System Shock 3

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    please do not screwed up this game. please please be good.

    its sequel to one of the best game ever made.

  • Whatever happened to that remake?

  • I've never played System Shock but intend on playing at least System Shock 2 someday. After watching this trailer, I got some serious fan fiction vibes so I looked into it.

    According to Wikipedia, Night Dive Studios, a Vancouver, Washington studio who realized the IP was abandonware, made a deal to make a remake of System Shock 2 with EA and Meadowbrook Insurance Group who owned the rights to System Shock IP. Apparently, Night Dive acquired the rights to System Shock and System Shock 2. The language is ambiguous - do they own it or do they get to just release remakes??

    Later, OtherSide Entertainment, a Boston Massachusettes studio headed by Warren Spector gets the rights to make a System Shock 3 from Starbreeze Studios who apparently had the rights to the franchise. Then after their financial woes last year, they sold the rights to OtherSide Entertainment.

    I'm very lost in all of this . Wikipedia says "OtherSide Entertainment, founded by Looking Glass's founder Paul Neurath, had been able to acquire a license to the System Shock franchise from Night Dive Studios to develop System Shock 3" but somewhere along the lines, StarBreeze had it?? I really don't know.

    All I can say is that the series is probably in good hands with the original founders of Looking Glass Technologies (System Shock, Thief) making System Shock 3. It does seem a bit like an indie game possibly cashing in on the name, but with Warren Spector directing the studio, I hope not.

  • About SHODAMN time

  • @dmcmaster said in System Shock 3 Teaser:

    Whatever happened to that remake?

    Youtube Video

    here it is. it still exist but was put on hold.

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    First gameplay just revealed and it looks amazing.

    pure immersive sim.

  • This is a really good trailer. Definitely going back on my cash-in skepticism. Looks like they're going for a throwback vibe here because not too many games look like this nowadays. Kinda bring a colourful really leaning into that older aesthetic but high res.