Cadence of Hyrule (Switch)

  • "Crypt of the Necrodancer" is some of the most fun I have had in a rhythm-based game. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't yet, its price can get pretty low in Steam and PlayStation Store sales.

  • That was a lovely little surprise. I loved what I saw of crypt but never picked it up... this I'm very tempted by.

  • I have been enjoying everything about Crypt, including the various remixed soundtracks they released with alllll the amazing artists, and the original soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky. It's a fun, but difficult game that just sounds amaaaaazing. This has me super excited.

    I think the game and all of it's various soundtracks are worth every penny at full price.

  • Crypt of Necrodancer is absolutely superb. Very recommended. I need to redownload that game.

  • This is exactly the correct amount of weird.

  • So I picked this up and finished it in a couple days, it's pretty short (3-4 hours), but it's all killer no filler. A condensed 2D Zelda game with a unique twist, I was addicted by the end of it. Should be quite replayable, and I haven't tried co-op yet.

    If you like NecroDancer and/or Zelda, you'll most certainly like this. It took me a while for the game to click, about an hour before I felt like I fully knew what I was doing, and after that I was cruising.

    If you're worried about it being a roguelike, don't be. The game is very generous with its permanent upgrades, there's a new item or piece of heart on almost every screen, and you only lose rupees and bombs/arrows when you die. There's tons of fast travel portals, so you can quickly get back to a fairy pond after dying and fill your bottles. Honestly after you've acquired a certain amount of items it's unlikely you'll ever die again, so the difficulty curve is kind of inverted, I actually felt OP by the end.

    Maybe worth waiting for a sale if you don't think you'll want to do multiple playthroughs, but I don't regret my purchase, it's a very sweet little game!

  • @axel said:

    If you're worried about it being a roguelike, don't be.

    Unlike the original COTN, which is brutal brutal brutal.

  • @axel Hearing that it's not a rouge like makes me feel so much better about it. I was terrible at the first game, and I often enjoy rouge likes, but I just got stuck in the original NecroDancer. Acquiring items and keeping them is what I was hoping for, glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  • Has anyone played Symphony of the Mask, the DLC for Cadence of Hyrule?

    It's on sale right now so I'm tempted to get it but not sure how good it is, and there aren't many reviews for it online, seems like it completely flew under the radar.