The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • I think prices go where the market leads, not just on the basis of quality but other variables too. Credit to Nintendo, particularly with the Switch, they are getting software sales numbers at full price that their competitors can't get at deep discounts, bigger install bases, some even with multiple platforms.


    If -at least- the games on PS Plus Collection won't have any improvements like 4K@60fps I will be really angry.

  • I think a big contributing factor for why Nintendo games are able to maintain their pricepoint is that they don't have nearly as much competition on their own console.
    Other than Nintendo games and Indies, you don't have a tremendous amount of selection compared to the other platforms. Sure you can buy the worst versions of games that came out a few years ago, but if all you own is a Switch you generally never feel overwhelmed with choice at any given point during the yearly release schedule.

    Meanwhile on PS4 I still can't afford all the games I want even though I wait for them to be 20-40 bux because there are so many that I'm still trying to catch up on.

  • Both Nintendo and Playstation games are priced high at launch. Nintendo games take alot longer to go down in price but both Playstation and Nintendo have their special selects ranges.

    the Wii U was the last time Nintendo was doing Nintendo selects but that was for old Wii U games and the Wii isn't even a console that sold well.
    PS4 games like the Bloodborne were $60 when they came out and was only cheap when i got my PS4 at the end of 2018 because it was both apart the "playstation selects" range and even has the big red spine on the cover to make that clear. but Bloodborne was $60 for quite awhile before it went down in price.

    Wii U games like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze went to Nintendo selects when the Wii U didn't sell very much consoles and they were winding down production of that console. Nintendo only jacked up the price of that game when they re-released it on the Switch which sucks but every re-release on a new console is jacked back up to RRP like TLOU remastered was. and there are countless GOTY editions of games out there.

    both Nintendo and Sony keep their games at RRP high for a long time but only one of those companies have ever jacked up the price of their games to $80USD.
    if Nintendo release's a Switch 2 and jacks up the price of games to $80 i'm going to be pissed then too.

  • A bit disingenuous to say they both maintain a high RRP for a very long time.
    Most games on PS4 or Xbox will generally maintain a high RRP for about 6 months.
    Most Nintendo games maintain a high RRP for 6 years.

  • Bloodborne had a long tail in the PS ecosystem, it released in March 2015 but it also went down to $40 retail everywhere in October 2015. That's the same year. And during that seven months when it was $60 retail, there was a sale on it for $49 two months after release.
    It is currently $16.69 at Target
    $16.65 at Walmart
    $19.99 on PSN

    An equivalent Nintendo property that came out the same year, about a month later. Splatoon on the Wii-u.
    Target - $49.99
    Wal-Mart - $59.99 Digital download
    Nintendo Store (digital) - $59.99

  • Anyhow, this is not PS5 news or info. The question of "why games are more expensive" has been sufficiently answered and explained.

  • Some new details and screenshots for Returnal from the Playstation site. Those environments look gnarly.

  • That's still a bad name. Screens look nice tho. Not necessarily next-gen looking, but I'd have to see it running.

  • I think Returnal is super early. I wouldn't be surprised if this is 2023. Something about the purple missile photo screams prototype to me.

  • @dipset I dunno man, that screenshot looks like some good old fashioned Housemarque bullet hell shenanigans to me. I'm thinking it's gonna be sometime around R&C Rift Apart.

    Anyway, the PlayStation site has updated details for GT7 and Destruction All Stars as well.

  • @bam541

    That original trailer didn't screamed bullet hell to me but I didn't know it was Housemarque until you brought it up and now I think I'm confusing different games. Were there two different PS5 game announced with space suits and weird alien-like imagery. Cause I might be getting games confused now...

    I feel like I remember one that looked like Death Stranding and I thought that was Returnal.

  • @dipset the one that looked like DS was that Capcom game, I think it's called Pragmata.

  • @bam541 said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:


    BOOM! That's it. Ok Pragmata seems early along to me.

  • Sony just posted more details about the Spider-Man Remaster. It looks pretty great to me, makes me want to replay it tbh. The recast for Peter looks great as well. Also, the 60 FPS mode looks so smooth.

  • @bam541
    Was just gonna post that...not liking the new Peter model though. Looks like off brand Tom Holland

  • @dmcmaster he looks like a mix of Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland to me, which is kinda cool and weird.

  • I don't even like Spider-Man on PS4 but this is the definition of a full bodied Deluxe Edition. If I ever get a PS5, I'll probably try this again. If anything, to just watch the cutscenes. I could watch that volume off and still be amused by how insanely good the acting and set looks in the original let alone the PS5 version.

  • Also Spider-man with Ray tracing looks amazing, Times Square is gonna look awesome.

    Speaking of Amazing see the new Suit?

    Apparently the reason for the new face is because it matches better with Yuri's performance?.....why not just use Yuri's face?

  • @dmcmaster As someone who really enjoyed the first Amazing Spider-Man movie as a guilty pleasure, I'm really hyped for that suit. You know what, I think I'm gonna buy the deluxe edition...