More activity & more people

  • I'd appreciate both of those things here.

  • I've done my part. 2 new topics and a bump. Boss should be good with me taking the rest of the day off.

  • I mean, I've been the top poster here for over 2 years now. I'm doing my part.

  • I feel like I post fairly regularly. I pretty much post only when I think I have something worth saying, which leads to days without a post. I am always here though!

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    Suggestions on what you think would bring more people here and make users more active would be useful to include in the post.

  • @kristen-rogers people show up for free snacks

  • There's an energetic fan group on Facebook with a lot of folk in it, but they don't seem to want to come in here. I've suggested that in the past, but I got surprisingly many negative comments about this place. Mainly how it looks and functions, something I've never thought about as a hindrance.

  • I wish people would create even more own topics for each new game, as lots of interesting posts and small conversations are now buried in megathreads like "What are you playing" and "Last game you finished". People could also use the search function more and bring up already existing game threads to share their thoughts in those ones instead of listing their most recent gaming adventures in those two threads mentioned.

  • Maybe a topic on the run of the Finnish women's hockey team?

  • Communities are divided, what can i do sometimes.

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    Yeah, of course it would be nice with more activity here. As previously stated in this thread, people in other places to seem to have a negative view towards the forum. It would be really nice to see more threads and more people posting around here. I mean we cant force anyone here, but more interactions from the allies (I know that is hard) would maybe drag more people here.

  • I think something that could help is just more support from the Allies themselves. The Patreon plug is pretty smooth at this point but the forum itself is very rarely mentioned in any form - I'm sure there's a lot of fans that don't even know this place exists. The other thing that would give us a significant bump in activity is more involvement from them as well as Blood seems to be the only member to even come on here anymore. I realize that last point is a little hard to ask for though, as I'm sure they're all fairly busy as it is.

  • What I'd love to see more of in 2019 forums in general is just more conversations between posters. Nothing makes me more sad than a thread like, "What are you playing?" and responses that are just game names, or a game and a tiny description. Use that quote button! I just feel like voicing an opinion has superseded listening and responding. And that's what I feel are the strengths of forums; otherwise, it's just like Facebook posts and comments.

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    @sentinel-beach @Inflorescence I think that's actually a fair point. Usually when I post in the "Last game you finished" topic or something like that, I try to post in the main game topic first and link to them but I do think people mostly just post in those long form topics. I'd probably be in favour of removing those types of topics personally and seeing if people would create/post more in the main topics but that may not be a view held by the majority.

    Other than that, there really isn't a huge amount we can do extra. Moobot mentions the forums on streams and then the odd shoutout here and there every so often but it's always going to be hard to reach out to more people unless the forums are used a bit more for interacting with the Allies or having some kind of representation in an event, something like how Huber will pick out youtube comments for Huber Syndrome.

    I had suggested at one stage to announce our GOTY or something like that on one of the twitch streams but then that is something they already do with the patreon post. So it's gonna be tough to get properly noticed unfortunately.