innovations, extremely solid and forward moving level design, gorgeous aesthetics, rock solid framerate as well as controls, and just the charm of the layer of polish on it all really sets it apart from your Island DS, New Island, etc. filler tier of Yoshi games in a significant way that's not only easily worth the full game price but worth your time to check out if you have remotely any interest in a cute, mostly laid back adventure.