Let's talk about Twitch Reruns

  • Hi Allies,

    I've followed you guys since the GT days and I'm gladly giving you some of my money every month (in form of patreon and twitch subscribtions). That's why I also know that there are some things that are just ingrained into Easy Allies. Things like: being (naturally) us-centric, abundance of nintendo content/love and a (little) knowledge gap regarding (classic) pc games.

    All of those things don't bother me that much because everybody has a diffrent background and knowing that background helps me to put reviews, recommendations and comments into the right context. So it's not a big deal, just something to consider.

    What I actually wanted to talk about are the twitch reruns. They are clearly ment for people that couldn't watch the original groupstream. I'm just curious for whom they are exactly? Are they for people in asia, austrailia or europe? Because if they are for european viewers, 4 am (original streaming) and 9 am (rerun) both aren't great times to watch a stream.

    I'm just asking because I heard that Blood and Kyle at least have an eye on youtube numbers (not sure about twitch) and try to optimize them. (different podcast names, thumbnails, etc.). the rerun at this time just feels a little odd.

    Sorry if this topic has already been discussed but I couldnt find any related threads.

  • It's for me

  • admin

    Unfortunately, the Twitch reruns have to be initiated manually. That's 1:00 am for us here. So that's the best we can consistently do to accommodate European viewers.

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    I would say its mainly for us EU people. We are a group who normally are there around the start of the rerun, watching from work and what not. Over all the feedback in chat has been really possitive for it. Just gives a second chance to watch it with other people.

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    Hi, I do the reruns and like Bloodworth said, I do have to do them manually, maybe if enough people reach out to Twitch they will change this in the future. I'm generally up late and could start it later, though probably not as consistently. I doubt Brad would want me sleeping all day from being up so late as it seems like you want it happening much later? But you don't provide a time that would work for you. Reruns are pretty much a bonus right now for the people who hang out in chat all night(for us), the group stream is always available on Easy Allies Plays and the Twitch VOD if you're missing it live.

    There is also an issue of Ben's stream happening Wednesday morning for us, I usually have reruns going as close as possible until his stream starts with various streams from the week playing after the group stream. I was considering doing reruns twice a week to try and rerun more of the streams from the week, since some are too long to play Tuesday night and starting later would mean less streams in the rerun. So far no one has spoken up of a better time for them to air for their time zone, 1am was just a rough estimate on my part since it's morning in Europe. So if you have a suggestion for better times, let us know.

  • I didn't know you had to start the reruns manually. That's a pretty weird design decision Twitch made there.

    A better time would be something like 6-7 pm (cet) but since you have to start it manually and the reruns are just a nice little extra, it's pretty unreasonable to stay up that late.

    anyway I was just curious, thanks for all the answers.

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    @time-eee That time is the same time Ben starts his streams the day after the group stream, so it wouldn't be viable without forcing him to change his schedule. But at least Ben's stream is at a good time for you usually!

  • The time right now is also great for Asia/Australia.