Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

  • @themarcv Nov 14, 9:03pm PST. According to OpenCritic. I have it pre-loaded on Origin and that is basically the same time the game becomes playable.

  • @shoulderguy Awesome, thanks. I need to go to open critic more. Do they normally have embargo dates listed? If so that's awesome.

  • Managed to get this for $40 from Target on preorder.

    Got to say I'm noticing a trend with EA and Respawn, almost like EA treats them as the red headed step child living at thier house. With Titanfall 2 basically being sent to die, and Apex Legends just spontaneously releasing one day.

    Also I can't help but feel like this game might be a bit of a double edged sword.
    If it does well EA has incentive to to monetize it's sequel, like charging to buy more items to summon force/sith ghost invasions.

    Meanwhile if it flops Soderland can basically go "see no one is intrested in single player games "

  • @dmcmaster said in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order:

    If it does well EA has incentive to to monetize it's sequel, like charging to buy more items to summon force/sith ghost invasions.

    Eh, we'll get there when we get there. Of course given EA's track record it's fair to be wary, but maybe they realized they need to diversify their portfolio, maintain a certain level of goodwill, etc. Corporations aren't good or evil by nature, they evolve based on results, feedback, etc. So let's rightly criticize them when they mess up, "reward" them when they make great games, and not necessarily assume the worst.

    @TheMarcV Yeah they often have countdowns for big games, and the UI in general is so much nicer than Metacritic, I only use them now.

  • I got my copy early. Will install tonight, and play tomorrow after work.

  • @shoulderguy That was fast!

  • The game feels good, like a solid adventure that's starting. Just left the first actual planet with BD-1 and new directions. Changed my lightsaber green as soon as that was possible, the colour just seems more soothing to me somehow. The saber has a great feel to it when you swing and slash with it, a proper amount of weight, I guess. The combat could become somewhat demanding, it feels, so I'm happy I went with the Jedi Knight difficulty (though you can change that whenever you like). The music sounds like real Star Wars, easy to love that, and the visuals are also very well working. This could develop into something pretty damn neat!

  • I also picked it up, the reviews confirm that this is probably going to tick all the boxes I was hoping for.

    I'm pretty much at the same stage as @Sentinel-Beach, just finished the first planet (not counting the prologue area, which is very cool too). There were already so many alternate paths and secrets to find on the first planet, exploration is really enjoyable as the optional areas aren't obviously signposted, which means finding them feels very rewarding. It's more Tomb Raider than Uncharted in that sense.

    I'm taking my sweet time, taking knees and smelling roses, and trying to mop up every possible secret before proceeding.

    I also stumbled upon an optional miniboss which kicked my ass in 3 hits. Went back and... died even faster. Went back and died again. I kept going back to get my energy and XP back, because the mechanic is that whichever enemy kills you will glow gold and once you hit it you get (some of) your lost XP back. But once I got there, I couldn't help but try to kill it instead of just running away. I eventually got him and it was a more satisfying victory than any fight after 40 hours of Dragon Quest XI. I'm also playing on Jedi Knight (normal) difficulty, and considering there's 2 higher levels, even Souls veterans should find a satisfying challenge.

    There's a thin layer of jank, but it's the endearing kind, not the game-breaking kind. Split-second visual glitches, thin ledges you're not supposed to jump on that you can jump on, an enemy fell through the world in front of me and died, etc. It may sound bad when I list it like this but it's more funny than annoying.

    The story is intriguing so far, I love Star Wars when it dives into mythology and ancient civilizations, and I haven't been intrigued by a Star Wars plot this much since KOTOR.

    Can't wait to keep playing tomorrow!

  • I'm having a good time, but this could have done with some more cooking.

  • Do I purchase a copy now, or wait for the one I got from Target to arrive (on December 8th)

  • I am pretty damn sure I won't be playing this game for a while but between this and Mandelorian (idk how to spell it), my coworker says his faith in Star Wars is restored. It actually seems pretty fun, even if its not the Star Wars meets Uncharted that we may have had a few years ago, this seems cool in its own right.

    I'll probably play this early next year. Glad to see Respawn Entertainment has perfect pedigree.

  • @dipset
    Honestly from the short time I've spent with it so far its basically the lovechild of Uncharted and Dark Souls with a Star Wars skin. So not to far off

  • @dmcmaster It's funny how if you had said this exact sentence even 5 years ago people would have been doing backflips in excitement, but even now after all the positive reception there is still this apprehension over it being an EA game that I just can't seem to shake.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Like I said above I can easily see EA monetizing this or a sequel, imagine having to pay a $1 to invade someone's game.

  • @el-shmiablo Can't blame them for why. I bought this game for me, and to support Respawn. I don't want to see them die.

  • Got to say it's been pretty enjoyable so far, even with some technical issues here and there (especially on that first planet)
    Do hope there is some way to make the light saber stronger, something about it's damage output feels inconsistent so far, along with Cal's dodge the first step feels like it has too little in terms of distance and I-frames.

  • Finishing Dathomir (for now) was so far the best moment in the game. Really good stuff, interesting too. The plot offered some powerful moments. And a damn long trip on the planet to get to that point! Detour's an understatement, but sure, it felt really good to reach the goal in the end.

  • I'm now finished and overall, I'm quite pleased with it. From exploration to combat and characters to story, FINALLY there is a great Star Wars game in forever. That said, I have two issues:

    Tech problems like loading oddities, audio desync, and my game crashed once. The other issue: Spiders. Why do developers put those abominations in games? Had to look over the top of my screen and just wildly smash the attack button for half of Kashyyyk to mitigate my freakouts (which didn't help much).

  • Currently playing it and i can say this is easily the best star wars game ever made. respawn did great job.