The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • Anyone have any trouble finding the upgrade for Nioh? Found the Nioh 2 upgrade but can't find the upgrade for the first game.

  • Saw a article the other day about how Scalpers want people to feel bad for them or something, also the UK is apparently trying to pass some law making scalping illegal.

  • @dmcmaster

    I read that. Claim that all businesses are middle men and they as scalpers are no different.

    Except the fact that most middle men businesses actually offer something of value like conveniently getting milk from the farm to your local grocery store as opposed to buying all the cows in the world.

    They were complaining about receiving death threats but like... I won’t loose sleep if a psycho catches a scalper in the wild.

  • Ok maybe writing it will jinx it, but I was in the middle of a work meeting and a friend kept trying to call me, I was wondering what could be so urgent. Eventually he texted me saying he had found a shop that's taking PS5 orders, so I pretended there was an emergency and ended the meeting, called him, he said he was on his way to the shop and would try to buy me one if he could.

    Apparently the shop didn't advertise it had stocks online to avoid them being snatched by scalpers, very noble of them! My friend learned it randomly through word-of-mouth. So he went there and ordered a PS5 for each of us, and they should arrive... next week!!

    I can't even believe it, I wasn't mentally prepared, Bugsnax here I come!

    @DIPSET Don't lose hope dude, it's probably better to physically go to shops and ask!! :)

  • @axel

    I’m so proud of you ending that meeting because lord knows it wasn’t important.

    Not sure if I mentioned this but I helped the Assistant Director at my work, who I’ve never even personally met but we’ve hit it off talking about video games, with the tips using NowInStock and Discord for instant pings when PS5’s go on sale. He got one at launch but he’s trying to get one for his cousin.

    We are three weeks deep into trying to get a PS5 to no success. I take about a 30-45 minute break after quite literally sitting at my desk for 6 hours. During that time, Discord is lighting up and my co-worker is messaging the hell out of me.

    Best Buy had 8000 PS5’s and he got one. I got into queue and they sold out right when I was adding it to my cart. So if I just didn’t leave my desk I would’ve been fine.

    So now I’ve eaten lunch at my desk for a week straight like a lunatic and no PS5’s have gone on sale since.

    I need your positive energy!!

  • @dipset you can do it dude, I'm sending my energy to you. Me and my brother just reserved an order at the local Sony store, hopefully we can get one soon as well.

  • I found this recent video lurking around in comments sections...

    Here’s Why PS5 Joysticks Drift (and Why They’ll Only Get Worse)
    Youtube Video

    TL;DR - modern controllers are overpriced junk. Expected life span of 400 hours. So basically, less than 1 year. By that math, I've killed 50% of my Xbox One controller playing Halo 3 this year.


    Also, I GOT A PS5! I'm not getting too excited until it's in my hands on March 5th but my coworker got one at the same time as me from the same stock drop and his is coming today so I have hope.

  • @dipset I'd like to hear @Shoulderguy 's take on this

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I haven't had any PS5 issues. I'll check to see about how many hours I have on my controller.

    Edit: 136 hours from last year and about 90 this year. I'll let you know if anything happens.

  • Apparently the PS5 M2 SSD slot will be unlocked this summer in a firmware update. It's said that the update will also adjust the cooling fan performance to as a measure to protect the SSD slot from heat.

  • @bam541 took them long enough

  • My PS5 and TV (Samsung Q60R) have a weird relationship and I’m not sure if it’s the PS5 or TV or a combo of both. A lot of the time when I use Rest Mode, it goes into the ‘Repair’ state where you get the message ”your PS5 wasn’t turned off properly. Before unplugging the AC power cord...”

    It never breaks anything but it’s strange. Some other things I’ve been observing is:

    • Sometimes (but not always) when I turn off my PS5 the display goes full green for a few seconds before returning to my Default TV HDMI source screen.

    • Sometimes when I switch from, say, Amazon Prime Video or another app, to my HDMI source for PS5, the act of switching to that source turns the console on. This happens if the PS5 is in rest or entirely powered off.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I’m worried something is fucked up with the system cause my PS4, PS3, nor Switch do this on any of the various HDMI ports.

  • @dipset said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:

    Sometimes when I switch from, say, Amazon Prime Video or another app, to my HDMI source for PS5, the act of switching to that source turns the console on. This happens if the PS5 is in rest or entirely powered off.

    There is a setting in System/HDMI called Enable HDMI Device Link that let's your TV turn off and on your PS5. I turned that off because I also found it super annoying.

    I don't know about the green screen or repair state issues though. Maybe someone else does.

  • There's no reliable source but there's speculation for a slim PS5 for 2023.

  • PS5 will obviously have another version like a PS5 slim. but they're struggling to even make normal PS5's in the first place lol

  • @shoulderguy

    I thiiiiink that fixed the issues!

    My PS5 has been in rest mode safe and sound for a few hours now. I think my TV turning off and on, regardless of HDMI port, was somehow effectively “pulling the power cord” from the PS5.