The PS5 News and Info Thread

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    Jim Ryan a MHA fan

  • Well, looks like I’ll skip Valhalla and get Ghost. I’m actually pretty hype for the new year.

    I finally got ahold of a human at FedEx and they claim they’ll try to deliver again today. Last time I talked to them, a robot over the phone made a loud noise that had my ear hurting for 30 mins, I thought I had tinnitus!

    I’m just shy of a month for this order to come.

  • So, after getting another non-committal answer from the retailer I ordered my PS5 from, I started checking a local online forum to see if other people are encountering the same issue.

    Turns out I picked the one retail chain in the country that completely messed up their pre-order process: they just accepted way more orders than they could fulfill, and have no idea when they'll ever get them, looks like it could be March or April.

    Some people saw it coming and cancelled their order, placed another one with other stores as recently as a couple weeks ago, and are about to get their PS5 before Christmas, whereas I naively stuck with my order and am now screwed either way. Even if I place an order somewhere else now I'll be wayyyy behind in the queue.

    Not happy right now :(

  • @axel

    Yeah, I already give up until spring.

  • Selling mine for what I paid tonight. Just not worth the high price when there are no games and I don’t even have a 4K tv. I will jump back in in a year or two and hopefully have a healthy backlog of games on sale by then.

  • My local store called today and let me put money down for a system. While they don't have a date they at least feel confident that they will be able to have it soon (I am hoping by mid February). They are pretty good about not milking their customers for money and not delivering so I feel hopeful.

  • Canadian Allies -

    Tomorrow @ 11am ET. I'm quite literally running a Zoom meeting then, but it's off camera so I'm gonna show up a minute late and make the most of that minute. Wish me luck. I need Resident Evil Village on Day 1.

  • @dipset yeah they're restocking everywhere at the moment. Australia got theirs last week. i ordered a Pulse 3D headset which should be arriving today :)

  • @yoshi

    Was it like war trying to get one? I've never rushed to get anything before other than RHCP tickets in 2011 and that surprisingly worked out.

    I'm gonna get Pulse headphones too.

  • @dipset if you follow Game Deals Canada Twitter, the headphones seem to pop up at different retailers regularly.

  • @dipset the 2nd wave of console's sold out pretty fast as to be expected but all the accessories seem to have plenty of stock. they still have Pulse 3D headsets availiable for example.

    probs cause most people got their fill of accessories the first time around

  • Bust. Had the page open at 10am, refreshed 15 mins before 11am and was added to a queue. Then the site crashed before 11am. Had to go through the site to get back to PS5. Finally managed to get to the page, then waited even longer for it to load, got it into cart. Then checkout just loaded endlessly until it was removed from my cart and the PS5 page went down.

    Fuck sakes...

  • I called the shop I ordered my PS5 from because I heard all stores got a new shipment this week, and they told me they received... 5 units.

    And there's about 100 orders before me.

    And they get a similar shipment only once a month.

    I then called an official Sony store where I also registered interest, they told me the same thing (5-10 per shipment), but that's for the digital edition. The physical edition gets about 80-100 per shipment. So I could register for physical edition instead... but that would set me back on the waiting list.

    Meanwhile, scalper bots get every single pre-order that randomly pops up once in a while, so I can't try my luck anywhere else.

    Unless they manage to increase production, I don't even know if I'll get it this year at this point.

  • @axel

    I've had a PS5 in my cart 3 times in 4 days just for the site's to crash. Yesterday Amazon put out PS5's at 11:02am EST and I was on @ 11:02am EST and they were sold out.

    I could've bought a refurbished one from EB Games today, but I don't trust that shitty 30 Day warranty they put forward. I feel like it should be 1 year just like Sony's, or at least 6 months.

    Keep grindin'! We'll get one before Resident Evil Village baby!

  • @dipset said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:

    We'll get one before Resident Evil Village baby!

    That's pretty much my target at this point, there's nothing else coming out before this that I can't wait to play, but missing out on RE's launch would make me sad.

  • @axel @DIPSET having owned and given one up, I can say there is no need to rush. Although the load times did make farming in Borderlands a million times more bearable.

  • God of War is getting a 4K/60fps patch tomorrow.

  • Anyone have any trouble finding the upgrade for Nioh? Found the Nioh 2 upgrade but can't find the upgrade for the first game.

  • Saw a article the other day about how Scalpers want people to feel bad for them or something, also the UK is apparently trying to pass some law making scalping illegal.