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  • @sentinel-beach @Inflorescence I think that's actually a fair point. Usually when I post in the "Last game you finished" topic or something like that, I try to post in the main game topic first and link to them but I do think people mostly just post in those long form topics. I'd probably be in favour of removing those types of topics personally and seeing if people would create/post more in the main topics but that may not be a view held by the majority.

    Other than that, there really isn't a huge amount we can do extra. Moobot mentions the forums on streams and then the odd shoutout here and there every so often but it's always going to be hard to reach out to more people unless the forums are used a bit more for interacting with the Allies or having some kind of representation in an event, something like how Huber will pick out youtube comments for Huber Syndrome.

    I had suggested at one stage to announce our GOTY or something like that on one of the twitch streams but then that is something they already do with the patreon post. So it's gonna be tough to get properly noticed unfortunately.

  • I agree that all the general topics such as "What are you playing?" or "That's News" seem to actually hinder discussion, as different things get posted in succession by different people and it makes it hard to follow who's talking about what or to really go in-depth about any topic.

    Also people have wildly different definitions of what constitutes "news".

    Maybe some more specific topics would help? "Sony news", "Nintendo news", "Industry news", etc?

    In general, I feel like rather than posting every single new game announcement in the News topic, it would be better to create a new thread for that game, so a proper discussion about it can happen there.

  • Yeah, console specific threads at least would've been needed from the start for many of the news stories. At least there's a PS5 thread now. (Feels kinda weird to create one for PS4 anymore, but why not, if someone so wishes.)

  • I don't think the forums are currently active enough to split the news topic(s) off into a bunch of more specific ones. Currently, it would end up having to click to more things that update not frequently enough to be worth it. Replying to a post already highlights the person you're replying to, so it isn't that hard to follow who's responding to what. I see the PS5 topic, not sticking around to include all PS5 hardware and software discussion, but instead to be about the next gen console buildup surrounding the hardware until launch. People could make Nextbox and Switch Pro (new probably bullshit rumors calling it a next gen console now) topics if they're interested in following the discussion around those, but there's no reason to make those topics solely for having them, clogging up the forums, if nobody is actually interested in discussing them. The same goes for games or any other topic. Really takes a person thinking "Okay, I want to see this discussed," or "I've got enough to say about this to warrant starting a topic surrounding it."

    So really, if things seem slow it is just due to the small number of us who actively use this place and the few who care enough to take the initiative to create topics others care about actually discussing. That points more to small userbase than anything else wrong going on. Some of the suggested changes could help if we ever do expand to serve more users, but until then it just adds hassle for no reason.

  • I would caution against trying to get other specific communities to come on these forums. In these communities, like the ResetERA, subreddit, FB group, etc., there's already a separation within these communities, as there is some animosity between those groups. Trying to interact with them will only make it worse for these forums, I think so.

  • I have been pleased with the responses on most of my threads. I really appreciate that posters took the time to write thoughtful responses to my "Are We in a Golden Age of Videogames?" thread, as it was one that took me a while to compose. It always feels good to see lengthy, thoughtful responses and the activity in that thread alone made me feel more confident in this forum.

    It can be confusing when trying to make threads about smaller games though. Before I made my "New and Upcoming Indie Games" thread, I was about to make a thread just dedicated to the first game that I listed, but after thinking about it, I figured it wouldn't be the most fruitful path. I'd love to see more discussion dedicated to "indie" games, but I am not sure how to go about it just yet.

    I think news topics would have good potential outside of the news-specific thread. I'm also surprised to not see more movie discussion topics in the General Topic area. Maybe I will start a thread and see how it goes.

  • We just need the lurkers to join in the fun.

  • @jifw52 You make a valid point. I personally left the FB group due to all the bickering there. I'd be pretty steamed if the place I frequent almost daily devolved into that.. but at the same time, I don't want to be too cautious. New blood is usually a good thing.

  • Once EZA was formed I hated all the new people, change takes time to adjust.

  • @iboshow new as in audience or actual Allies? I only ask because I never watched GT so don't know if any of the Allies came after that.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Audience

  • @sabotagethetruth One of the main reasons I don't post here more is all of the bickering here. And you say it is so bad on the Facebook group that you left?! I haven't seen it but it sounds like it must be quite out of hand.

    I'm not sure if the other lurkers like me would come out of the shadows if there was less arguing, but I for one don't really feel like posting when I think there is a good chance someone else might come along and reply to my posts sentence by sentence saying how I'm wrong for not thinking like they do.

