The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • The unreachable power of a raspberry pi.
    Even if crappy emulation like with the PS Mini, I wish they had at least PS and PS2 (+PS4) support. Build a solid store for ROMs, allow owners to just put the disk and auto download for free. Games with complicated IP ownership, drop them on the store as abandonware.

    Not the end of the world, just sucks.

  • I'm hoping that this is an error on Ubisoft's part, but the dream of PS1-PS4 BC is ambitious. Definitely not a deal-breaker though.

  • I'm thinking that at the end of the day the ROI on full backwards compatibility is not high enough to invest time and potentially hw real-state on the system so even if planned it was probably scrapped or deprioritized over other things, and I'm just speculating but there could be some licensing difficulties as well that could come into play.

  • @bard91
    I personally hope PS1-3 gets rolled out similar to how MS handled BC on X1 at launch or at least a little after launch. If you got it digitally it's already in your library, if you have a disc pop it in and it downloads it.

  • Damn I really wish my fat 80GB PS3 didn’t get the YLOD. I have the fat 160GB that doesn’t play PS2 and I’m still rattled from that blow that occurred during the Fight Night Round 4 demo in 2009.

    RIP my old BC PS3. Maybe your spirit guide the way to Sony having a change of heart for PS5...

  • @dipset
    Try looking up any local shops that do console repair in your area. Found a YOLD BC PS3 2 years at a yard sale for $30 (guy had a lot of half finished DIY projects) took it to a local shop, and $100 later got it fixed and it's been working fine since. It's a bit loud but every Fat PS3 I've ever encountered seems to make alot of noise.

  • 0_1599057310103__GT7.jpg

    I was expecting either ABS or tire wear to be a Dual Sense feature. I don't think I've ever been so excited to play a racing game with the controller.

    My first thought when I heard about Dual Sense haptic feedback is when a tire deteriorates, you feel more of a slide when accelerating out of corners. A grippy tire adjusts the trigger to more of a sweet spot in the throttle while a blistered tire has a looser trigger / throttle.

  • Question: I have a 32 " 720p TV (literally the only thing that fits in my place, so don't judge - it's my first TV in a while). Picture quality is good enough for me. I did play FFXV when I was over at my parents' place last year on a TV with similar specs but worse overall picture quality, making the font size an issue. I'm thinking of getting a PS5 sometime next year, but legitimately don't know if it'll be worth it. I'm hoping to move to another place at some point in a couple years where I should have more space, but I also just miss console gaming in general so am tempted to pull the trigger early. Thoughts?

  • @naltmank If you already play on PC I think waiting a couple of years before getting a new console is kind of ideal. By then the console should have a solid library.

    I imagine using a 720p TV without HDR and possibly not being able to display 60fps on a PS5 to be punishable as a capital offence in some cultures but in all honesty you should be able to enjoy your games regardless and then when you finally upgrade your TV will be like upgrading the GPU on your console.

  • @naltmank You will probably need a 32" 4k monitor to benefit from the ps5 visually.

  • Pro had the Boost mode that Digital Foundry found was actually really beneficial for 1080p displays. I wonder if they'll have some sort of option for people who want to downsample their stuff for a little bit of a performance boost, or just to look nice on displays that aren't 4K or HDR.

  • Allegedly a PS5 state of play is this Wednesday

  • @dmcmaster People are only speculating that because it's the 25th anniversary of PlayStation in NA

  • @iboshow well the internet always refers to America (for some reason), people were speculating about Super Mario Bros having an announcement for the 35th anniversary, that got confirmed.

    it wouldn't be far fetched to see Sony do something for it's American 25th anniversary.

  • Banned

    Legend of Dragoon remake plz 🙏

  • @el-shmiablo
    You'll get that as soon as Captain Blasto gets remade.

  • @el-shmiablo i would cry tears of happiness

  • SOCOM US Navy Seals reveals itself Wednesday

  • Dogs Life 2: It's Hard out here for a Bitch
    The sequel no one was expecting.