Will you be buying Rise of the Tomb Raider for PS4?

  • No I already have it on XB1.

  • I would, but I got the PC version so I'll stick with that.

  • I'll definitely be picking it up. I really enjoyed the reboot on PS4 so decided to hold out for the PS4 release of Rise. I think they're tossing in enough extras to charge $60.. looking forward to playing it!

  • Banned

    Hell yeah. Thoughy the reboot was terrific and have been waiting for the PS4 version for a while. Hell, I think I'm more excited about it than Uncharted 4.

  • Banned

    Nah I already have it on PC, think I bought it for maybe 23 bucks shortly after release. Honestly, I enjoyed it more than I've enjoyed any Uncharted game.

  • Maybe. If they fixed some of the issues I had with the initial reboot I might get it.

    I felt the "tombs" were way too easy, the story and gameplay felt disjointed (as if the people writing the story has no idea what was actually going on in the gameplay department), the characters and story were forgettable, the MP was throwaway, etc.

    The first game was mediocre, so with such a packed second half of the year it would take a lot for me to get it at release.

  • Loved the reboot. 100% buy

  • Definitely. Even if it's half-cocked in the campaign and tacked on later in a randomly-generated (ew) mode, I want to encourage all the survival gameplay I can in AAA games. That's what made The Last of Us so perfect—while other people were critiquing that, while the story was great, the gameplay was generic, I was enjoying the resource management.

    And now that the gameplay's down for the most part, I hope they figure out what to do with Lara as a character in one of these. I mean really: the marketing campaign for Tomb Raider 2013 practically echo'd Super Princess Peach. Someone give Crystal Dynamics a crash course in "don't write women differently from men just cause they're women."

  • Nah, I have it on the XB1.

    I'm a huge fan of the old Tomb Raider games but never really liked this reboot and sequel that much. They were worth the one playthrough though.

  • I'm absolutely buying this day 1. I was a bit bummed out by Uncharted 3, and the reboot of Tomb Raider completely filled that disappointment void for me with something I loved. I only have a PS4 so I was bummed to wait for so long, but now that I see it has a bunch of new content coming along with this release, I'm more excited than ever.

  • Sure, I'll buy this. I liked the 2013 game quite a lot, it was fluent and I liked the whole structure of it. And now this PS4 Rise will have all the DLC (Baba Yaga) and that mansion etc.

    I just think that this won't find it's way to my shelf this year anymore. Maybe, I don't know. But I see myself more buying this on the spring '17 for 40 euros or something like that. But I'll get it eventually.

  • No. I will get it for PC when I get my new rig. I can't stand aiming with a controller. I will get it though. I had issues with the reboot, but it was a solid 6/10 for me. Not great by any measure, but enough that it was worth playing through once. Hopefully this'll be that or better.

    I have to say, though, if you put a bow in a game, make it behave like a bow. This infinite range hitscan BS where arrows instantly teleport to your target, don't have any drop over distance, and don't stick in the enemy, simply doesn't cut it. That's lazy. If you're going to do that, I'd rather you skip the bow altogether.

    There is a revolver in the game though, that alone makes me want to play it.

  • When i find it for 30 bucks i will.

  • Probably not. I was lucky to have a roommate that owned an XB1 and got to play it. It was a fantastic game and a greater follow up to the reboot. If you haven't played it yet, you must, it is a game that everyone should play.

  • I still need to buy Digimon Cyber Sleuth and Quake