The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • Sony re-uploaded the Demon's Souls trailer, now it doesn't have the "also on PC" text. I'm gonna rewatch this over and over for the next hour.

    Youtube Video

  • Demon's Souls Remake vs the PS3 comparison:

    Youtube Video

  • @mbun oh? i thought it was the same thing but without a disc drive

  • @yoshi For PS5, that's the case, but between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S there's lots of differences.

  • @mbun so the S is basically a slightly more powerful XoneX then i guess?

  • @yoshi Click the link I provided above earlier. It is very complicated and impossible to summarize.

  • Of course the Amazon page would open just after I go to bed.
    Bright side though, did get picked for the Sony direct site.
    0_1600330068798_Screenshot_20200916-220636_Yahoo Mail.jpg

  • @axel said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:

    And now I see Demon's Souls will be €80 (US$95), so that's the new standard for us. That's... rough.

    Agree. With such high game prices and no subscription service, I'm not ready to spend that much on a console. Especially since in my region PS5 costs more than Series X. Hopefully PlayStation Game Pass will be announced in 2021.

  • Yep with €80 games the XSX and Gamepass will definitely be my main platform.

  • @ffff0 said:

    Hopefully PlayStation Game Pass will be announced in 2021.

    You already saw Playstation's attempt at that with Playstation Plus Collection.

  • @phbz Do we know for sure that Xbox games won't be €80 too?

  • @axel I know for sure I'll be playing them mostly through Gamepass.

  • @mbun said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:

    You already saw Playstation's attempt at that with Playstation Plus Collection.

    That's a step in the right direction for sure. Now please allow me to rent your first-party games for $15/month at launch just like Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft do. I would rather give $15 to Sony than about $50 to someone when I'm buying used game.

  • @yoshi It's actually a LESS powerful Xbox One X.
    In terms of raw compute power, it falls considerably short of the X, which is why it will not be able to display games in higher resolutions.
    You will get other benefits like faster loading and more consistent frame rates, but if you were to play a game that isn't patched to take advantage of the Series S, you'll be playing games at 900p. The system itself maxes out at 1440p, which is considerable lower than the One X which displays most games at 2160p, i.e. full 4K.

  • I think PlayStation 5 Showcase wasn’t a good console presentation. I mean, the only information about the system itself we’ve got was date, price and a look at the back of the console. No full specs (it was unclear if digital edition has the same size for SSD; I know it was posted later), no information on PSVR compatibility (do you need new camera?), no console teardown (which I think would be appropriate, since PS4 Pro has cooling problems), no information on pre-order date (although it was promised), no system UI…

    For me PS5 still feels like a concept rather than a product that I can buy.

  • @ffff0 Personally, I couldn't care less about most of that stuff.
    They've shown off lots of games, and that's all I really care about when it comes to consoles.
    God of War 2 tease had be jumping up and down like a little kid.

  • @el-shmiablo I guess I care a lot about this stuff because of my PC gaming background. Also I had no doubt that PS5 will have amazing exclusive games that I'll want to play, so when they show such games they just confirm what I "already knew". But I'm not sure about those hardware aspects, because they can go one way or another. And I'm still not sure.

    I'm not saying that it has to be 40 minutes of reading specs. But at least show us the console as physical object and say few key things about it. I wanted something like Nintendo Switch's 2017 reveal.

  • Demons souls is a lunch title so I already have it preordered, as an Australian the prices are pretty rough though from 70-80bucks on amazon to like 110-120

    Hell miles morales is the same price as AC valhalla and black ops so yeah hope they sort that out haha.

  • Actually, before Plus Collection was a thing Sony had PS Now(they still have) and they could improve it as a response to Gamepass but from Jim Ryan's words; it's obviously not sustainable. I would prefer playing 2 great AAA games than playing 20 2A games.

  • Demon's souls remake as a launch game is pretty awesome. Now I can't wait for it.