Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

  • The premise and time period are interesting, but the trailer really didn't do anything for me. Here's to hoping we see some gameplay at E3 to assuage my fears.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order:

    the new Sith dude

    Neither technically Sith nor a Dude. lol :)

  • Of course I'll need to see gameplay but as a CG reveal trailer it worked for me. I like the tone, the setting, the one versus all feeling. We could have a good one on our hands!

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    I really need some gameplay. Do people find CG trailers exciting anymore? However, it is Respawn and I got a lot of faith in them. I think this game will be great, if not for story, at least from a gameplay perspective. I really hope this will be a bit of a darker game. Will buy day 1 anyway.

  • At this point I take a 6h single-player SW game.

  • @lotias said:

    Do people find CG trailers exciting anymore?

    When they're very stylistic expressions of the tone and vibes of a game and it's setting, yes. When they're just the ideal version of what a game's graphics could potentially be, no.

  • @mbun
    Agreed , personally I'd say the CG trailers by blur are great

  • I agree with everybody else. Sceptical but optimistic. The CG trailer was a bad idea but I don’t think EA wants their game to look anything less than perfect to the average person. Especially with only 2 bad games in 6 years.

    I trust in Respawn though. The only thing that stood out as a potential gameplay element was the wall run. Maybe some Titanfall 2 DNA is in there.

  • The reveal felt like a half-baked effort. At the very least, tell me more about the droid damn it!

  • The game is confirmed to be on Unreal Engine 4, which is waaaaaaaaay better than Frostbite, so I'm relieved! As a diehard Star Wars fan, I'm hyped!

  • @jifw52
    Wow, EA is letting a developer use whatever engine they feel is best to achieve what they envision for thier game, what's next a new Burnout? Mass Effect 1-3 remastered in Unreal 4, Battlefield: Command &Conquer?

  • @dmcmaster Respawn was allowed to use a different engine for Apex Legends and Bioware wasn't forced into Frostbite either. I hate EA just as much as the next person, but it seems like them forcing every developer to use Frostbite was just a rumor.

  • I know Tiranfall was made on some version of Source engine, and I assume Apex is too

  • @sabotagethetruth

    No it isn't a rumor. It has been confirmed by many developers that EA wanted to unify all of their studios onto one engine so they don't have to pay licencing fees and they could potentially license the engine itself. In addition, the idea was that it would create a stream of use across EA studios worldwide.

    Problem is that it was all easier said than done. Frostbite has so many issues that it would bottleneck production. Therefore, it was easier to create a band-aid solution to its problems (that weren't problems on regular engines) and get on with your work rather than wait weeks or months for EA/DICE to bring in support.

    The issue with these band-aid solutions was that the fixes were never explained in a formal context so the next person who uses it doesn't understand what changed or how to use it after the last person touched it.

    This history of being told to use Frostbite is based on primary interviews Kotaku did with Bioware staff between three different articles: Blood Sweat and Pixels, The Story Behind Mass Effect: Andromeda's Troubled Five-Year Development, and What Went Wrong With Anthem.

    Why EA let it slide for Respawn is beyond me. They even switched the sports games over to Frostbite and I've also read articles talking about the legacy broken coding in Madden that the developers don't have time to fix or even understand how to fix as a result of being told to switch engines.

  • @dipset I heard a summary of the Kotaku article on Anthem that stated Bioware's managers specifically chose Frostbite/weren't forced to use it, but scanning through the article myself, that appears to be false. My mistake. It is still strange that Respawn gets away with it, I'm wondering if that policy changes due to Anthem's blunders.

  • @sabotagethetruth

    I think they are choosing to use Frostbite going forward and are leaving a trail of their work behind them so it’s easier for people to pick up and work.

    I really really don’t know why Respawn didn’t have to do it though. Good for them I guess.

  • The fighting didn't really impress me, unfortunately. The impact of saber hits seemed kind of weightless. There was some better stuff in that 1-on-1 fight with the tougher enemy, basically swords clashing, but otherwise I'm left with mixed feelings. Audiovisually this seems great, it's Star Wars for all senses.

  • It was better then i thought however i dont think itll be a day one purchase or anyway

  • @ff7cloud agreed, it looks promising but not anything that's gonna have me rushing to get it.

    And most importantly not a character from episode 4 in sight.

  • @bard91 i think saw was a good choice any hardcore starwars fan knows who he is but no luke han or leia crutch