Pick the Year for our next Retro GOTY!

  • Thanks for your replies, looks like 2013 is on top. If we do this one now, I'll make sure to do an older year around September.

    I'm on holiday next week so I'll make a post when I return and we can start voting!

  • @axel Looking forward to it! Have a great vacation!

  • We're gonna need more spots for 2013. So many good games that I've played from that year. A bunch of excellent, even.

  • Yeah I'm down to solidify a certain game as the definitive GOTY in 2013.

  • I'm ready for my GOTY to get zero votes outside of my own while a few 7s and 8s win it all. Wouldn't be the first time I guess.

  • I might sit this one out. There's like 40 games from that year I'd like to play but I have no plans on playing any of them soon.

  • Damn, I just compiled a shortlist of 2013 games to add to my future post to help you guys out and... there's a LOT more good games from 2013 than I expected!

    I just counted and I've played 25 from that year! And I liked almost all of them. This is gonna be heartbreaking. I can't wait!

  • @axel I am ready to do some depraved things to make sure the Star Trek reboot game wins.

  • I've counted up to 11. Already ordered them and I gotta say: the two big areas for me is deciding what to keep as an honorable mention and what to leave off entirely, in addition to getting the order of 3-6 right. I'm locked in on what my numbers 1 and 2 are, in addition to knowing a specific game to put completely OFF my list, but everything in between is interesting to look at. I'm actually confident 9-10 of my 11 played games will actually make the final cut, but we'll see.

  • I would really like to do 2005, it'd be fun to do one from that era that we haven't touched yet.