The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • @dmcmaster At least you aren't my co-workers husband, who had his order cancelled and purchase refunded by GameStop on launch day morning.

  • Dunkey PS5 and Bugsnax review
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  • @el-shmiablo
    True, but it's still kinda annoying to know that I have $533 bucks coming out of my account later then I anticipated

  • Mega64 at it again. :D

    The PS5 Absolutely Cannot Play Discs - Mega64
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  • @sentinel-beach Oh wow I didn't know that the PS5 can't play discs.
    Wasn't the SSD supposed to fix that issue?

  • @el-shmiablo I got the disc in ok now it's just taking too damn long to install. I have the fastest internet available in Canada. WTF?!

  • @e_zed_eh_intern
    Have you tried using HDMI?

  • @sentinel-beach Honestly, the funniest (or only funny) part of the entire thing is just the massive tote bag required to carry the system home. That is one comically large tote.

  • So question about next gen upgrades that is confusing to me: I know Control has had a lot of flack from people who don't necessarily own the "complete" edition, and won't be able to get a free upgrade if they don't, but I've got a couple other games in my library that are the same way. I own every piece of DLC for Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy XV, but whenever I go to the store, it still offers the complete edition of the games at full price. With Witcher 3 and Control especially, this is concerning.

    Is there any way around this for games and their bundles? I can wait for a sale, but I don't want to buy Witcher 3 or other upgraded games again just because I didn't get the right bundle that allows me to upgrade to the PS5 copy. I just wish the store recognized that based on what I'd purchsed, it automatically unlocks that edition because I technically already own what's in it.

  • It's nearly been a week. What are everybody's thoughts on their new PS5 so far?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern needs more storage.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I've only played a few games on the system and they all seem to be running smoothly. I don't have any storage, download or vape smoke issues yet.

    I finished Astro's Playroom. I still don't like motion controls but the improved rumble and adaptive triggers are neat. I would like to see more games take advantage of them in the future.

    I started AC Valhalla on PC, then carried my save over to PS5. Despite some occasional screen tearing, the game looks and runs much better than my current PC setup.

    I also played about 30 minutes of God of War just to check out the frame rate. The gameplay feels much better at a solid 60fps. I'm focusing on new releases now but I look forward to replaying games that have improved performance on PS5.

  • will Sony ever expand upon the PS Pus Collection beyond the initial 20 PS4 games they offer atm? it's nice but i already own most of those games already

    also is there much difference between Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal?

    i don't really see the poit in playing the orignal Persona 5 if Persona 5 Royal is pretty much the same with added story content.

  • @yoshi if you have the option, I'd definitely go Royal. I haven't played all the way through but it's tweaked in ways that change some of the fundamentals for battles on top of additions to make things smoother and more fun, all on top of story and other improvements everywhere. If you already have 5 and don't want to upgrade, you're still getting a 10/10 game in my opinion, but if you have neither and want to start on one I'd say Royal is the way to go.

  • Royal has some Quality of Life improvements along with a few extra safe rooms in some of the dungeons. That said the majority of the new story content is kinda hard to see on a first playthru unless you do things in a very specific way.

  • @happygaming haven't played it. own both royal and regular 5 phyiscal copies. also own P5 through plus collection now.

  • In that case just play Royal

  • Seems like PS5 owners are having widespread issues with the OS crashing as well as the games on the system crashing.

    Browse that Twitter thread for more problems. Clearly not just a couple defunct individuals.

    (Have heard similar crashing of some Xbox games, notably Yakuza, but isn't sounding as unstable right now.)

  • @mbun Although I'm having no major issues with my XSX, so far, I really get the feeling that on the race to meet holidays during this atypical year both consoles were rushed to the public before they were really ready. My time line is constantly popping up with people having issues with their PS5s crashing or even bricking, it appears to be at a higher rate than the usual launch issues , and the rumours that Microsoft was way behind on their development tools also seem to be materializing. I guess we are really beta testers right now.

  • Between this and the Xbox getting markedly worse performance in several games despite having better hardware, it seems like neither Sony nor Microsoft were really prepped for this gen, which is funny because I figured they had all this shit figured out ages ago and were just playing chicken to see who would reveal first.

    Once again my decision to wait a while before diving into a new generation has benefited me greatly.