The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • Sci-fi 1st party game will be Savage Starlight by Naughty Dog.


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    Who's ready to pre-order? Is anyone locked and loaded no matter what? Anyone waiting to be blown away by a game? Anyone worried about price?

    I won't pre-order it probably but I'll get it before spring if I can. There are still games I didn't play, so I can play them fresh on PS5 like Ratchet&Clank, God of War, The Order 1886 etc. Also, I'm not planning to play GoS on PS4, that adds another PS5 game to launch for me.

    I want 1 console seller thing with launch. HZD2 can do it with it's graphics and improved gameplay like Switch-Zelda situation.

  • Sony's postponing the event. Just saw it on Instagram. No celebration during these times is the reason.

    Edit. Here's the news:

  • @sentinel-beach This is the right decision.

  • Banned

    While I'm disappointed, I also think it is the right decision.

    You should see the people who think it isn't though. Saying Sony is "virtue signalling" and doing it for "good boy points".

    Sometimes I hate calling myself a "gamer" since it associates me with garbage humans like that.

  • I'll be the devil's advocate here and say it's a bad call because some people really need the kind of moment of relaxation and escapism that a console reveal like this would bring after, well everything that's happened this year really. Yes there's more important things going on right now, but there's always more important things going on.

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    I mean, personally I'm fine with waiting a little longer to watch some game trailers if it means we can continue shining a light on how systemic and institutionalized racism is destroying America.

  • Can't we have just one good thing? 😢

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    Can't we have just one good thing? 😢

    IndyCar race on June 6th.

    It could rain, though. Then, we might as well all jump in a mass grave.

  • Good call and good use of their platform. I think its important for those with power and privilege to use their own voices and platforms to move aside and give space to those who need it most.

    Anything us with privileges can do to shine a light in the right direction is a good move. This shouldn't be a comfortable time, we need to help where we can. Even if its small.

  • @hanabi

    And if that policeman had given George Floyd some relaxation and escapism when he said he needed it, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation.

    The US doesn't need distractions right now. They need a fucking cross hair.

    Very pleased with the delay. The only way we deal with these issues is when we get people to stop and actually listen, not just hear.

  • @oscillator I'm an F1 guy. 😤

  • Even if it were all a PR move by Sony as many are saying it is, I still say that it is great they are taking this decision, and being clear about the nature of it, this is absolutely a time to focus in the real problem.

    And to the people saying that this is a US issue and it shouldn't affect the decision of a worldwide showcase, I would say that is heavily ignoring the context of the world we live in, we (sadly) still live in a world were the crumbling American Empire is the dominant cultural force and pretending these issues don't have effects elsewhere is ignorant to say the least, just look at the protests around the world that happened because of this, and yeah it's a tragedy we don't do the same for the people in Kashmir, Yemen and Cox's Bazzar, but life is tragic like that and I know for most of us seeing the superpower of our times go through this is emotionally heavy, even if we don't live in the country.

  • Allegedly the new date is June 12th

  • Also bummed that it's postponed but I applaud the decision, especially the fact they are not holding back in their justification.

    They could have said "due to the current context" or something more neutral, but they straight up said it's to "allow more important voices to be heard". That's quite powerful, and I wholeheartedly support them.

    Just saw they also posted this:

    And engaging the usual #alllivesmatter crowd in the replies. They're really going all out on this, I love it.

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    @oscillator I'm an F1 guy. 😤

    alt text

  • @oscillator I'll have to wait s whole month and chances are a meteorite will hit us before that happens.

  • A good (and uncharacteristically contrite) Linus talk about what he misunderstood about the PS5 SSD situation, his reaction to what Tim Sweeney didn't actually say, and the underlying tech that makes the PS5 SSD cool.

    Youtube Video

  • @tokyoslim I just watched that! I didn't even know about what had happened (and I follow LTT on Twitter). This was a really nice thing to see.

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    Ye I've seen a lot of YouTubers who hopped on the hate bandwagon come out with apologies.
    While barely a gaming and tech channel anymore, ReviewTechUSA also apologized for mocking Tim Sweeney about the SSD stuff.