The PS5 News and Info Thread

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    Pretty much nothing at the store had anything other than HDMI ports. Plus the newest Sony models aren’t rating at high in the game department as Samsung so I went with them this time around. Those QLEDs are awesome for video games

  • Sony has started their year for PS5: we've got the logo.

    alt text

    I think we could change the thread's title into a neater form.
    And let's try and focus all the PS5 news (maybe even Sony news) here instead of the That's News megathread.

  • @sentinel-beach said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:

    I think we could change the thread's title into a neater form.


  • I hope we get a SM2 teaser at this year's E3 like E3 2016 if the 2021 fall rumor is true.

  • @scotty
    If what I've heard about Marvel's future game plans is true, it might.
    Was reading something about Marvel getting one big game a year and so far it seems like it has potential to be true.
    Spiderman-2018 September
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3-2019 July
    Avengers/Iron Man VR-2020 May and February
    Spiderman 2- 2021
    Marvel vs Capcom (?)- 2022

    Other then Iron Man VR that's one game releasing during the summer months for 3 years running, and also have a rotation in focus (single character, smorgasbord, small ensemble, single character, smorgasbord)

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  • Please don't be just a technical showcase even if that will be the main focus.

  • @scotty I got bad news for you.

    Youtube Video

  • This was so horrible. Was this a way to mask the power disadvantage?

  • @phbz It was your typical GDC presentation.
    I personally find it hilarious that everybody thought this was going to be anything more than talking about architecture and specs.

    Also, I'm pretty sure Sony give absolutely zero fucks about any power disadvantage the system may have. They've been at a power disadvantage for about 3 years now and nobody has cared.

  • @phbz Horrible for an average person perhaps - it was mostly all over my head certainly, but I'm sure those with more detailed understandings found it intriguing. Personally I found Cerny to be a pretty humorous speaker so I didn't mind, I certainly wasn't expecting anything else other than that type of talk. The SSD stuff is curious, will be interesting to see examples of where that pays off relating to games... also additional storage, pricing, will be something to keep an eye on as we head toward the full unveils and launch later this year. All in all, kind of what I thought.

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    Yeah, it was good that Cerny told there will be nothing about games upfront so I didn't expect anything.

  • @el-shmiablo said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:

    They've been at a power disadvantage for about 3 years now and nobody has cared.

    I care. I used PS4 for early 3rd-party games and now I use Xbox. For me power and services are the deciding factors when I buy a console and exclusive games are a tie-breaker at most.

  • @ffff0 For me too between Gamepass and the X I barely use my Pro nowadays. It's not even a secondary system since the Switch has that spot.

    But I do agree games are what's more relevant. And I can't wait to see more on both sides.

    It is a weird first reveal. Of course Sony knew perfectly well this was how the PS5 was going show to the world. Dev or no dev oriented, this was their reveal.

    But all in all I'm fine with the final specs, just a little concerned about the power management between GPU and CPU as this method means that 10tf is probably an optimistic number. But even being an inferior machine it's close enough and I'm sure games have more than enough to really wow us.

  • @ffff0 For me, the only reason to buy a console is the games. If I based my purchase decisions on power and services then there would be absolutely no point for me to do anything but upgrade my PC.

  • Maybe I'm just being weird here, but the whole talk was quite interesting for me. I only understood the most basic stuff (I was mostly infatuated with Cerny's pleasant voice), but what I'm feeling here is how much Cerny and the team seems to really care about trying to break new ground, which makes me optimistic. Of course, it's a very, very bad move from a marketing perspective since the whole presentation's so dev-focused (not to mention the lower teraflops compared to XSX can be seen as a weakness by most people), but I get the feeling like Sony's fine with that. It's definitely not surprising to see people frustrated with this presentation, but I think it might not matter at all in the long run. Let's just hope for the best, I guess.

    Also, much respect to Cerny but mentioning Jak II and Dead Space makes me sweat, please don't tease me like that lol.

    Anyway, people are already making fun of this presentation and it's quite funny.

  • Also, it's a bummer that backwards compability seems to be still not as robust as Xbox.

  • All I paid attention to from the bullet points is backwards compatibility, because why should I care about the controller that will be the same as every generation past (only minor differences, nothing to address the main issues) or the crazy specs that only mean more obscene budgets, meaning even more by the numbers committee games (developers terrified to go against the norm and implementing ideas because everyone else does, not because it would make their games more fun)? There was more creativity and uniqueness when the hardware was shit.

    Anyway, as I said, I only paid attention to backwards compatibility, and... 100 PS4 titles at launch is so disappointing, much less than I expected for backwards compatibility. Could even mean you have to buy them again. Seems only the PC is safe to preserve video games on.

  • TL;DW

    did they show us more than just a logo this time?

  • @yoshi In a sense, much more?