Judgement (PS4)

  • @tokyoslim Is there Mahjong?

  • @billy I'm pretty sure I saw it. I haven't really messed with Mahjong. Got wrecked in Shogi yesterday on a date tho.

  • Finished the main story last night. This was my first Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio game and boy, did I enjoy this! A great new path opened up for me with Judgment. I basically liked the game from beginning to the end. From like Chapter 9 onwards I followed the main story only because it hooked me in such a way. The game showed me 43 hours after completing the story, but I'll definitely still return to Kamurocho to finish all the side quests, make more friends and to check out whether it'll be possible for me to maybe 100 % this.

    I really liked how the script built up the story, it felt like practically everything had to do with everything. There was a solid amount of "side paths" along the way that still in the end turned out to be important and/or otherwise fleshed out the story's moments at that particular point. A really enjoyable crime story all in all, even a thriller at times, and I loved the presentation of all the conversations and important revelation moments etc. Intriguing to follow, and often just nicely dramatic. I enjoyed this package a lot!

    Yagami evolved into a great character throughout the story, more likable every step. I appreciated going into his past and all that, it made him more complete and played well into the story. Kaito-san was an incredible trusty pillar of strenght and companionship and I really liked Crispin Freeman as his voice actor. (Yep, played in English.) Hamura was a delicious character, so to speak, and Fred Tatasciore really nailed that role. Higashi become also one of my favourites. And Shintani, too, a really solid character. And just in general I liked all the names a lot, memorable stuff. Matsugane Family, Emi Terasawa, Shinpei Okubo, Genda-sensei. I won't name them all because of the plot and its many surprises, but yeah, a bunch of well-written and "real" characters.

    So yeah. I spent the last two and a half weeks running around Kamurocho as Yagami-san and liked it A LOT. A really memorable experience. I know there are like seven Yakuza games out there waiting to be played if I'd so desire. We'll see. In any case Judgment is now currently my GOTY 2019.

  • I have been too tired to finish this recently. Still in the beginning of chapter 12.

    @Sentinel-Beach glad to hear you liked it so much! Y0 is calling your name!

  • @Sentinel-Beach I'm glad you enjoyed Judgment, welcome to the awesomeness of RGG Studio games! You should give the Yakuza series a chance, you'll love it as much as Judgment, I promise you!

  • @sentinel-beach truly the best girl.
    Sadly dating isn't more what I hoped for so far. And I took most pic with her even if she probably won't be option for it.
    I'm at chapter 8 I think. Side stories a te r mostly ok thus far but as Kiryu or Majima I was more invested in some.

  • These girlfriend story arcs are really good. I just finished the one with Nanami and wow, this one actually got me emotional, like really. Powerful stuff.

  • @sentinel-beach sadly after they become your girlfriend their importance is shallow and options to do stuff is nothing worth mentioning.

  • Goddamn mahjong. I just don't understand this. Trying to win that wareme rule thing to get my last and 50th friend.

  • @sentinel-beach Yeah mahjong is pain, but once you learn it, it's pretty fun.

    First off, don't try to steal any tiles, it prevents you from activating riichi(press square when it's your turn). What I'm trying to do is to go for doubles or triples of the same tile from 1-9 with different colors, I'm usually ignoring the winds and dragons unless I've a triple of single one.

    I'm not an expert of Mahjong and someone else here can probably explain a better strategy than mine, but that's what I'm doing and I'm usually getting riichi most of the times.


  • @hidz I honestly don't know what riichi is or how you could activate it, and I played like four hours of mahjong tonight. I saw the AI do it constantly, though. What does it actually do and mean? (Sure, I should watch that video.)

    But hey, I finished the wareme challenge at least in the end! Got my 50th friend and that opened the two last side cases. The 49th was really cool, liked it a lot. This sort of climax after everything, these kinds of things are always appreciated. :)

    The 50th side case, on the other hand, will need some serious preparation still...

    Like come on man, don't take my phone away! I can't heal, dammit! I mean yeah, that's the joke, but holy shit that complicates things. One health bar against that superman's power strikes all the time. Not a chance.
    I'll definitely need to unlock that final max damage skill, but it's so damn expensive, 18 000 SP. That'll take a while. Like a long while. I understand there's this grinding way for SP with the VR place and Hug Bombs, but I don't know. I mean I still have a bunch of other things to do in the city as well, so maybe I should tackle those first and try and see how much SP I'll gather naturally, so to speak.

  • @sentinel-beach Riichi is like the final stretch of completing your deck, your game is going autopilot until you get the opportunity to steal the opponent's tile to get a Ron. As mentioned in my previous post, to activate it you need to press the square button with almost completed deck when it's your turn to see if you can do riichi.

  • Just finished.

  • There's a surprise Spoiler Mode now on Patreon, cool! Ben, Huber and Brad.