Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 (PC/PS4/PS5/XBO/XBSX - 2020)

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    @dipset I didn't know that, that makes so much sense.

    I actually misremembered and sort of spread misinformation. So, you can look it up, Hardsuit Labs is definitely taking inspiration from Dishonored but they didn't hire a combat lead, they hired senior writer Cara Ellison from Dishonored 2:

  • @dipset ah okay, that's still neat though

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    Dishonored 2

    Do you think third one will come?

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    @scotty I think that series tapped out. Dishonoured 2 sold much less than the first game.
    It's a shame since it is, imo, one of the best immersive sims out there. You can go borderline character action with that combat.

  • Yeah I don't know how exactly but they really dropped the ball with the Dishonored as a franchise, both games are great but they somehow just couldn't make it into the big deal they wanted it to be, and really the same is true with Prey, also very good but it just didn't manage to get the reception they deserve. I don't think we know what Arkane has been up to but it is a studio that deserves more recognition that what it has gotten.

  • @bard91 I feel like the same can be said for other Bethesda franchises as well like Evil Within and Wolfenstein. Maybe the no review code policy that Bethesda had was the cause of that, thankfully they reverted that sometime ago. It really bums me out.

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    Iirc 2nd game had technical issues at the launch, that could be one of the reasons for fail.

  • Multiple friends swear by Dishonored's excellence, but I've never played it. To add to the pondering why some of these Bethesda games struggle, all I can say about Dishonored is that I found the visual aesthetics to be quite unappealing so I never gave it a shot. That isn't a fair shake but that was my rationale.

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    The gameplay is just godlike in its versatility.
    You can be a sneaky asshole or go absolutely Devil May Cry on fools.

    Here is a video of what the latter looks like.
    Youtube Video

  • That does look sweet but I wouldn't hold my breath for Vampire 2 playing quite like that.

    Then again, 5+ classes and each one had 3 distinct capabilities... Hmmmmmm... it could go that deep.

  • Delayed until 2021. Now Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 can safely win RPG GOTY without contention from Cyberpunk. It's a win win!

    It's disappointing because I really looked forward to playing this game, but I think they should invest on making this game as great as possible to open it up as a regular franchise. There is also a lot of spin off potential here and nobody is going to care about any of that if this sequel isn't fun. Let it cook and I hope Paradox keeps funding it and letting it cook rather than it getting pushed out the door.

  • Was already in news but putting it in its own thread.

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    My completely speculative take is that Hardsuit Labs might've bit off more than they could chew. Perhaps they agreed to deliver within a certain time and budget and it's become clear that it was unrealistic. Either way, it doesn't mean they are untalented or incapable, but if Paradox is going to play in the AAA market, they need to spend whatever they can to deliver the game—especially with next gen in full force, the PS4 / XBO versions will feel dated if they putter around too long.

    Silver lining is that they can maybe bring back Brian Mitsoda to finish off the project, but I somehow doubt he'll want to work with Paradox ever again.

    Fingers crossed for Bloodlines 2 in 2022.