The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • @ffff0 For me, the only reason to buy a console is the games. If I based my purchase decisions on power and services then there would be absolutely no point for me to do anything but upgrade my PC.

  • Maybe I'm just being weird here, but the whole talk was quite interesting for me. I only understood the most basic stuff (I was mostly infatuated with Cerny's pleasant voice), but what I'm feeling here is how much Cerny and the team seems to really care about trying to break new ground, which makes me optimistic. Of course, it's a very, very bad move from a marketing perspective since the whole presentation's so dev-focused (not to mention the lower teraflops compared to XSX can be seen as a weakness by most people), but I get the feeling like Sony's fine with that. It's definitely not surprising to see people frustrated with this presentation, but I think it might not matter at all in the long run. Let's just hope for the best, I guess.

    Also, much respect to Cerny but mentioning Jak II and Dead Space makes me sweat, please don't tease me like that lol.

    Anyway, people are already making fun of this presentation and it's quite funny.

  • Also, it's a bummer that backwards compability seems to be still not as robust as Xbox.

  • All I paid attention to from the bullet points is backwards compatibility, because why should I care about the controller that will be the same as every generation past (only minor differences, nothing to address the main issues) or the crazy specs that only mean more obscene budgets, meaning even more by the numbers committee games (developers terrified to go against the norm and implementing ideas because everyone else does, not because it would make their games more fun)? There was more creativity and uniqueness when the hardware was shit.

    Anyway, as I said, I only paid attention to backwards compatibility, and... 100 PS4 titles at launch is so disappointing, much less than I expected for backwards compatibility. Could even mean you have to buy them again. Seems only the PC is safe to preserve video games on.

  • TL;DW

    did they show us more than just a logo this time?

  • @yoshi In a sense, much more?

  • @thedemonpirate k. I'm at work atm. Will watch tonight when i get home

  • @yoshi Make sure to have a coffee before.

  • 5GB/S load times on an SSD... 😳

    Say goodbye to Kratos and Drake slowly making their way through cramped cave tunnels! Hello open air!

    Easily the most exciting thing about that talk. I can’t wait to see the first big first party exclusive.

  • No more boosts!

  • @airinvarius
    Nah there will still be boost, just now the reason and context will change. Like holding back the reveal of a giant vista or something.

  • I found the Mark Cerney presentation really interesting.

    As somebody who works in Production, I appreciate that Sony is looking out for developers and their ability to be productive without massive budgets that require months of pre-planning. There is always this assumption that all studios have the same resources but most small studios (my own included) don't have staff to just pay for ramp up time. Cool to see that they care about the ease of use for everybody who wants to make a game. The whole industry has come a long way since the Wii U when developers didn't even know what was going on with the system so they had staff sitting on their hands unable to work.

  • I'm still not sure how ray tracing can be used with audio. I've always been under the assumption that it's used for lighting and reflections.
    Then again first time I saw or heard of ray tracing was some issue of Gamepro back when the 360 was revealed. Remember it had images from some modded version of Quake 3 I think. Article only talked about lighting and reflections

  • @dmcmaster Ray tracing is the ability to simulate a line, a wave, a ray, as it travels around an environment, reflecting, refracting, or penetrating various items or objects, in real time. Game developers have done this with single lines for years. Any kind of laser puzzle will use bespoke Ray tracing to figure out how the laser should render.

    The difficulty comes when using this as part of the rendering process. You need many many more lines, and they all need to update with every frame, so it effects performance quite a lot.

    So rather than leave the calculations to the normal GPU silicon, they created special CPUs, much in the same way that Sony made lots of custom hardware to maximise the performance of their SSD in the PS5.

    Now, with light, this all adds use to being able to render global illumination, reflections and the like. In short, realistic lighting. This is because the rendering engine understands how many straight lines would travel through the space it has rendered.

    Now imagine a great big cavern, the area to the left of you is large and especially cavernous, while the area to right of you is quite a bit smaller. Maybe no bigger than your bedroom. If you continue to face forward, do you expect the echo back to be uniform, or do you expect it to vary, if you were to shout at the top of your voice?

    It would vary. You’d probably hear echos to the left of you for much longer. Some of the echos to the right of you might travel it to the left even.

    Those same lines that were used to calculate the global illumination and the reflections can be used to figure out how sound waves would travel and multiple when travelling around a given space.

    It’s a lot more complicated than the above in terms of how it’s all leveraged into game dev but that’s the gist of it.

  • @phbz coffee's disgusting.

  • @yoshi Good luck then!

  • Also want to add that the built-in 3D audio engine was a reassuring piece of PS5 that alleviates some uncertainty I have in my current speaker set-up. Currently, I have 3 of 5 surround sound speakers from 1998 when my step dad invested in a home theatre with a DVD player and stuff. The speakers are sweet but they're too much for 8ft room and the reflections are weird. I'm moving soon and my space is only going to get smaller. I was leaning towards finally selling them and getting a sound bar, but I wasn't sure how fancy of a soundbar I'd need for this next gen audio business. It's good to know I can downsize and the PS5 will do the heavy lifting for me without anything particularly fancy.

  • Regarding Cerny's GDC presentation, all that extra effort and spit polish to make the tech talk "presentable" for what seemed like an audience larger than the usual GDC developer crowd certainly was appreciated. It felt like it landed somewhere in between that kind of audience and, say, the usual E3 audience or console reveal audience, and folks like us could follow along without having to be intimately familiar with subject after subject. That said, being interesting and entertaining doesn't mean I didn't also find it unintentionally funny... Like, oh boy who here is a zlib fanboy and who here is a hydra hipster?

    Also: Mark Cerny's presence during this reminded me of John Carmack giving quakecon keynotes from an earlier era (surprisingly though, Cerny is 6 years older)

  • Eurogamer's Digital Foundry crew has an article featuring Mark Cerny, talking more about the technical PS5 stuff.

  • Watched a video the other day that had an engineer talking about the differences between the PS5 and Xbox SeX. Apparently the SSD on the PS5 is so fast that it can load textures instantly as you need them, which is something the Xbox can't do and will give the PS5 a large amount of overhead.