More activity & more people

  • Just seeing this thread I wanted to add my two (or twenty) cents on the subject:

    While new people and topics are welcome, personally speaking, it's about what this place offers and how each person values.

    Yes, I spend a vast majority of my time in the Gaming section (sometimes hopping into Shows for a couple of things like keeping Trailer Jones updated and talking about the newest Top 10 or Hall of Greats), I only really will post for three reasons:

    1.) Updates and curation - If I create a post, (especially ones with lists), I want to make sure I stay on top of it, keep it up to date, and see if anyone really comments on what I have to say. Kill Your Babies, Selective Creation, Desire Index, Madness Brackets.... these things help me interact more, plus I try to bring something fun (At least I hope they are...).

    2.) Community efforts - Things like the GOTY threads (shoutout to @Axel), top characters, etc. Things that I want to participate in and see the outcomes of. I also consider the E3 threads I make along these lines, because it's that special time of year we can talk what we hope for, and what happens.

    3.) Personally interesting topics - These are the fewest because most topics I've posted about before have been done multiple times, and its kind of pointless to revisit them. Things like "Favorite Achievements/Trophies", "Rank the games in your favorite series", and very particular specific game threads (and only then if I've already played said games. God of War and Horizon come to mind). The reason why I stay out of "What are you playing?" and "That's News" topic is it being much too broad. If they were a little more focused, I might jump in.

    While I may not post everyday, I always come here at least once to see if either anything new has been posted/created OR if I got a response for anything I've posted/updated.

    On the subject of what to do to entice people? Outside of putting out shoutouts in things such as the Monthly Q&A, Community Showcase, and Cup of Jones, there isn't anything. These forums have been here now almost three years and at this point, while (speaking only for me), I'll continue from time to time to do things like having the Desire Index in the CS, or make mention of the Kill Your Babies/E3 threads, I have no expectation my small little calls saying this place is great is going to sway anyone.


    I like what we have. This is not to mean to be exclusionary. I just feel that the people who post here, WANT to be here, and those who don't no longer frequent. Sure, as I just mentioned, only occupying a specific spot here does limit my exposure, and subsequently introduce bias, but in this ENTIRE forums history, I had ONE bad interaction. ONE. And with a poster who I don't see around here anymore (and I wasn't the only one to have issues with said person). My point: To (and for) me, this has been 99.99% positive and honestly? That makes this place comfortable. We all pretty much have a good idea of who we all are from what, where, and how we post.

    Most of the Allies won't come here. There's no incentive, and they're too busy. As Jones has said SEVERAL times via Cup of Jones: This place was primarily built for us to congregate, not them, AND it ties what the Allies want to do. And they want to focus on their work with shows, streams, and coverage.

    To conclude: While it would be great for new faces and topic ideas to show, we've got a good thing here. If anyone has read all of this, thanks a ton. Sorry for the wall of text.

    Love & Respect

  • Hey, Brad gave us a shout out in the most recent Hall of Greats!

    @Kristen-Rogers I'm not sure if you had a hand in making that happen, but I'm going to thank you anyway.

  • Yep, noticed that too, and immediately thought about Kristen, to be honest. :)

  • @Kristen-Rogers is the stealth community manager of our dreams.

  • Never liked Facebook posting or Facebook groups as I don’t wanna burden my friends and fam with constant banter about video games and other topics I like. That’s why forums are great. General organized thought.

    I quite literally cannot wrap my head around Dischord and other avenues like it. I recently figured out Twitch over the past 12 months as clicking anything never seemed to get me to the channel I wanted unless they were live.

    Now that I know how to use Twitch, I still don’t understand how a Twitch “community” can possibly even form by watching a live stream when chat just rips by sooooo fast that you can’t read a damn thing.

    Not that EZA is trying to be GameTrailers but that website and company has a better but admittedly DIFFERENT approach and intent than EZA does/is. GT was a WEBSITE first and foremost whereas EZA is a YouTube Channel, Twitch stream, kinda critics, kinda podcasters, kinda journalists with a pseudo-website.

    If EZA made everything on YouTube then there would be more unity but it’s just split all over the place and I can’t imagine this forum getting any more steam than it currently does because EZA’s identity is all over the place.

