The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • Not a fan of how it looks though I appreciate the attempt to shake things up - I never cared for using a Dualshock anyways.
    It reminds me of a mid 2000's Adidas or Reebok soccer jersey.
    That being said it could feel wonderful, but I would definitely really recommend having different colors available pretty soon after release.

  • Well that's hideous. Can't complain too much since I'm not buying a PS5 anyway but still.

  • Looks good but I always enjoyed the PS3 controller cause its smaller and lighter, but I know we've moved faaaaaar away from lightweight controllers.

    Definitely won't be buying the white version. I bought a white PS4 controller and somehow someway, despite wiping and disinfecting it often, some weird crud always shows up under the triggers and in the crease where the hand grip meets the thumbstick.

    ... its a controller......

  • Looks comfier to hold than the DS4 but the colours they're going with for it are ugly as hell.

  • Besides color choice(I would prefer the opposite ratio of white/black) I think it looks slick and appealing. I never had problems with PS gamepads, I also like to use them more than Xbox controller; so making it bulkier is not a thing that I am too happy about but I think most of the people will welcome it.

  • The more I look at it, the more I think it will be pretty comfortable to hold, then again I got giant meat hooks for hands.

  • I think it looks really cool, and I really appreciate the attempt to innovate. I need to see more color schemes though. I'm very glad that it's still symmetrical analogs, I had nightmares about it changing.

  • @bam541 said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:

    it's still symmetrical analogs

    To me, it's better than asymmetrical ones.

  • For me the distance between the sticks is a big factor, it's one of the reasons I have trouble playing stuff on WiiU

  • I feel that color scheme was designed by marketing team. The look of this controller grabs attention, but it’s exactly what you don’t want to do from usability standpoint.
    I hope dark single-color version will be available by the time I’ll decide to buy PS5.

    Also we-renamed-share-button-please-be-excited part deserves "Press Release Me".

  • I don't mind the white, but I will probably go for the black one.

  • i have a white ps4 +controller so i'm all in.
    a minor thing i might like is that their is now no edge around the buttons (the big flat circle they sit on ps4) instead being a smooth curve so that might be a little comfier.

    one other thing that bugs me in long sessions is the the lip under the trigger rubbing against my middle finger which i hope is resolved(it looks similar but the bigger handles might shift my grip enough)

    it's unlikely but i could see that lip on the handles(where it goes from white to black) being a issue for some

  • @brannox Haven't seen anyone mock it up, so maybe it looks horrible, but I think I kind of want traditional black body, except do the clear plastic button thing like the PSP and this have going on with white and maybe keep the D-Pad backdrop white as well. I'll probably miss the colored buttons though. This thing just has too much white, same reason I don't like the special edition Smash Pro Controller. Also:

  • @brannox said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:

    This picture is a FAKE, but I like this concept a lot more.

    I prefer this one too. I hope like Switch launch, there will be 2 versions for gamepad colors. Nintendo did it with grey/red-blue.

  • Looks like an Xbox controller with symmetrical (and obviously wrong :D ) thumbstick position. Looks sexy and slick. Microphone and touchpad I would be OK without.

  • With all of the talk from Sony about the PS5 being so transformative and whatnot, i wouldn't be surprised if the controller started doing shit like this:

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  • Bloomberg report on PS5, mostly about the virus pandemic's effect on Sony's plans.

  • Proper PS5 reveal might be around the corner. Look at the bottom right.

  • @dmcmaster

    It's about time.