The PS5 News and Info Thread

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    Look up the Hyperkin HDMI cables, thier like $30 and not the best solution (image is a bit dark) but they are a damn blessing

  • @dmcmaster

    If they put PS3 BC without streaming shit I would be so frickin happy about it. That's the dream one.

  • I honestly dont think this is anything. From what I saw so far it's because of a quote about them still working on backwards compatibility and people taking it out of context with an earlier quote. I wouldn't get my hopes up until something specific is announced.

  • @dipset I'm also very interested in solving this problem, especially for the old 3d consoles where emulation technology seems like it will never be completely reliable. I haven't found a good solution either. Not sure if I want to take my old tube TV from my parents house or invest in an upscaler like the OSSC ("Open Source Scan Converter"). I guess either way what I want will cost me something, isn't that the way it always is...

  • To follow up what I said, I suspect if we can play games without streaming them I suspect Twitch and YouTube will be full of people streaming Tony Hawk, Silent Hill, Shadow Hearts, Xenosaga, basically all of thoese classic games that people instantly think "Playstation " all of which haven't had a new entry in forever due to one reason or another. Hopefully with people being able to stream these games easily we might actually see them make a resurgence in some form or another.
    Also making these games purchasable (at least thoese that can) will be great

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    I would cry if it’s true. My new Samsung TV doesn’t have any old ports, only HDMI. So I now can’t even use my PS2 or GameCube. I am really close to picking up a Tube TV from a coworker, but I don’t want a big honkin’ CRT in my small apartment if possible.

    I’d be buying old games again if this is true. My PS3 is still hooked up because of the BC features.

    What on earth, really? My latest Sony 4K tv still has its Scart and AV input, something I made sure was there before purchase.

  • @sheria

    Pretty much nothing at the store had anything other than HDMI ports. Plus the newest Sony models aren’t rating at high in the game department as Samsung so I went with them this time around. Those QLEDs are awesome for video games

  • Sony has started their year for PS5: we've got the logo.

    alt text

    I think we could change the thread's title into a neater form.
    And let's try and focus all the PS5 news (maybe even Sony news) here instead of the That's News megathread.

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    I think we could change the thread's title into a neater form.


  • I hope we get a SM2 teaser at this year's E3 like E3 2016 if the 2021 fall rumor is true.

  • @scotty
    If what I've heard about Marvel's future game plans is true, it might.
    Was reading something about Marvel getting one big game a year and so far it seems like it has potential to be true.
    Spiderman-2018 September
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3-2019 July
    Avengers/Iron Man VR-2020 May and February
    Spiderman 2- 2021
    Marvel vs Capcom (?)- 2022

    Other then Iron Man VR that's one game releasing during the summer months for 3 years running, and also have a rotation in focus (single character, smorgasbord, small ensemble, single character, smorgasbord)