Satisfying Attacks

  • You know the ones. When you're stuck in a corner and it feels like your opponent is an older sibling or cousin sitting on your chest dangling a loogie over your face. Unlike real life though, you've got the F-U button. That attack you throw out at the same time you growl the "you" in "f**k YOU!" Yeah, they usually block it (especially if they are a real person) but oh boy, when it connects, a more cathartic experience there is not.

    Immediately coming to mind for me are:

    Rival Turf: Angry Mode - As if they didn't know what they were doing here. After taking enough damage, your character flips into Angry Mode where they can do incredibly satisfying throws and attacks. And because it comes after damage, it's a guarantee that you're gonna get to use this on the ass that hit you last. Every game needs something like this.

    Ultra Street Fighter 4: Evil Ryu Ultra 2 - So over the top but the last punch where he slams the opponent's head into the ground is so gratifying. If you just throw this out, you're gonna pay for it but catching a jump-in or the like is just great.

    Bloodborne: Hunter Axe Charge Spin - Super useful against groups or individuals if you time it right. Super risky against all else but when you are getting worked to the point you can't remember why you play Souls games and then you take the risk and it hits, you remember immediately.

    Streets of Rage 2: Max's jump throws - This is usually against bosses. And things usually aren't going well. So you spend a ton of your health getting in - instead of being safe and hitting with jump attacks or slides. You may be on the fast track to a game over but if you're going down, this asshole will at least remember your name. Then you get your hands on him. As you hit jump, you grunt a "hu" before smashing on attack and letting out the most satisfying "UN!".

    What are yours?

    Side note: I really hope SoR4 has super satisfying, over-the-top slams that are attached to some kind of super meter and/or Rival Turf's Angry Mode.

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  • Matrix:Path of Neo
    Literally every attack, as it just sends enemies ragdolling everywhere as the crash and break thru objects

  • @dmcmaster In my best Huber voice:


    Critical attacks are always satisfying

  • @capnbobamous A culmination, is it? 10 out of 10 swimming in 7s? Best shotgun in a Matrix game BAR NONE?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern You can FEEL the kills.

  • Bayonet attacks in Battlefield 1 is top tier.

    Jumping from a high ground or from a rope straight to an enemy in the last 2 Uncharted games is still so fun to me.

    Visceral attacks in the Souls games is also so satisfying.

    This might not count, but bumping into my friend's car when i was playing split screen GT Sport is so fun, imagine playing a driving sim such as this like a GTA maniac. Since it's splitscreen with friends, there's no worry of being a dick to others.

    Since I'm love revolvers too much, it's a pleasure any time i get to shoot with one in RDR2. I've been actively avoiding using other weapons in favor of my dual wield revolvers.

  • Ok I got it! The memories.

    Ryu Hyabusa, dead or alive.

    Up against the wall, taking an absolute beating, counter that last attack, swap those positions, and go for the epic throw, izuna drop. Slams them into the sky, over the edge of the rail, we’re in transition territory already. Connects with a teleport up to your enemy, wraps his arms around them and hurls himself and his opponent like a spinning comet of sweet inevitable revenge into the ground of the next stage for massive damage.

    I’m ok to drop the controller and walk away at this very moment. You’ve just filled the bottom of the screen with half circle / quarter circle commands and pulled it off, your brother’s face a scrounged up mess of angry ad you walk away.

    For your own good do not play the next round.

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