The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • @dipset
    Rumors have been floating around that ME1 is basically a full remake, while 2 and 3 are just the original games with all DLC

  • @scotty But one of the characters isn't real, it just "you" going crazy.

  • idk if the talk here is about seeing the ME trilogy announced today in the PS5 thing, but that would be one of the least interesting things that could happen in a next gen console event.

  • @bard91
    I feel like ME will be at Nintendo's direct tomorrow

  • Good lord Demons Souls is pretty
    Is anyone confused about the PS+ Collection thing?

  • @dmcmaster it's basically the greatest hits from PS4 available free for ps+ subscribers, I think?

    Anyways, that was brutal. Buy a PS5 to play all your PS4 games and a PS3 remake. No system sellers here for me.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern That's what it seemed like to me as well - though as someone who skipped PS4 and plans to get a PS5 at some point, it would make me get PS Plus for awhile so I can plow through everything I missed. Assuming its a program that won't go away after a few months anyways. Surprised we didn't get more details on whats at launch, a lot of stuff from both sides looking pushed due to COVID imo.

    Edit: Apparently they just decided to not include them in the video? Very odd, lot of interesting details left out.

  • Damn, that's a good show! Great selection of games and lots of gameplay. Demon Souls looks so hype! That might be my new most anticipated game now. Also, FF XVI and Spider-Man looks wonderful. The parts that weirded me out are the Oddworld trailer and that FNAF game, but they were pretty short so I don't mind it. We did got that GoW tease at the end, so I guess I was right. Also, I wish we got solid dates for games at launch. Still, I think this show is as good as the last PS5 show. I'm glad I got up at 4AM for this, lol.

    @DMCMaster isn't it just a bunch of free games you get if you have a PS5? The trailer seems to be clear enough for me...

  • That Demon’s Souls footage has me rattled it looks so good. The animation was phenomenal and adds so much. Plus the moody lighting. My god that looks great!!

    The PS+ Collection is a major incentive to scrap the disc drive that I was going to use to play my PS4 games. The disc drive is still on the table for me due to my movie collection, but I’ve basically moved onto Plex TV for the most part.

    Decisions decisions. I still think this is a 2021 purchase depending on when Demon’s Souls come out.

  • What, still no pricing?

  • I'm suprised a little about the GoW sequel announcement, it will get a delay to 2022 probably. Miles looks great, I just finished DLCs for the main game and really excited about it; soundtrack, winter setting, new gameplay style, new enemies etc. Black Ops looks fun too.

    Also, I'm very happy about 400 bucks for the digital; because they will get all that %20 purchase money they don't care a lot about cutting it 100 bucks just for the blu-ray disc.

  • @phbz
    $399 Digital
    $499 Phat

  • So Demon's Souls might come to PC too, which is awesome

  • I was holding to some hope for 450$ but oh well... I'll have to see how much I actually end up paying to get one near launch.

    Demon Souls did look really nice, but I'm just not that big into souls games so idk, but Deathloop.... that has me hyped.

  • Same price as Xbox Series X. Anymore expensive and i woul've been mad.

  • Insomniac tweets that Spidey will also be released on the console's launch day. And for example Keighley tweets that Demon's Souls comes on that day as well.

    Europe gets PS5 a week later than the U.S & co. But they, it'll be November 19th here then. The Cyberpunk day! What a combo to buy that day, dear Lord!

  • Demon Souls being a launch title makes me rethink if I should buy a PS5 first. Probably will still go for the Xbox but I might not wait too long before going for the PS5.

    Happy about the pricing too.

  • I'm stoked on all of it. There were some weird presentation stuff, like Five Nights (what if it's really good for some reason) and I really wish they just did a short dive on the system UI or playing a PS4 game on the system aside from the new Plus benefits, but for what it was, I have few complaints.

    I mean, Final Fantasy XVI is pretty much all I could ask for. I just want to settle into that world.

    I'm also pretty okay with the price. I think especially with the option for many to get the digital version for $100 cheaper, it's a good get. I'm more likely getting that disc drive though because I collect a lot of movies and physical media.

  • Honestly I'm not sure which version I'll get, Xbox would of been series S as most of my Xbox games are digital (I think SSX, Arkham Origins, Driver San Francisco and PoP:SOT are the only Disc I own) but the weird fact that "our more powerful system can't run enhanced versions of last gen games" kinda killed my interest.

    Playstation however is a bit more difficult, as I've mostly been buying my games digitally since launch, but I do keep an eye out for deals so disc would be better long term. Although the only thing I'd really use the disc drive for are my 4K movies.