The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • @bam541 games costing $70 on standard only confirms that instead of me rarely buying games at launch I will instead simply never buy games at launch. $60's already too pricey for me in almost every situation, $70 is simply not worth it especially when I consider that every game I've played this year that I genuinely thought was GOTY material cost me less than $40, most less than $20.

  • @hanabi Welcome to my world.
    Unless it is something I absolutely cannot pass up playing as soon as possible (I'll be buying God of War 2 at launch) then I almost never buy games within a year of launch.

  • @el-shmiablo honestly I've already been mostly living this way ever since that Best Buy deal where you paid a couple bucks to get games at a discount was discontinued. Doesn't help that most games are like $20 within six months anyway. Buying a game at launch is almost like buying a console at launch: a bit of a fool's errand unless it's literally your job to review them.

  • just got my pre-order in. now just got to wait my XSX pre-order next week.

  • @yoshi Dang that was fast... its tempting to go DE when it becomes available here in the States but I also kind of want a non-garish looking PS5 that could hopefully come in the first six months of launch... tough decisions.

  • @miserableperson Australia is like a day ahead so EB games Australia already has our pre-orders up and ready.

  • I'm still confused on the Plus Collection. Is that the way they're doing backwards compatibility with the PS4, or is it an additional system that's trying to be comparable to Xbox Game Pass? I have a feeling it's going to be a silent thing until the consoles launch and we start to get articles on Kotaku and IGN with headlines like "Here's what PS4 games you can actually play on PS5" or "PS5 Backwards Compatibility: Here's How It Works"

  • @happygaming
    It's basically the Instant Game Collection, apparently granting access to PS4 Greatest Hits Games

  • EB games Australia pre-orders have now been sold out. you better be fast tomorrow. America has a reputation of being really bad at pre-orders and stock levels for stuff.

  • @bam541 Knack is the 1%.

  • @shoulderguy don't forget PT, lol

  • Christ Bestbuy just crashed

  • $629.99 and $499.99 at Walmart Canada.

  • Apparently there will be less units of the Digital Edition

  • @dmcmaster makes sense. digital sucks. physical will always be superior.

  • Glad people can finally stop back and forthing over what they expect the prices to be. After all that debating, the two premiere versions of the next gen consoles cost the exact same price, although you can pretty easily say screw discs and get PS5 $100 cheaper. Makes sense in my eyes as it is the weaker hardware of the two, and especially so after Sony announced that Playstation Plus Collection including all the major PS4 games as part of your PlayStation Plus subscription, so who needs discs anymore anyways? (Sorry everyone with bad internet.) Also, despite both PS5 consoles (and the controllers) looking disgusting in my opinion, the Digital version is slightly less awful as it is at least symmetrical without the disc drive throwing off the design like a tumor. Lastly, with new game prices raising to up to $70 each, you'll probably be buying way more digitally through sales too.

    That said, so many of the new PS5 Console Exclusives for Playstation were also confirmed for PC already, so skipping this whole console generation and just making a sick PC is looking all the more appealing right now. (I don't think I can skip God of War Ragnarok though.) But then on the other hand, stuff like X-Cloud is rolling out, so you could maybe save loads of money and just get a PS5 Digital and play everything else through X-Cloud if you trust your internet connection.

    Of course, the best approach right now is wait and see how some of this stuff pans out. Console launches are infamous for faulty hardware. We have no idea if the PS5 will be quieter than the PS4 currently yet. The world is burning, racked with Covid, and full of political uncertainty. Doesn't hurt to hold onto your money a little longer and scope out the best path forward for yourself. This seems like a generation of options for all different types of consumers, and that's a win.

    FFXVI looks whimsically majestic and sounds like they're fixing every single problem FFXV had, kupo.

  • @mbun said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:

    the two premiere versions of the next gen consoles cost the exact same price, although you can pretty easily say screw discs and get PS5 $100 cheaper.

    although technically the discless Xbox Series X is even cheaper than the discless PS5

  • There is no discless Xbox Series X, just the Xbox Series S, that is much weaker than the X in lots of ways, including very important ones like harddrive space, which if you upgraded you'd lose the money you saved anyways. Whereas the Digital PS5 is simply the PS5 without a disc drive. I'm thinking that $300 S isn't really worth it anymore with the $400 Digital PS5. If Digital PS5 had been $450, then I could've seen the appeal, but I think I'm over the S now. You probably either want the Series X or Digital PS5 or if you can afford it just a new high end PC.