The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • @el-shmiablo

    I intentionally didn't play GoS because of this. 4K@60 hopefully.

  • Travis Scott did a cool-weird thing. Happy to see James Blake here as well.

    Youtube Video

  • Well damn Dirt 5's save data doesn't transfer over.....oh well, more racing. Also it makes awesome use of the adaptive triggers and has me excited for Gran Turismo 7

    Nioh Remasters are coming with 4K/120FPS support

  • @dmcmaster

    I thought Dirt 5 looked damn good based on some of the pre-release PS5 footage and especially that sweet next-gen cockpit view with mud flying everywhere. But one of my favourite YouTube channels SuperGT covered it a little bit (on PS4) and it just doesn't seem like anything special. Definitely showing a different story than the critics are reporting. He had numerous crashes, bugs, empty lobbies, and ultimately it just seemed a bit empty or unambitious. I'm a little conflicted about the footage I'm seeing from different people. A LOT of people are complaining about the bugs, which I guess is pretty common for a launch title but still a bit surprising to see the game get a lot of praise despite a lot of people reporting crashes. SuperGT mostly covered multiplayer which I think is super important for a racing game these days and it just seems so barebones to have no choice of circuit, types of vehicle, race type, and especially invisible walls in a world where FH4 exists.

    Idk - it might be a solid enough racing experience offline but Codemasters quality control is usually very high but between this and some of the glitches I had in F1 2020, I wonder if they're churning out too many damn games. Like, in the span of like 12-14 months they've made: Dirt 5, F1 2020, Dirt Rally 2.0, WRC 9, Grid Remaster, then published Fast & Furious Crossroads and Project Cars 3, the latter two being panned critically.

    To me it's pretty shocking that the game is missing some must-have racing game features that 90% of the competition also have such as: wheel support, photo mode, and replay mode. Maybe Codemasters are just doing too much?

    Youtube Video

    How are you feeling about it so far?

  • Anyone who has a PS5 test out No No Kuni Remastered or 2 to see how they run? I just popped the remaster back in and it had the option to play in 4K 30 or 1440 60, and was curious if things like that just run better. Persona 5 Royal was another thing I've been waiting to jump back into. But to my understanding it also has to do with whether updates allow for variable frame rates so the new hardware can actually take advantage of it instead of limiting where it is.

    Just generally curious about other games people have run that aren't the core PS4 headliners.

  • the HD rumble in PS5's controller is cool but Sony's touch pad is still shit. the ball sections of Astro's playroom are annoying . motion controls of the controller would've been better for those sections instead.

  • Maybe it's me but does Demons Souls feel a bit easier?

  • Also probably a dum question, what's the proper way to put a disc in the system?

  • @dmcmaster Facing "out" if it's on its end (vertical). You have to imaging it is on its side (horizontal) to get it right.

    The frame rate of DES reaaaaally helps, I think.

  • @dmcmaster I made the same mistake. My first thought was my PS5 is defective, nope I just put the disc in the wrong way. lol.

  • @dmcmaster I probably won't be able to play it for a while but I feel like it's probably due to small design tweaks and improvements like being able to roll more easily and more camera options. Part of the difficulty of the game on PS3 was that it was a little bit clunky, so if the remake is a smoother experience, it's probably just easier to pick up and play all around.

  • @dmcmaster the way that doesn't make any sense.

  • So my PS5 is telling me it's going to take an hour and a half to download Spiderman Remastered on my PS5...

    wasn't the whole point of the SSD meant to be that we DON'T have to wait forever for our console to download and install games?...smh

  • That sounds more like a issue with your ISP, because I'm noticing games taking far less time to download then before, hell FF7R (87GBS) only needs an hour to download the whole game.

    Also wired or wifi?

  • @yoshi An SSD isn't going to make crappy internet better.

  • For anyone wanting to save a few bucks Amazon and Target have Buy 2 Get 1 sales going on atm with some PS5 titles included (Also Yakuza 7)

  • The meme is real

  • @bam541
    Screw the rules, I have money

  • @el-shmiablo Sony should have catered to Australias poor internet better then and actually learned how to compress their games.

  • @yoshi Just ask your parents to get faster internet, my dude.