What are your top 3 video gaming franchise?

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    I'm gonna add Destiny to my honorable mentions. Fantastic loot shooter with that God tier Bungie gameplay. It has had some severe growing pains (namely the launches of both games being plagued with problems) but in the end I don't think any other series this gen has provided me with as many hours of fun.

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    Though this is number three on my list, it's the only one that I'm actually excited to see where it goes next.

    hopefully RE8 in RE7 First person immersive horror game and not RE2 style over the shoulder action game.

    Who knows. I prefer TPS to be honest, but I'd rather them go FPS. It was a big risk for them with RE7, and it actually pulled through. It would be an insult to back out now, leaving REVII as their only attempt at a proper first person Resident Evil.

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    @sheria Or go full circle and copy The Evil Within by giving you the ability to choose both.

  • @el-shmiablo I prefer keeping them separate. I don't mind them having one in FPS as long as there is TPS on in horizon because I will never buy a FPS RE game unless it's a shooter on rails. Besides RE7 felt farthest from the franchise than any other game and just wasn't my cup of coffee after trying it and watching the playthrough on YT.

  • Dark Souls/ Soulsborne
    My two favourite games of all time belong to this series, (Bloodborne and Dark Souls 1) so this is a pretty easy choice. Even if i couldn't cheat and have both Demon's souls and Bloodborne count, Dark Souls 1 and 3 would be enough by themselves for me. 2 is like a 9/10 i don't like because it's not a 10/10 like it's siblings.

    Metal Gear
    I love all the mainline metal gear solid games dearly- except for 5- even though it has the best stealth gameplay of any game i have ever played. Add Peace Walker and Rising Reveangence to it all, that's an insane amount of games i adore in a single franchise

    Resident Evil
    Love: 4, 7, 2Remake
    Like: 1Remake, Revelations 2, 5

  • Yeah I'm gonna Retcon my number 3 pick.

    It's Metal Gear Solid. Idk what I was thinking not defaulting to MGS when it is very clearly MGS. Metal Gear Solid is like my number 2 for that matter. I think I'm just insane for not even remembering its existence for a hot minute there.