    I love the content they make but idk how you brand yourself as anything other than “Entertainment” when they have everything from game reviews, to game shows, to animated shows.

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  • @acidtrip-69 Is everything OK?

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    @iboshow I'm ok, but I think and feel like when I post here. Sometimes you aren't allowed to have a different opinion you get harassed and the MODS are complacent to it.

  • @acidtrip-69 I think it was fair for a mod to say a topic for something already existed so you should discuss it there, instead of creating a new fresh one when people disagreed with your opinion in the original topic. That just feels like you're trying to force your opinion.

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    @mbun My thread wasn't about the game. It was about the MAN behind the game's. I'm NOT forcing anything. I just want a thread to be able to talk about it without being buried in another thread that has nothing to do with the subject matter I would like to speak about also to not get harassed by a bunch of STANS.

  • @acidtrip-69 Have you tried giving your opinion in the Death Stranding thread? The community here is small so people who respond to you in the thread you created will respond there as well.

  • @acidtrip-69

    I'll say this once, but you'll probably ignore me because you've dug your hole already.

    In the 2+ years that I've frequented this forum, I've never seen anyone treated differently 'for not going along with the "majority" opinion'. Discourse is really encouraged here because we want to see more activity, there's nothing more that we love on here that getting stuck into a good conversation.

    The reason why you're receiving so much ire for your posts is because of the frankly detestable manner in which you express your opinion. It largely appears as though you're not interested in having any kind of conversation with anyone, and instead only want to express how much you don't like something, and then demanding an echo-chamber of agreement in response.

    You don't like Kojima? Sure, I can entertain that opinion, but you've got to give people at least a teensy iota of intellectual discussion, because otherwise you just come off as childish and rude. Why don't you like him? Is there anything you do like about him? People can then respond with thoughts that are based on your thoughts and perhaps interject opinions and thoughts of their own. This is how discussion works, how we learn, and how we form more nuanced opinions.

    But... considering you're throwing around terms like "NPC" and "STAN", I don't think that's what you're interested in, and if that's not the case, I don't think you're going to find the Forum very fun.

    If you can't learn to express yourself in a way that doesn't make you come off as a petulant child, people won't like you, it's that simple.

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  • Mod Warning - @El-Shmiablo post deleted. Stop trying to purposefully derail the thread

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    @tokeeffe9 Any intention of deleting Acid's posts for offensive comments and thread derailment?

  • @el-shmiablo No, I don't think it warrants it. If you wish to discuss further, please DM me.

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    @tokeeffe9 said in More activity & more people:

    @el-shmiablo No, I don't think it warrants it. If you wish to discuss further, please DM me.

    I just don't understand some people sometimes. I just want to talk about comedy and if there's a problem with people and if there should be a line or no line at all or if there's a line it's all ways different for each person someone may like it others not.
    Or my thoughts about how this place might lean one way a bit more. LEFT. And some people pile on you for wrong think.

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    @acidtrip-69 And you do it by insulting other users and refusing to acknowledge their points, while posting complete nonsequitors when you have no rebuttal.

    As for the topic at hand, a lot of users I know who no longer post on the forum have left because the moderation here is absolutely abysmal. Mods are more interested in carrying out grudges than actually doing their jobs.

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    @el-shmiablo said in More activity & more people:

    @acidtrip-69 And you do it by insulting other users and refusing to acknowledge their points, while posting complete nonsequitors when you have no rebuttal.

    As for the topic at hand, a lot of users I know who no longer post on the forum have left because the moderation here is absolutely abysmal. Mods are more interested in carrying out grudges than actually doing their jobs.

    PLZ stop using Strawman :) You have no good rebuttal to my points and you just choose to ignore or twist in your mind. I know for sure that some people left cuz they felt that this place only allows only on side of view. If you want to see it go back and read the CyberPunk thread about some sodas in-game. YES a FEW MODS do seem like they really only like showing their power and do seem to have a confirmation bias.

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    @acidtrip-69 I don't think you understand what a strawman argument is if you think I was using one.

    I think I am going to take the advice of another user here and stop engaging with you since you clearly aren't interested in any opinions other than your own and those like it.

    Have a good day.