Judgement (PS4)

  • All the reviews I've read agree that the detective-themed minigames (clue-finding, suspect-tailing, etc.) are very tedious, and the Phoenix Wright-style interrogations are too inconsequential as you can't get them wrong. However, the Yakuza formula is still here, with its charming world full of fun activities and characters, and the main story is original and interesting, so it's still a great game, just not in the ways I was hoping.

    That's slightly disappointing as I was really expecting this game to be a perfect marriage of Yakuza and Phoenix Wright. Feels like I'd be better off playing Yakuza 6 if I want to dive back into Kamurocho. Might just put that one on my wishlist for now!

  • The game is out now for those with a digital pre-order.

  • @axel

    LA Noire had that same issue where the missions involved waaaaay too many shootouts and waaaaay too much driving eventually leading to interrogations that meant absolutely nothing. You could click buttons with your eyes closed and still succeed in getting the info you need. It was all pretty tedious.

    But in the end, I still kind of liked the game for having a cool story and a unique setting. I think the only thing holding Judgement back is that we’ve seen Kamurocho in next gen quality in two games prior since March 2018.

    I still wanna check it out but I think I’ll wait considering this game is mostly an asset flip of Yakuza 6 and I’ve played this twice in less than 12 months.

  • @dipset Yeah I'll definitely play it... eventually, but not sure I'll make it a priority right now since there's other games I'm interested in more. 2019 is not giving us room to breathe!

  • Had to cancel Judgment (and a few others) due to some unforeseen medical expenses

  • I'm still planning on getting it, didn't do digital though. Next week is really stacked for me, Judgement/Samurai Shodown/The Sinking City and Friday Mario Marker 2.

  • IGN called Judgement the most original Yakuza game this generation, and also said it’s better than Yakuza 6 but implying that Yakuza 6 wasn’t a great game and it just makes me sad every time I hear people say they were disappointed in it.

    I loved Yakuza 6 so much and I think it might be my favourite game so far in the series. We even split the vote in our GOTY last year between Yakuza 6 and Kiwami 2 meaning a lot of us loved it enough to get Top 10.

    So I don’t know how to take that statement. Is Judgement better than Yakuza 6 or is Judgement better than Yakuza 6 with the understanding that Y6 was disappointing? Because those are two different things.

  • I will let you know what the official ranking is in a couple of weeks.

  • I've only played 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2 and now Judgement (though I'm only in the second chapter). For whatever it's worth, I already think it's better than Kiwami.

  • As Someone who has played and enjoyed the entire Yakuza series (Including the Kiwami versions), I have to say I am really enjoying my time with Judgement. Combat felt a little off at first, but I think that had to do more with my familiarity with Kazuma and how he fights. There were different rhythms to sort of pin down. But overall I am still having fun with it.

    There was a sort of initial scare when the game introduced the investigation mechanics, sort of a "Oh great, how long till this gets boring" feeling. But around 13 hours in and it hasn't become bothersome. At least for me. I can see them getting tiresome, but the game seems good on spacing them out so far. Time will tell.

    Is it better than Yakuza? It's different. I know that seems like a cop-out answer but really that's the best way I can describe it. Kamurocho still feels like Kamurocho, if that makes sense. It's another point of view and story in a setting that I have loved since 2006(?) The tone and setting are just so familiar that I was immediately comfortable with the game, even with the changes. I like the characters and, so far, the story has me hooked.

    Of course I may be a bit biased toward these games. I've enjoyed every single one and can sometimes forgive their more dodgy gameplay mechanics. So, grain of salt and all that. Overall, I think, as its already been stated If you like Yakuza, you will like Judgement.

  • @zrail

    Thanks man. That’s what I needed to read. I usually trust the critics because they describe the game pretty well, but I always find reviews are over the map with Yakuza games. Like they’ll praise one game, but then the next game criticize it for the same stuff that was praised in the previous game. But then others will say the love it. It’s all confusing to me and these Judgement reviews are throwing me off.

    I think your description has me a lot less worried.

  • @axel That's disappointing, if they nailed the detective stuff I would be interested in this. Maybe those who have played it here can share their thoughts about that.

  • Coles notes Big Ben speaks about Judgement like a solid improvement to Yakuza. I think this might be a don’t skip title for me after all.

    Youtube Video

  • Hey this is a good game, people. The in-game clock showed 4½ hrs when I finished Chapter 1 just now. I really like how this is built out of lots of different pieces. The characters have already now started to feel damn fine people, both the good and the bad and the ones in between. I like the voice actors as well (went with English). The main story started strong with this case, I feel. It gave enough to make the next steps feel must-see but also worked as a solo chapter very well. I didn't even do anything else than kept investigating the main plot missions. There are some fine elements that have been borrowed from good crime stories and movies, both depiction-wise and also for many of the characters. This feels serious and I tend to like it a lot. Lots of dialogue, really solid and believable dialogue. Also I noticed that I started to build time lines in my own head while playing, proof chains and witness statements kept revolving in my head. I was hooked quicker than I had thought.

  • Finished the game after clocking in 50+ hours. It's definitely up there as one of the better titles from RGG Studio. This is not just another Yakuza game like most of the people are saying, they're doing something different with both the characters and the setting.

    The plot also hit me on a personal level due to past experiences so it was appreciated that Nagoshi told a story about it.

    GOTY is getting harder this year, that's for sure.

  • @hidz
    Mind if I ask what was hitting you personally?

  • @dmcmaster

    The Alzheimer's plot, my dad had it and passed away almost three years ago

  • @hidz said in Judgement (PS4):


    The Alzheimer's plot, my dad had it and passed away almost three years ago

    I'm sorry to hear, know it's not something easy to see or witness.

  • Just got to chapter 3. Liking it so far. Tailing missions are medium boring, but that's really the only negative I've got with it so far. Side missions so far are a bit light, and encountering roving bands of thugs and whatnot seem to be less frequent - but I feel like I'm still ramping up in terms of story, so maybe there will be more of that later.

    I haven't really mastered the combat yet. Still mostly using the square/triangle Yakuza combat brute force combo. Currently unlocking and playing around a little with wall jumping and leapfrogging mechanics, but I've had to use several medkits already, as sometimes I try to block when I should be dodging. So there is familiar combat, but it's also different enough to where I, a person who's very familiar with previous RGG games combat, is still not an expert at this system.

    Game seems more monetarily tuned than in the past. Cash drops from enemies seem less frequent than in past games, but not enough so that it's an issue . I'm not struggling to get by or anything, but I am supposed to be a detective not a baller Yakuza, and it more or less feels that way.

    I did have to go do some side quests to pull together 100k (ended up with like 280k by the time it happened). I feel like in Y6 or YK2 I would have had a million yen by now.

    Friends system hasn't paid any dividends yet. I'm mostly making friends with Poppo employees though, since I wanted the special records for my office. So maybe I have to fight someone in a Poppo for that to matter?

    The story and characters are great so far. The current antagonist is a super big piece of shit and it's been a while since someone treated the main in an RGG game with this much contempt. Probably early Yakuza 0, when Kiryu was a nobody.

    Kamurocho is, as usual, subtly different while keeping all the main landmarks around. Yagami is skinny and can fit into all the little nooks and crannies that Kiryu couldn't. The parkour and chase missions are mostly well done. Unless you hate QuickTime events, I guess.

    So far, it's definitely an 8. There's a whole lot of stuff I haven't even started doing yet though. I can tell this is a full sized game.