Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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    I had a couple of hiccups with loading here and there, but I didn't really feel it was any massive issues. the combat was still smooth for me. Playing on base PS4

  • I forgot to mention this, but I stopped playing Fallen Order months ago. I traded it in for Doom Eternal. I tried, but the game could not hold my interests. I am not in to Dark Souls either.

  • Finally started the game earlier, I just reached the planet right after the train set piece and played for a bit more. My first impressions are:

    • I didn't know that it's going to be as cinematic as this. Big production values for sure. That train set piece was a great way to start things off.
    • The game looks pretty good on my PS4 Slim. I'm particularly enjoying how dramatically atmospheric the environments can be. The first planet was stormy as heck, while the second one felt a bit mysterious, but welcoming.
    • Sadly, there's quite a bit of texture pop-ins and stutters. They occur mostly outside of combat, but it's still annoying. I feel like in a cinematic game like this, technical problems like these are so impactful to the feel of the game.
    • I really like how Cal controls. Moving around, dodging, and slashing stuff felt smooth. The climbing/traversal isn't as smooth, but still okay. I do appreciate them not marking climbable surfaces with highlights like in the Uncharted games, it wouldn't work in a game like this.
    • Good music! It's so Star Wars, and that's awesome.
    • I'm loving BD-1 already, he's such a cutie.

    Hopefully I get to finish this in time so I can consider it for the upcoming Game of the Decade.

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    @bam541 I ended up platinum it, which I really didnt plan on when I started it. As you said the combat is great and there is a great mix of environments which makes it more fun to explore. And yes BD-1 is just too cute!

  • Got a few more hours into the game, now I need to travel to the 4th planet to progress. I have to say, I really appreciate the 3D hologram map that BD-1 has. Zeffo has amazing level design with lots of weaving paths, would have been so lost if I didn't have that map. Also, this game is steadily getting better and I love it.

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    Yeah the opening hour of the game almost had me regretting my purchase, but once it opens up and you see how interconnected the levels are and get some new combat moves it really clicks.

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    My favourite part was the opening with all those action and good set-pieces. After that I didn't enjoy any part of it as much as the intro.

  • The PS5, Series S and X gets an upgraded version. Holding out on my playthrough until I get a PS5.

  • Oh damn, I played it on the XSX already. :(

  • Just played around with a bit on PS5, it runs soo much better now, might even finish a NG+ playthru