Easy Allies Year 3: Mysterious Monsters Mash

  • I'm not going to say too much, since I'm not sure what they're going to be able to fix and what they aren't - but since I think it's public knowledge at this point, the cameras and tech crew that were supposed to film/stream this show did not show up last night. So at the very last second, Sofia and Sean/German Efficiency stepped up big time and became impromptu camera-people. I'm not sure how the recording is going to look or sound - but the live show itself was super fun to watch, and I had a great time last night despite the delays and technical problems.

  • @tokyoslim Jones being mum in the update video made it seem that the issues were on the venue's end, but if the people responsible for getting it streamed didn't show, that's messed up. Thanks for the update! (And great pictures! My favorite is the black and white of Huber)

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    Jones will go into more details in Cup of Jones but it was on the venue's end, there wasn't an outside company coming with cameras or anything.

  • @kristen-rogers Thank you for the clarification! thumbs up