The PS5 News and Info Thread

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  • They're still labeled under PS Now though. It just makes me curious whether you're purchasing them for different consoles that have access to using them locally versus using them specifically on Now if that ever becomes available for PS5.

    Can you download or purchase those PS3 games for PS4 without the use of Now out of curiosity? I've never touched the program.

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    You could briefly for awhile. Hell there was one year where a bunch of PS3 games popped up on PS3 with a download option if you had purchased it, but you'd just get a message saying unable to download

  • The scalping begins , For Xbox, but still it's gonna happen

  • @dmcmaster Just looking around, it seems to be way more available than I had expected - in Canada at least. I have been able to get it online from Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and Shoppers Drug Mart.

  • I would not expect game consoles on a site called "Shoppers Drug Mart"

    Anyway BLOPSCW takes 190GB for the entire game. Does have the option to selectively install bits and pieces along with Ray Tracing enabled a
    Texture assessments

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    I'm starting to think the long form article and especially writers who find worthwhile stories or people who can report facts in an interesting way are starting to become few and far between.

    They are, but in no small part due to the news source you can't stand: social media has upped the value of rapid, freelance, and essentially unpaid journalism to such a degree that editorial oversight and voice is becoming increasingly difficult. It's a massive bummer.

    Not to derail the topic but I follow this photographer on Instagram who has done some pretty great self-funded war correspondence / photojournalism in Ukraine. It's crazy to think that a talent like that has to work full time at a camera store to save up money to do self-funded reporting about extremely important news. He says he has friends who raked in over $100k 15 years ago doing the same thing.

    I guess times are changing...

    Per the PS3 / PS Now stuff, I swear I remember back in early-2013 there was official statements from Sony (maybe even Cerney) about the Gaikai purchase and how you'll be able to play the entire PlayStation library from PS1-PS4 all on your PS4.

    Then PS Now took forever to launch, it was chuggy, and had a pretty limited library. Is it so much to ask that in 2020 and going forward with PS Now that this service bridges the PlayStation consoles into one rich library? And make the games downloadable to boot? I'd really enjoy if they just got all of the PS1-PS4 heavy hitters on there.

    @DMCMaster Shoppers is like CVS in the states. They have a bunch of random shit near the tellers like Canon cameras, SD cards, headphones, batteries, and video games. My co-worker bought his PS4 with Shoppers Drug Mart points that he collected over the years.

    But to Eh's point, I got an email from The Source and they have XSX just outright available for purchase. I guess they either re-upped or the didn't sell out.

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    @dipset I am personally a fan of the remaster approach to filling out previous generation libraries. Like yeah there are some bigbois missing, but for the most part I can enjoy the vast majority of my gaming childhood pretty comfortably on my PS4 alone.

    Though realtalk if Killzone 2 and Resistance 3 get 4K/120fps ports I'm buying those instantly. Resistance 3 is unironically one of the best shooters of that entire generation.

  • If you ordered from Target you might want to take the day off

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    @DMCMaster You missed the follow-up.

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    Welp false alarm I guess

  • Sony just announced that my country will be getting the PS5 in January, which I'm not really surprised by. It just means that I got more time to save up cash though, and it's a bit cheaper than I expected.

  • @dmcmaster i know people who already have the PS5. it was mailed to them early by EB.

    i cbf picking up my PS5 until the weekend. got work tomorrow.

  • And my system is delayed, yay....
    Although it's allegedly because of weather (tropical storm going over tomorrow)

  • Still no ETA on my side, all I know is that it won't be before late December. Sucks!

  • This is sort of off-topic, but does anyone know if there's like a PlayStation bible that says what all the error codes mean? No games work on PS4 anymore and I keep getting the same error code, but I can't find any info about it online.

  • @capnbobamous Tweet @ this guys if you can't find the error code

  • @iboshow Thanks for the tip, I'll do that.

  • got the console. loving the speedyness of the SSD but Sony needs to release some bigger SSD drive's for it and fast. had to delete the majority of my PS Plus library/ only got like 4 ps4 games save data on there, most of which being Crash team racing nitro fueled data, and already i'm about to run out of space and this is only on launch day.

    the only PS5 games i even have installed is my disc version of Miles Morales Ultimate and download Bugsnax as my PS Plus free game. (it's free through PS Plus until January 4). that's literally only 2 PS5 games i have and i only have 355gb's of Space left. at least Sackboy is only 31gb's (to begin with)

    with massive size of PS4 and PS5 games, they really should have given the PS5 5 TB's of internal storage. the console was clearly rushed.
    likely the same for the Xbox Series X as well.


    i seriously think the PS5 controller might be my new favourite controller. the hd rumble in it is like a perfected version of the Nintendo Switche's HD rumble and makes me wonder why Nintendo doesn't make use of it more tbqh