What are your E3 2019 wishlist?

  • Hello friends,

    So E3 is among us, EA is skipping E3, sony is skipping E3 but still nothing lost. especially EA but anyways what are your this years E3 wishlist? games you expect or want to be announced or see more of it?

    heres mine

    Doom Eternal In Dept look - It has been confirmed that its on E3 and they show in dept look. cant wait to see how this game will stole the entire show.

    New Splinter Cell announcement - this is the last chance that ubisoft can announced the new splinter cell they keep ignoring for a favor of yet another assassins creed 27 or far cry 18 etc. and bring it back to its stealthy roots.

    More of Dying Light 2 - It was biggest surprise of last years E3. but they show nothing after that. pretty much sure they will show more of. as this sound so much better and interesting than original game.

    Resident Evil 8 to be announced as First person - I would be once again interested in series if capcom announced RE8 as first person immersive horror game rather than OTS third person zombie action game. please make what make RE7 Great.

    Something STALKER 2 - GSC said on social media that more info will coming. and they update the site. could be STALKER 2 info revealed at E3. or possibly very short teaser. the name STALKER 2 is enough that gave me hard.

    Ready or not or are we ready? - We have seen first ever gameplay footage of this SWAT/Early rainbow six style hardcore tactical FPS. will we see more it? more info? its 2020 title afterall.

    Creative Assembly Immersive FPS - so creative assembly working on immersive sci fi FPS game. what it could be? something like system shock? or Deus Ex? please be announced at E3. please please.

    People can fly and square enix FPS - They are working on it from quite some time. will it be old school style FPS. mildly interested what else it could be. this may be thier year to announced it since square enix conference will be held.

    Witchfire - Another old school style FPS in development for slated for 2020. want to see more of it. it looks and sound amazing.

    and there may be many more depend on news and leaks.

    so my friends what are your E3 2019 wishlist? discuss

  • Doom Eternal- cancelled in favour of Diakatana 2

    Stalker 2 - original source code lost, now using Fallout 76 as a foundation

    Deus Ex - next entry is a visual novel

    Metro Exodus - sales disappointed, series IP sold to EA

    Jokes aside, Metroid Prime 4.

  • I don't even know anymore. My dream announcement is for Sony to resurrect SOCOM US Navy Seals which won't happen because A) Sony isn't at E3 and B) It has no stock value as a franchise anymore.

    I've been on an RPG binge recently. I've jumping around from Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines to Kingdom Come Deliverance to Oblivion. I think I just want Cyberpunk 2077 to show off well. It's impossible to show how great an RPG game is from only a demo, but the best open world cRPG games just vacuum you into this void where you lose sense of time and place and forget you're even playing a game. I think Cyberpunk 2077 can show me this at E3 without intending to. Just let me see what people are doing in the backgrounds, what different cars people are driving, what are people wearing, are there social dynamics, what's going on in that alleyway? Also, a side quest that seems mundane or something.

    This isn't a dream E3 wish, but I do think I have yet to play anything as good and immersive as Oblivion since I first played Oblivion so anything that WOWs me would be amazing.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in What are your E3 2019 wishlist?:


    Metro Exodus - sales disappointed, series IP sold to EA

    Jokes aside, Metroid Prime 4.

    apparently metro exodus selling well.

  • All I need is to hear from Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Montreal. Both of their projects are an absolute mystery. I would also love to see more of Shin Yakuza, but that seems unlikely.

    My wild hope is still a new Katamari game. It has been far too long!

  • @capnbobamous
    Heres some footage of Shin Yakuza
    Youtube Video

    As for me I have a feeling we will see another RE this year, well probably January or February next year. Most likely not RE8 or RE3Make but probably something smaller like another Revalations game. Which if keeping with what seems to be the theme between them is that it will probably be set between 6 and 7.

    Any concrete info on either the Avengers project or FF7 Remake.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC

    More of the Smash DLC being announced

    Just some things at the top of my head atm.

  • Cyberpunk and now Sakura Wars, those are the two I really want to see at the show.

  • @dmcmaster said in What are your E3 2019 wishlist?:

    Any concrete info on either the Avengers project or FF7 Remake

    What are those games you speak of? I don't think they exist.


    Also, now I want Naughty Dog to make a racing game based on the offroad jeep mechanics in the recent two Uncharted games. Not a typical kart racing game, but one where you can jump jeep to jeep and fight the other players directly, just like how you can do that in those games. I know Sony won't show up at E3, but I would count a State of Play near E3, and the reveal of this dream i had would be such a ridiculous moment, lol.

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    Jesus Christ Treasure just make a new game.
    Hoping the Marvel VS Capcom Infinite: Uncanny Edition rumors finally come to fruition now that the Fox deal is final.
    New Hexen.
    Nintendo better come with some F-Zero hotness.
    Minecraft Steve, Banjo & Kazooie, Samurai Goroh, and two more Fire Emblem reps fill out the rest of the Smash Pass 1.
    Halo Infinite is literally a reskinned Destiny and honestly not even that. Basically just Destiny with a different name.

  • Super Metroid 2
    Mario Kart All-Stars (1-7 on Switch; 1 has 4-player split screen)
    Street Fighter 6
    Final Fight 4
    Until Dawn 2
    Capcom vs. SNK 3

  • Chocobo Racing 2
    Capcom vs. Capcom
    Ace Combat VR extra missions
    New Tales of... game
    Valkyria Chronicles 2&3 HD remaster/remake
    RE3 remake
    One Piece Ultimate Pirate Storm
    Onimusha 2,3, Dawn of Dreams and Blade Warriors HD
    New Tenchu
    Collections, remakes, remasters, anything new from a dead franchise

    Yes. I am greedy and want everything

  • @el-shmiablo
    I feel like Tharja could be a fun Fire Emblem rep, seeing as she'd have to be solely magic based.

    As for MvC, I've been hearing a talk that Uncanny edition is just going to become a proper MvC 4, with development restarting after the MHW director took over fighting games.

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    @dmcmaster Nope. Both of em will be sword users.

    I just want some more MvC in any capacity. If they can throw in my boy Cable I'll be a happy man.

  • @el-shmiablo
    What if its Fi from Skyward Sword, she's literally a sword.

  • Banned

    @dmcmaster An anime swordsman... that is also a sword...

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    PSN, Switch and Steam demos for some of the games. I don't care about the presentations.

  • @ezekiel We definitely need more demos.

    I hope we get a Doom Eternal release date. Are there many rumors suggesting that Xbox will reveal their next console this E3? That might be exciting.

    Also, wasn't From Software working on a new Armored Core game? We also don't yet know what the new Bluepoint Games game will be. I really hope Konami does something interesting with the Fox Engine. How about a Silent Hill 2 remake.

  • Actually, a realistic "dream" that isn't SOCOM reboot is a huge blowout for Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2. The game is deep in development and can probably show exceptionally well at E3. For example, Resident Evil 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 "won" E3 2018 with pretty tame vertical slices of gameplay and developer discussion. I think a 10-20 min demo of Vampire with developer details about plot and features would be so exciting for me, but also can do well across the entire event.