Judgement (PS4)

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    As a fan of Yakuza, this game looks freaking awesome. It originally had a release date for June 25, but production was recently put on hold because of a minor scandal involving one of the actors. Sega will probably recast the character, so who knows when the game will come out.

  • Well, to be fair - production is not "on hold" the game has been out in Japan since December. They recalled it and stopped selling digital copies and are erasing marketing tweets mentioning the game. Sega likely isn't going to re-release the game in Japan unless they recast that part. I think they probably will - as the Western market $ is probably pretty enticing... and THAT is what would delay the Western release. One could assume that most of the western localization will remain unchanged as far as subs and stuff go. The Western VO might not match up with new mouth movements if they recast the role and put the new actor model in the old actor model's place though. But I'm not sure they'd go back and re-record all new Western VO for the character.

    The "minor scandal" is that one of the actors that performed a fairly significant role in the game (and also voices Olaf in the Japanese dub of Frozen) was arrested for suspicion of use of cocaine and while none was found in his possession, his drug test was positive. It's a pretty serious crime, and he may do several years of jail time for it. Either way, his career is likely over.

  • @tokyoslim I don't think they will sell this to the west until they get a new VO since it's dual audio

  • @iboshow Why would they need to recast the english VO?

  • @tokyoslim Japanese VO. The Japanese audio is part of the Western release

  • @iboshow Oh, it's not just the Japanese VO, it's the whole character, as it's modeled on the actor's actual face. They are likely going to erase him from the game completely and recast or at the very least remodel the character to minimize the likeness like they did when the actor who played Tanimura in Y4 also was accused of drug abuse.

    That's what I was saying in the post you replied to :)

  • I think this game looks awesome. I wish it wasn't so recycly with the animations but at least the asset reuse is contextualized by being another tale in Kamurorcho. Summer release was the perfect time for me to dial into this game so I'm really hoping they can pull it off and get it out the door.

  • On a slightly related note, they are going to patch in completely new voice work for Olaf in KH3 since Pierre voiced him.

  • Guess Olaf had a snow problem after all.
    Pierre was just getting into character as being a snowman

  • It seems they are making changes to the actor for the western release, but it won't affect the release data