  • @brandon_reister I think that unfortunately is a part of any online community but it just felt much more rampant and inflammatory there. Plus, there was a lot of negativity directed at the Allies themselves, which felt strange to deal with in a fan group. Bad vibrations.

    I do hope things grow at least a little here but I'm not sure if it'll happen sadly. Ah well, gotta appreciate what we have instead of looking at greener pastures I suppose.

  • Just seeing this thread I wanted to add my two (or twenty) cents on the subject:

    While new people and topics are welcome, personally speaking, it's about what this place offers and how each person values.

    Yes, I spend a vast majority of my time in the Gaming section (sometimes hopping into Shows for a couple of things like keeping Trailer Jones updated and talking about the newest Top 10 or Hall of Greats), I only really will post for three reasons:

    1.) Updates and curation - If I create a post, (especially ones with lists), I want to make sure I stay on top of it, keep it up to date, and see if anyone really comments on what I have to say. Kill Your Babies, Selective Creation, Desire Index, Madness Brackets.... these things help me interact more, plus I try to bring something fun (At least I hope they are...).

    2.) Community efforts - Things like the GOTY threads (shoutout to @Axel), top characters, etc. Things that I want to participate in and see the outcomes of. I also consider the E3 threads I make along these lines, because it's that special time of year we can talk what we hope for, and what happens.

    3.) Personally interesting topics - These are the fewest because most topics I've posted about before have been done multiple times, and its kind of pointless to revisit them. Things like "Favorite Achievements/Trophies", "Rank the games in your favorite series", and very particular specific game threads (and only then if I've already played said games. God of War and Horizon come to mind). The reason why I stay out of "What are you playing?" and "That's News" topic is it being much too broad. If they were a little more focused, I might jump in.

    While I may not post everyday, I always come here at least once to see if either anything new has been posted/created OR if I got a response for anything I've posted/updated.

    On the subject of what to do to entice people? Outside of putting out shoutouts in things such as the Monthly Q&A, Community Showcase, and Cup of Jones, there isn't anything. These forums have been here now almost three years and at this point, while (speaking only for me), I'll continue from time to time to do things like having the Desire Index in the CS, or make mention of the Kill Your Babies/E3 threads, I have no expectation my small little calls saying this place is great is going to sway anyone.


    I like what we have. This is not to mean to be exclusionary. I just feel that the people who post here, WANT to be here, and those who don't no longer frequent. Sure, as I just mentioned, only occupying a specific spot here does limit my exposure, and subsequently introduce bias, but in this ENTIRE forums history, I had ONE bad interaction. ONE. And with a poster who I don't see around here anymore (and I wasn't the only one to have issues with said person). My point: To (and for) me, this has been 99.99% positive and honestly? That makes this place comfortable. We all pretty much have a good idea of who we all are from what, where, and how we post.

    Most of the Allies won't come here. There's no incentive, and they're too busy. As Jones has said SEVERAL times via Cup of Jones: This place was primarily built for us to congregate, not them, AND it ties what the Allies want to do. And they want to focus on their work with shows, streams, and coverage.

    To conclude: While it would be great for new faces and topic ideas to show, we've got a good thing here. If anyone has read all of this, thanks a ton. Sorry for the wall of text.

    Love & Respect

  • Hey, Brad gave us a shout out in the most recent Hall of Greats!

    @Kristen-Rogers I'm not sure if you had a hand in making that happen, but I'm going to thank you anyway.

  • Yep, noticed that too, and immediately thought about Kristen, to be honest. :)

  • @Kristen-Rogers is the stealth community manager of our dreams.

  • Never liked Facebook posting or Facebook groups as I don’t wanna burden my friends and fam with constant banter about video games and other topics I like. That’s why forums are great. General organized thought.

    I quite literally cannot wrap my head around Dischord and other avenues like it. I recently figured out Twitch over the past 12 months as clicking anything never seemed to get me to the channel I wanted unless they were live.

    Now that I know how to use Twitch, I still don’t understand how a Twitch “community” can possibly even form by watching a live stream when chat just rips by sooooo fast that you can’t read a damn thing.

    Not that EZA is trying to be GameTrailers but that website and company has a better but admittedly DIFFERENT approach and intent than EZA does/is. GT was a WEBSITE first and foremost whereas EZA is a YouTube Channel, Twitch stream, kinda critics, kinda podcasters, kinda journalists with a pseudo-website.

    If EZA made everything on YouTube then there would be more unity but it’s just split all over the place and I can’t imagine this forum getting any more steam than it currently does because EZA’s identity is all over the place.

    I love the content they make but idk how you brand yourself as anything other than “Entertainment” when they have everything from game reviews, to game shows, to animated shows.

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