Mortal Kombat 11

  • I hope theres some sort of major balance patch that reworks the timing and combos feels weird as hell that you can only cancel into special moves on the second hit of a combo

  • @dmcmaster yeah I鈥檓 finding it really janky. I鈥檓 sure once I get into training and learn a bit more it鈥檒l all come together, but it鈥檚 not as intuitive. Also noticed fatalities and brutalities don鈥檛 unlock once you do them, must have to unlock them from the krypt regardless now.

  • Patches coming up.

    The biggest thing being:
    "路 Reduce AI difficulty 路 Increased Kurrency rewards in Towers of Time 路 Thank you gift (500,000 Koins, 500 Hearts, 1,000 Soul Fragments and 1,000 Time Krystals)"

  • @sentinel-beach
    They need to increase currency rewards across the board.

    Also was talking to some friends and, well who wants to place bets that a MKvsDC 2 will potentially happen, probably after Injustice 3.

  • They need to nerf the modifiers

  • Started playing the story mode. First MK since Deadly Alliance. I seem to have missed a lot of story stuff. lol

  • @tokyoslim
    Basically at the end of Armageddon, Raiden sends his memories to a past version of himself in order to change the future for the better.
    Which results in this
    MK9=MK1-3 but different
    MKX=MK4 for like 20 minutes before going it's own way.
    MK11= Conclusion to what I'm calling the "Raiden fucks everything up" Trilogy.

  • So krypt and towers... I鈥檇 be totally happy for them to remove these and come back with a complete refresh. Almost want to stop playing right away and come back when there鈥檚 a fix. Thoughts? Some of those towers are a nightmare for me, and apparently the difficulty has already had its tune.

  • @kd27 Little late since it seems you already own the game, but I'm personally going to wait until they release the Komplete edition or whatever it's called to jump in. Seems like they took the ideas from Injustice 2 and ran the entirely wrong direction with them and it might take awhile for it to feel right.

  • @sabotagethetruth that鈥檚 never a bad idea... but I鈥檓 weak when it comes to MK so yeah I already bit the bullet! Only problem you鈥檒l face is when you jump online. A year from now everybody will be godly 馃構

  • I wouldn't say MK11 doubles down per say on Injustice 2's elements, but it certainly feels like Injustice 2 had less of a grind for equipment pieces.

    As for the Krypt they really need to up the currency rewards from bashing posts and spiders. 1 Koin is way, way, way to damn low and shouldn't even be an amount. They also need to make obtaining hearts and souls eaiser too.

  • @dmcmaster I鈥檇 actually say they did, especially after coming from MKX. Have a listen to frame trap, ep 80, from about the 30 minute mark they get right into it, Its actually worse than I first thought. There is so much filler now, there鈥檚 almost no way to grab something you鈥檙e after in particular, and some mechanics just seem like there was no other way to look at it, it鈥檚 just bad. I hope they fix it properly, this game is so so close to being brilliant.

  • I haven't even played MKX yet but the gear grind sounds hella worse than Injustice 2. I haven't played I2 in a while and never got super deep into it, but I remember that getting gear wasn't very hard at all.
    Glad I've decided to wait. I'll live vicariously through Maximillian Dood until this shit gets fixed.

  • The patch should arrive any day now, hopefully they've done enough to make the Krypt have more sense. That's the biggest deal for me. Otherwise the game has been really good and entertaining as hell.

  • Speaking of the Krypt I'd love to be able to zoom into the map, or have chest you've already opened marked .

  • I took some time and finally finished the Story mode, played the other half of it on one sitting now. Really entertaining, good and surprising character interactions throughout the journey. I'd still say that MK9 is the tightest package of these three when it comes to the story, though. It has the benefit of utilizing the original trilogy and its happenings and present it all in a very exciting way, both visually and narration-wise. But yeah, MK11 does a very solid job as well on that front.

    About the ending:

    That's kind of the biggest hurdle to process. Did I like it or not? Basically they just erased it all. Everything. We're at point zero with Fire God Liu Kang and Kitana creating the world and its history now. I mean I get it, this is now a really free and open point to start building MK12, but on the other hand I'd have also wanted to see how everything would've continued from this point onwards. Sure, some klassic kharacters were dead now, but still.
    But okay, like said, there's literally all the freedom in the world now for MK12 and where all the characters will be. Who they will be, things won't be the same for many of them, I reckon. Sonya and Kano as cop buddies? Sure. Johnny Cage ruling the Outworld? Could be. Shang Tsung mentoring Kung Lao? Why not.

  • @sentinel-beach

    Personally Iget the feeling that MK12 might end up being a huge reboot for the entire franchise

  • I think I'm pretty deep in the Krypt. Maybe? The last thing I did was place the Dragon Amulet on that door by the cliff side and found inside a new obstacle of sorts. And then had to google, as I felt I'd been in every other place already. And yeah, the way to proceed with that one isn't really tied to any place, per se.

    About the requirements, which will take a while to fulfill:

    Three amulets are needed there:
    Kronika's one I got by paying 50 000 coins to that shrine statue.
    Shinnok's one requires you to buy that one tree in the forest area for 10 000 souls. Uuh, that sounds lovely. Also a recipe is needed after that for the forge etc.
    Cetrion's one you get by doing 50 Fatalities to her in tower matches (I guess). You'll get her head then for that long row of faces in the Krypt and also the amulet that away.

  • @sentinel-beach yeah...

    I can muster the souls, but 50 fatalities on Cetrion... there鈥檚 also the other heads near the statues, 50 fatalities per character. Don鈥檛 mind so much the fatalities... but I鈥檓 gonna see a whole lot of those same fatalities! Also re the souls, there is a recipe to forge 250 souls, I鈥檓 about up to where you are and had enough ingredients to push 750 souls into my bank account.