What are your top 3 video gaming franchise?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Omg how can I forget Metroid. Yeah that is up there for sure.

  • For my three, I'm going to qualify that as a franchise, there needs to be more than one entry. So as much as I love The Last of Us, the sequel isn't out yet and therefore I personally don't count it as a franchise...... yet.

    3.) DOOM. While I haven't played DOOM 3 because it was a take on the series I didn't like, every other main-line DOOM is fantastic in its combat, gore, and most importantly not trying to be what it's not. The focus is on killing demons in the most over the top fashion and sometimes, I just like to unplug the brain and just DECIMATE.

    2.) Uncharted. While each game on its own is good to great, the series as a whole exceeds the sum of its parts, mostly in part because with each later main game, the story carries more weight within that world. Uncharted 4 really delivers on this, having the least amount of combat, and the most character development.

    1.) Final Fantasy. Not including those who don't like RPGs or turn based gameplay, there's something for everyone and there are few (If any) series that holds so much differentiation not only among entries, but between fans as well. The stories and characters make these games and for me, there's no better representation that appeals to my interests.

  • For me the top three's pretty easy:
    (3) Battlefield. Even though I'm relatively new to the franchise (started on BFBC2), I just find that all the entries that I played are amazing games (didn't play BF4 and Hardline though). BC2 is an eye opening experience. BF3 is the first multiplayer game that I really got addicted to. BF1 is a epic game, maximizing the wow factor and maintaining the balance you expect in a multiplayer game. BFV is flawed in many ways, but i can't care too much about it because the gunplay here is simply the best in the series. BF's core DNA of epic, spontaneous and chaotic moments is a truly special thing.

    (2) Grand Theft Auto. It's still the absolute king of open world games for me. Every entry has their own charm and vibe to it: Vice City, San Andreas, IV, Chinatown Wars, and V especially. While I love V the most, IV's gritty and dark feel is something to behold, and I miss the sun-soaked landscape of Vice City. It's just so fun to run around and play in the big worlds that each game has, and for me it just keeps getting better and better as the series goes on.

    (1) Uncharted. This should be obvious, no other entertainment franchise has made me experience the rollercoaster of emotions like Uncharted did. I still remember the night I played Uncharted 3 for the first time (which was my first Uncharted game), the smiles and amazement and tears that went out. I would have played it all in one night, but my body simply can't handle it. After finishing it, I took a risk and ordered both games from overseas, and I also loved those games, and my love for the franchise only got stronger after that. Uncharted 4 is a masterpiece, I have no complains about it, it's my absolute favorite game of all time. Lost Legacy is also amazing. Golden Abyss is a fun portable experience. The franchise has always stuck to the core "jack of all trades" formula of gunplay, puzzles, epic set pieces and story, and each game they progressively become not only excellent in each area, but also the best.

    Honorable mentions:

    • Infamous (Infamous 2 is fantastic. The first game and Second Son are no slouch either. The idea of shooting electric or whatever with your hands is just so cool to me.)
    • Red Dead Redemption (it only has 2 games, but those two games are fucking awesome so whatever)
    • Jak (I really enjoyed the gameplay style of 2 and 3 in particular)
    • Gran Turismo (still the best racing franchise in my eyes)
    • Mass Effect (ME1 and 2 are amazing, but the other two games are not even close to the highs of those two)

  • What is the difference between a franchise and a series? Is it basically the same thing?

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    @holographics said in What are your top 3 video gaming franchise?:

    What is the difference between a franchise and a series? Is it basically the same thing?

    The Star Wars movies, books, games, etc. are a franchise. The Star Wars movies are a series.

  • Yakuza

    Final Fantasy?

  • Megaman
    Resident Evil
    Street Fighter

    Capcom franchises/games are pretty much for me what Nintendo franchises/games are for Nintendo fans

  • @tearju-engi I feel that, over the years, Capcom has been one of the most consistently great development houses in the industry. Sure they have had several missteps, but they have also shown they are willing to listen and fix their mistakes.

  • @tokyoslim Those first two are objectively correct and I won't take any arguments saying otherwise.

    1. The Legend of Zelda - perhaps the most polished games ever made.
    2. The Elder Scrolls - a genre unto itself. Go anywhere, do anything.
    3. Pikmin - an RTS for the rest of us. Ultra charming.

    Honorable mention - Tony Hawk's. It's dead now, but the original trilogy are probably the best arcade sports games ever made, and the entire series is home to by far the best licensed soundtracks ever.

  • 1 - Tony Hawk
    Simply put, the series changed my life. I picked it up as an only child at the time and it shaped the way I became as a person because of the amount of culture packed into this series. These are way more than just video games. But as video games, they also happen to be probably the best and most perfect version of an arcade-style game. At the least, the best arcade-sports game.

    2 - Souls Borne
    I wasn't into hardcore games in 2009. The most hardcore I ever got was "SICK" mode in Tony Hawk which just means I spent a lot of time playing until I could combo like crazy. This series changed my whole perception of video games and how they should feel. I felt like I was improving as a person as I played through Demon's Souls in 2009 for the first time. Even though I consulted a guide at times, I felt like I was using my resources as tools to overcome a huge obstacle.

    3 - EA Skate
    I really don't know my number three spot. I picked Skate because Skate 1 and Skate 2 are amazing games that I always come back to. It might be a short series but I will never and I mean never grow tired of those two games. Mix it in with fond memories of playing in the summer of 2007 in-between actually skateboarding, and I think this three spot is my nostalgia pick.

    Anything could be my number 3 favourite. I think I love The Elder Scrolls but I've only ever beaten Oblivion, dabbled in Morrowind, and I played the hell out of Skyrim but I'm not so fond of it looking back. I guess its another example of amazing memories with ONE amazing game. In 2006 my friends and I played this all day and night at sleepovers. We did everything you can do.


    • Fight Night/Knockout Kings
    • Uncharted
    • Resident Evil
    • The Witcher
    • The Elder Scrolls

  • 1. The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. Oblivion is my favorite. I played Morrowind by way of the exceptional Morroblivion conversion mod about 4 years ago.

    2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild. All equally great games, I couldn't pick one over the others. Most games in the series are fun too but these three are on another level.

    3. Pokemon: Pokemon mainline series and Pokemon Snap.

    Fire Emblem
    Grand Theft Auto
    Mass Effect

  • Final Fantasy - It's definitely not itself anymore, but when at its best, I've never played such imaginative and memorable experiences. From the characters to the plots to the music, everything just blends together to make something truly magical, this franchise is the one I hold the dearest, I just wish they could get that magic back.

    Silent Hill - It's another series that went downhill, and eventually got killed, but the first four games are truly spectacular and I long for a new horror experience just as good.

    Resident Evil - I was toying with a few answers for my third entry, but it ultimately had to be RE. With so many games in the franchise now you'd expect quite a few duds, but I honestly only really dislike Gaiden, Umbrella Corps and RE6. I got really caught up in the lore if the series ever since the first game and own a number of official DVDs and books they made explaining it all. Though this is number three on my list, it's the only one that I'm actually excited to see where it goes next.

  • @sheria said in What are your top 3 video gaming franchise?:

    Though this is number three on my list, it's the only one that I'm actually excited to see where it goes next.

    hopefully RE8 in RE7 First person immersive horror game and not RE2 style over the shoulder action game.

  • The King of Fighters
    I think there are several fighting games that are better than any KoF game but KoF is just immensely likable to me. It has a very large roster of great characters, the games are incredibly upbeat and I love that every game is full of references to other SNK games. The gameplay has a nice balance between accessibility and complexity, being a bit more complex than Street Fighter but not too much.
    My favorite games are: '96, '98, 2002 and XIII

    The Legend of Zelda
    I'm a big Nintendo fan so there were many franchises I was thinking about putting on the list like Metroid, Yoshi, Donkey Kong Country, Pikmin, Super Mario, Super Smash Bros, … but I picked Zelda mostly because I think it is really impressive how they consistently kept the series at such a high quality throughout so many years. Sure there are some weaker entries but even those are still pretty good in my opinion.
    My favorite games are: the original, A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening and A Link Between Worlds

    There are many great shoot 'em ups but the Gradius games really stands out among the crowd with some of the best level design and boss design in the genre. The series also has a good difficulty level and some excellent spin-off series like Salamander and Parodius.
    My favorite games are: Life Force, Gradius II, Gradius Gaiden and Gradius V

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    Only picking 3 is so hard. Do I pick top 3 I've had most fun with? or top 3 that has impacted me most emotionally? or just 3 series I keep wanting to go back to?

    Well one thing is for sure, I HAVE to put one in there that are all of those, which are...

    Final Fantasy
    This series has been with me for what feels like forever. It was my introduction to JRPGs and I fell in love with the series instantly. The stories gripping me, music that I keep listening to even this day. These games are perfect to just get lost in for hours on end and follow the characters and understand the worlds they take place in.

    You might think to yourself "but Lotias, really? some ailen shooter?" Yes, this magnificent universe. Its the way this series has helped me connect with friends, getting through hard times and it got so much lore. Solid shooters and great campaign and multiplayer. If you havent read the books, you really should.

    Maybe its thanks to my hours and hours in World of Warcraft that makes me hold this series so dear to heart. But I started out with WC3 back in the day when I played it on my brothers PC and I fell in love with Azeroth and all its rich history and heroes.

  • I'm gonna add Destiny to my honorable mentions. Fantastic loot shooter with that God tier Bungie gameplay. It has had some severe growing pains (namely the launches of both games being plagued with problems) but in the end I don't think any other series this gen has provided me with as many hours of fun.

  • @b-cell said in What are your top 3 video gaming franchise?:

    @sheria said in What are your top 3 video gaming franchise?:

    Though this is number three on my list, it's the only one that I'm actually excited to see where it goes next.

    hopefully RE8 in RE7 First person immersive horror game and not RE2 style over the shoulder action game.

    Who knows. I prefer TPS to be honest, but I'd rather them go FPS. It was a big risk for them with RE7, and it actually pulled through. It would be an insult to back out now, leaving REVII as their only attempt at a proper first person Resident Evil.

  • @sheria Or go full circle and copy The Evil Within by giving you the ability to choose both.

  • @el-shmiablo I prefer keeping them separate. I don't mind them having one in FPS as long as there is TPS on in horizon because I will never buy a FPS RE game unless it's a shooter on rails. Besides RE7 felt farthest from the franchise than any other game and just wasn't my cup of coffee after trying it and watching the playthrough on YT.